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Nobody Doesn't Like, Blueberry

5+    8/15/2020   8/20/2020
Review By: Mushin No Shin
Played: 842  Reviewed: 31  Exp: 16.1 Years
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Pros: Played HBH shortly after 07Worlds. This experience forever changed my DG goals, preoccupations, and flylifestyle

Mountain Man & Co !!! Can't imagine better Caretakers, HBH is Peaking right now :D

Blueberry features more unique Water holes than any course, I can remember. Most courses with Water features, will just be 1 or 2 bodies, and used maybe multiple times on numerous holes. Where as Blueberry has Numerous holes with a different unique Water play experience

The View at 17s Basket. Can see the Penokee Ridge, a Gogebic Range, on a clear day from there. Some of the oldest Iron Rock in Wisco

View from 2s Tee. Looks across a Valley on another side of HBH. Pretty fantastic Lightning Show out there, one weekend

Blueberry is the rare kind of course that 'Has a favorite hole for Everybody'. Something about the Design on this Property just appeals to everyone. Kudos to Chuck Kennedy

When I've brought Friends and Family to HBH, they all like Blueberry best. Seems to be the consensus Feedback from other DGers I've talked to, also. Always what gets played first on my HBH Trips :)

Hole 1... perfect starter hole that welcomes all. Righties, Lefties, Backhanders, Forehanders, can all possibly Bird to start the Round. Steady Ed would be proud :)

2 is the 'Top of the World' hole, with an awesome landing zone Green. If you miss this, there's an upshot up over Boulders to an elevated peninsula Terrace. This part of the Hill is usually Windy too

New3 is great Design. If you HAVE to reconfigure Blueberry, this is where new3 goes :p Lefties and or Forehanders have the best chance to Deuce, but unlikely many 2s will happen. Fairway shapes a dogleg right, right before the Green, with the Basket tucked into the Woods, on Rollaway-Rocks

Now4 (old5) has a little fairway Pond and then a Ridgey before the Green. The Worlds Basket is still there, with also a new long Basket position

New5 plays near old3. Plays with the option of 2 routes... around the Woodline, or thru the Tunnel strait at the Pin

Now6 (old4) is a Classic Blueberry hole that introduced you to the Rocky Greens

Now7 is 'Earth Angle'. Get your Ace Run ready!

Now8 (old10) is one of the most Aesthetically Pleasing places anywhere. Super Challenging 3 with Water abound

Now9 is the Risk/Reward conundrum hole

Now10 is a difficult 3, making you go up into Woods after the Drive, a tricky line to the Basket

Da Ponds Hole ... LEGENDARY!!!

Now12 is all Wooded and a potential Deuce.

Now13 uses the Tee and Half of old8s Fairway, with a new tricky Green on the hillside

Now14 (old7) Turkey Time! This is the 3rd possible Deuce in a row. Turkey not likely elsewhere on Blueberry. Basket is down a Slope to another Tricky Green, and there's a Boulder in the middle of the Fairway where you'll want to throw down the hill

Still15 is another hole Unique to only Blueberry. Awesome hole, regardless of Basket position

Still16 is up to the Hill on the Hill. Don't miss the Putt short... or high :p

17 is an all out uphill Bomb to land on the Rockface. The 2nd throw can be the difference maker in competitive rounds

18 is another difficult 3. Early dogleg left off the Tee, Wooded fairway, thick Rough, and a Basket protected by Cedars

Can't say, there's more Pretty course out there
Cons: Old8 has been altered for the Reconfiguration. One of my personal favorites, goners :( The Green is used by Now3. Now13 uses the Tee and half the old Fairway (may be the weakest Hole. Interested to see if/how this hole evolves?!?)

New5 is a work in progress. Where New3 makes up for Old8, New5 doesn't have the fun factor (Bomb Drive) of Old3. New5 is still Downhill, but more Wooded and Shorter
Other Thoughts: Blueberry is sooo Broad and Lush:

The Water on hole 4 (old5) is just a 10 foot diameter Pond with some Cattails, but it's perfectly in the Fairway, and adds to the visual aesthetic of a most excellent Hole

Now8 (old10) is where the 'Mecca? of Water Holes' begins. Basically the Fairway and Landing Zone are surrounded by Water. There's a Pond to the Left, where Rhbh Hyzers leek. On the Right side is perhaps the Roughest Wetland out there, but it's kinda awesome over there too :)

Now9 has the option of playing Safe, or throwing a 200? foot straight shot at the Basket, over a Wetland area, with large Pines protecting the Green. One of the most satisfying Deuces, in the entire Milky Way

Now10 has a little Boggy/Soupy area near the Landing zone, by the Treeline. Makes a difficult 3 even more challenging

Da Ponds Hole... just go Play it!!!
Greens of Rock:

17 Basket... One of the best spots in DG (start on 18 to finish there, nudge nudge wink wink)

New3s Green (old8) is indeed still there, and playing more challenging now, with the fairway shaping throws Down into a Rocky-Rollaway situation. Old8 was one of my personal favorite Vendetta holes. Never could 3 it, never will. Nice to see the Green is still playing :)

Now6 (old4) is another beautiful Green to approach. Hit your gap and get on the Rock, or a three is doubtful

Still15 has a rememberable Fairway. Throw uphill dogleg right to the landing zone on a hillside covered in Rocks. If in Short placement this hillside is also the Green, making a Funky Putt situation!

Blueberry isn't on the most epic course property. Blueberry isn't the most challenging or longest course. Blueberry doesn't have multiple Tees and Baskets. Blueberry doesn't have the best year round weather conditions. Blueberry doesn't have the newest Basket Models. Blueberry isn't my absolute favorite DG Course...

I still say it's the Best of the Best

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5+    4/28/2018   6/5/2019
Review By: Tahoe Cowboy
Played: 4  Reviewed: 4
2 Helpful / 9 Not
Pros: Very quiet course

Different courses to choose from

Great layout
Cons: MOSQUITOS! - bring bug spray, wear long sleeves, cover yourself they are brutal!

Not mowed very often

You will lose a disc if you play here enough times, however, you will find a disc or two!
Other Thoughts: This is definitely a course you should add to your bucket list!

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 1# course

5+    5/24/2018   7/24/2018
Review By: mmcfly101
Played: 17  Reviewed: 16
2 Helpful / 9 Not
Pros: This is widely considered the best course at Highbridge. It uses seven holes from the final round of the Pro Worlds when the complex hosted the event.
Amazing layout. Downhill bombs, technical shots, this course is perfect. Beautiful area. Must play for any disc golf fanatic.
Cons: Courses are well kept but the campground and lodgings are run down.
Water is in play on several holes on Blueberry.
Other Thoughts: There are also layouts that use alternate tees, Blueridge, granberry, ect.
The main courses are Gold, Blueberry, Woodland Hills, Granite Ridge, Bear. There is also a course at the campground.

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 You'll Never Be Blue On This Berry Good Course!

2-4    7/5/2018   7/11/2018
Review By: mrclc
Played: 503  Reviewed: 46  Exp: 7.6 Years
20 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: Blueberry Hill holds the widest appeal of all the Highbridge courses, and boasts off-the-charts fun factor and aesthetic beauty. The host venue for Nate Doss' 2007 Pro Worlds victory, Highbridge features five primary courses on-site, plus a bonus campground course used primarily for glow rounds. The five courses on the hill are the main draw, with each one unique enough to showcase a different flavor of the richly diverse land. Blueberry pitches to a difficulty level that's just right for the vast majority of us, an int/advanced layout that won't crush the hopes and dreams of rec level players. Nearly every hole is memorable in some fashion, be it downhill drives (Holes 3 & 10), tight greens (Holes 4 & 12), or dastardly hazards (Hole 13!). There's enough long but reachable Par 3's here to keep noodle arms like me from getting discouraged, but birdies are never a gimme. Hole 2 deserves special mention as the most well-designed parking lot hole I've ever played. Playing from an elevated tee down to a plateau green is unique and super fun, especially in the near-omnipresent wind. Even holes like 9, which feels like filler compared to the killer elsewhere on the course, can pleasantly surprise with the havoc-wreaking angle of its hillside fairway/green. Holes like this are extremely fun to throw, highlighting Blueberry's biggest positive. Gold, Granite, and (especially) Bear can feel like a kick in the teeth after a bad round, but Blueberry never loses its charm, even if you're struggling.

Blueberry is arguably the best looking course at Highbridge, with Hole 17 serving as the crown jewel. If playing up the rock face/boulder garden wasn't enough, the vista behind you seals the deal. This snuck up on me the first time I played, and that wow factor at the end of the round cemented Blueberry among my favorites. Other highlights include the terrific Hole 3 drive, idyllic Hole 4 green, and the heavily wooded Hole 18 approach. Even on the rare occasions when it isn't superlatively beautiful, you'll wish you had just one hole that looked like these on your home course.

The concrete pads on Blueberry are fairly easy to find and have some of the best tee signs at the complex. All holes play to gorgeous blue Mach IIIs that catch pretty well.

As the most played course at Highbridge by a wide margin, Blueberry feels a little more "weathered in" than the other routings, which helps ease the pain of the perpetually subpar maintenance.
Cons: When you put aside all the drama and nonsense surrounding Highbridge, which are a con unto themselves for most (see other thoughts), there's really only one complaint that stands head and shoulders above the rest - Highbridge's inferior maintenance. It's a roll of the dice if the grass will be mowed on any given day, and tree trimming & rough control appear nonexistent. To make matters worse, Highbridge is approaching a relatively advanced age (14 years for most of the complex) where decisions should be made regarding tree removal, which will almost certainly never happen. When the courses are maintained, the level of maintenance is usually inversely correlated to its difficulty. You may come across an open fairway that's been mowed impeccably, only to play to a soggy green with waist-high grass. In all fairness to John, taking care of five courses with limited help is a rather difficult task, but that doesn't change the fact that unfinished mowing and trimming is a gigantic headache for us players. Depending on the status of the maintenance when you play, a course's rating could fluctuate by as many as two or more discs. Timing your visit to coincide with the intermittent mowing is just par for the course here. The Highbridge Hills - Wisconsin forum thread on this site is extremely helpful for providing detailed course condition updates.

Routing can be a little confusing, but the biggest struggles come at the beginning and end of the course. The natural inclination is to start at Hole 2, as Hole 1 is set back behind the clubhouse with no signage to direct you. Both times I visited I ended up starting at Hole 2's pad and backtracking the Hole 1 fairway to reach the starting tee. Hole 18 is a bit confusing as well, mainly because it differs dramatically from the map. The tendency is to walk straight ahead from the 18 teepad toward Hole 1 before realizing that the 18 basket is heavily protected, sharply downhill and approaching 90 degrees to the left.
Other Thoughts: With more twists and turns than a telenovela, the saga of Highbridge Hills has captivated golfers in the Upper Midwest for years. Regardless of where you fall between the two extremes of "John is a con artist" and "John is a harmless dolt whose reach exceeds his grasp", it's hard to visit here and not be charmed by the ramshackle enthusiasm of it all. Sure, it'd be great if a competent management team took over the complex, maintained it to perfection, and charged $20/day in greens fees to play what is probably the greatest collection of courses at a single site in the entire world. But where's the fun in that? Up here, disc golf still feels firmly tied to its DIY roots, as one man tries to hold it all together with chewing gum and string. Even as people (including myself) complain about the neglect of these world-class courses, it's important to remember that this version of Highbridge holds value as well. If you're looking for a true frolf adventure, Highbridge is the best place to find one. For now, it's best to enjoy what we have and hope for better days down the road.

I struggled with how I should rate Blueberry, but ultimately settled on the full five discs. Yes, the maintenance on any given day can lower this rating dramatically, but with design and aesthetics as my primary rating considerations, I'd be remiss to hand out anything less than a perfect score. If the object of our game is "he who has the most fun wins", Blueberry is undefeated.

PROTIP: Walk ahead on Hole 13 to plan out your shots and identify the location of the ponds or you'll be sorry.

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 Maybe it was great but now...

1    7/19/2017   7/19/2017
Review By: gregwil2
Played: 60  Reviewed: 9  Exp: 10 Years
10 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: Good mix of short and long holes along with a mix of straight, right to left and left to right. Enough trees to make it challenging but also fair. All concrete pads with some basic signage for hole location and distance. There's a place to sit (bench, log, etc) on almost all if not all holes. The baskets are in great shape.
Cons: You can tell this was once a great course. But it seems to have been neglected for a while. A mow of the fairways and around the tee pads would go a long way to making it great again. Some trimming of the fairways would be a good #2 on the list. The signage is ok, but something a little more detailed would be nice. It was a little difficult navigating between some of the holes, but nothing the map on the back of the scorecard couldn't fix. Seemed like the distances weren't quite right unless they were just in a different pin placement. There were some buckets for trash, but many were overflowing. The main clubhouse was also pretty run down and could use some TLC.
Other Thoughts: I was playing a few days after some week long concert that just finished so there was a LOT of trash around, random fire pits, etc etc...so I tried to overlook all of that in the review. I'm not sure if the remote location makes it so there isn't much playing traffic or what, but like I said earlier it has potential to be great (...again?). It seemed like the other courses on site were in similar condition.

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 The best at the best site

5+    5/25/2016   7/25/2016
Review By: Stardoggy
Played: 729  Reviewed: 214  Exp: 9.7 Years
This review was updated on 7/28/2016
13 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: Blueberry is an 18 hole course at Highbridge Hills.

Concrete tee pads, one per hole. They're in reasonably good shape, and plenty long, wide and grippy enough. As with most things at Highbridge, they're starting to show some age.

Mach3 baskets, in good shape. Two pin positions on nearly every hole, although I'm not sure how often they get moved, if ever.

Balance. So much variety. Every single hole is something different, in a terrific way. It's nuts how many holes here would be a signature hole on nearly any other course. I could literally go hole by hole and point out the uniqueness of each one, and not feel bad about it one single bit. There's elevation, tight fairways, legit par 4's that force good placement, deuce or die holes, and nearly everything in between.

A couple water hazards on the course, some hidden your first time through (looking at you, hole 13, you godless disc eating whore). If it's your first time, go scout. You'll be happy you did.

So much risk/reward. You can run hero shots on nearly every hole, and if you're playing well, it can result in great scores. It can also put you a bazillion over par.

Elevation nearly everywhere. You'll tee off uphill, downhill, and everything in between. Barely a flat spot on the course. Several pin locations in precarious positions, as well, which make the short holes an adventure.

The scenery. Highbridge is as scenic as can be found nearly anywhere, and Blueberry doesn't skimp in this area.
Cons: Highbridge is just old and haggard. There's just no way around it. There was a time that half the courses here were considered among the best in the world, and could be again if the powers that be would just concentrate on keeping it clean and mowed more than they worried about half built shacks and zip lines.

It can get buggy here, but it's the WI north woods. If you come here and didn't buy a case of Off beforehand, then that's on you.
Other Thoughts: Blueberry is a dream. A remote, way the hell out there dream. It's possibly the most wonderfully designed course I've played (or at least top 3), and it's just soooo much fun. It offers beatdown holes, deuce opportunities, and everything else you could want. It punishes and rewards, all at the same time. Honestly, if I were told I could only play one course for the rest of my life, this may be it....it's that good. Hell, if I could only play one HOLE for the rest of my l life, it may be hole 2 here. This last time we were there, our group couldn't walk by hole 2 without throwing it. It's the best course on a site full of top notch courses.

With only one real set of tees, I just can't go 5.0 on it, but if there were an option for 4.95, I'd give it that. I love it, and pretty much everybody I've thrown with there loves it. Go play it, so you can love it too.

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 Disc Golf Mecca

2-4    4/17/2005   1/20/2016
Review By: Spike Hyzer 23
Played: 92  Reviewed: 88  Exp: 27.7 Years
7 Helpful / 4 Not
Pros: The technical challenges of this course are astonishing, while it remains a fair and balanced test of disc golf. Mistakes are brutally punished out here by a combination of dense woods, steep elevation, wicked slopes in either direction, and fairly well--though not always--guarded greens. This particular track is long, but not overly so, but the elevation and distances between holes makes it a punishing walk (two rounds has seldom taken such a toll on my body).

It simply has to be experienced for one's self, and even the pictures don't do justice to the grandeur of the place (though it does give you some idea of the challenging golf you are facing, though it didn't prepare me quite enough).

Cons: The single con is that it's so far away!
Other Thoughts: The seclusion of the northwoods makes it a quiet retreat into nature and the overall elevation of the complex allows one to see far into the distance and appreciate the hills as far as the Mississippi on the Minnesota border.

Apologies to the folks in Georgia, but this is far and away the best and most challenging disc golf complex in the world.

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  Frolf is a good walk, enhanced.

1    9/12/2015   9/16/2015
Review By: The1BoomShaka
Played: 1  Reviewed: 1
7 Helpful / 3 Not
Pros: Holes are challenging with a few that can be aced.
Good variety of hole length and the longer holes are spaced out.
The environment offers different obstacles on your way to the pin. My best picture of the entire camping trip was on top of a rock formation with the Northwoods-Gogebic woods behind the chains.
Cons: I can't even complain about the disc golf. It was 5/5. How do you complain when you're separated from everything but your friends and disc golf while drinking a cold beer in the beautiful outdoors and staring up at the universe every night. I'm not attempting to be poetic, but I will say that if you come through the course complaining about anything more than your personal performance, it's likely not worth listening to.
Other Thoughts: If you're a disc golfer or if you love a disc golfer, you need to travel however far it takes you to get here. Camp absolutely if you can, but if you can't go anyways. The other courses are just as good with the exception of Chestnut Grove which seems geared towards the night round and even that course has it's many charms. This place is more than a disc golf resort. Its an experience and I'll be back again.

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 Fantastice coarse

1    8/23/2015   9/7/2015
Review By: James McGirr
Played: 11  Reviewed: 11
2 Helpful / 5 Not
Pros: The fairways are fair some of the baskets are tucked in and around trees and brush requiring a skilled approach shot or tee shot.The coarse doesn't overly reward a player for any exceputal abilitys.An average or above average player can keep a game competitive against a better player by keeping there disc in play. The coarse was well designed
Cons: I got lost between 12th basket and 13th tee. Other than that a really fun coarse to play. I would say thewhole complex of coarses are fantastice. Although it is located in northern most Wisconsin
Other Thoughts: I have traveled around past few summers and played a lot of disc golf coarses I have found nothing close to highbridge hills.All the coarses there have fair fairway and are very playable.

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 The Blueberry

5+    10/31/2014   12/29/2014
Review By: uwdiscgolf
Played: 156  Reviewed: 26  Exp: 11.6 Years
16 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: Before I begin...I was the course manager for 2014..

* Concrete Tee Pads

* Mach Baskets


* Variety of Fairways

* Course offers more than 18 holes to play.

* Course is freshly manicured and trimmed as of 2014.

*Course is located right on the top of the hill.

*Course begins and ends near the Pro Shop.

*Course has the front nine located around the driveway off of Mile Rd.

*Navigation is pretty easy. Might get a tiny bit confusing when you try to play the hybrid course.
Cons: * Course retains waters in some areas because of poor design.

* Course lacks signage.

*Course owner is rarely on the grounds to help guide anyone to where the courses start.

* Hole 18 can be very confusing... The hole plays down the hill which you have to walk back up to get back to the Pro Shop.

Other Thoughts: As far as the cons go there are not many... Blueberry is a great course. As mentioned above the course has been recently trimmed as of 2014. The fairways have been trimmed back and up to about ten feet high on the wooded holes. Blueberry offers a premium mix of wooded/open/long/short/ risk vs. reward.

Hole by Hole breakdown:

#1. RHBH hyzer hole. Its a short hole and easy to start your round with a birdie. You can go left or right of the island trees in the middle of the fairway.

#2. Bomb hole! 375 ft wide open downhill hole. pin sits on a tier from the days when Highbridge was meant to be a ball golf course. Playing this hole will vary as the wind changes. Play the wind and you should do just fine.

#3. Downhill shot with woods to the left and rough to the right. Pin is straight out and in the open. another hole you can bomb your disc.

#4. Hole plays favor to LHBH/ RHFH players, but then transitions into a LH/RH BH hole. From the tee you need to throw around the island of tress to get a good look for your second shot. Pin is guarded by trees.

#5. Plays over a very small "water hole" then up hill slightly and to the right. since the course has been trimmed you can choose a few different shots to get up to the pin. This hole is mostly wooded.

#6. An Ace run hole. LHFH/ RHBH hyzer. A small grouping of trees protect the straight shot from the tee pad.

#7. Hole plays downhill. Once you play the course a time or two you can figure out which trees or rocks to aim at to ensure a parked drive. 7 is not a long hole by any mean but you want to keep your disc low down the fairway.

#8. The longest hole on the course being over 600'. There is an old oak tree that is exactly 400' from the tee pad. Hole is mostly wooded with big boulders surrounding the pin. Hole plays down a wooded fairway for about 375' then opens up and back to wooded near the circle.

#9. Ace run hole. Pin sits on the side of a hill. Hole requires a slight flex shot off the tee.

#10. Long hole over 500' that plays very slightly downhill from the tee pad. Some small "water holes" come into play on the left. Water is shallow.

#11. Risk vs. Reward- tunnel shot offer an Ace run look otherwise you need a hard LHFH/ RHBH anhyzer. There is the risk of water if you take the tunnel route.

#12. Long hole that is open for most of the fairway but then curves right down a wooded fairway. This hole may be wet in the open parts just before the wooded fairway.

#13. WATER!!! please take the time to walk the fairway if it is your first time playing Blueberry. There are two ponds in the fairway. This is a risk vs reward hole. Many who have risked have lost. The pin is guarded by water to the right. laying up is usually the best option.

#14. Some would say Ace run...Hole plays to a pin located on a small hill. Owner has trouble for some reason keeping the grassed mowed near the pin. Where your disc lands near the pin is where it will most likely stay because of the grass.

#15. Nice finesse hole for those that have the right disc in the bag. wooded hole that opens slightly near the pin. some standing water may be on the left side of fairway...about 75' from the tee pad.

#16. Hole plays trough wooded terrain that has many rocks and small boulders in the fairway. Fairway is curvy. Again the terrain does play a big factor on this hole.

#17. Long uphill hole that has an amazing vista near the pin. Hole plays out from the wooded tee pad in to the open and up a boulder face. placement is not paramount, but be careful regardless. you want to stay in the open. Most of the small saplings that were growing on the rock face were trimmed.

#18. Plays downhill through a mostly tight wooded fairway. You will have to walk back up the fairway to get back to the Pro Shop.

Blueberry Hill is a really fun course that is the probably the favorite of anyone who plays it. The vistas and wildlife are amazing. The course was part of the 2007 PRO World Championships. Course was let go afterwards, but was trimmed by Jonathan West. Players have been raving since the update. Course is said to be looking the best it has since '07' Worlds.

Other Thoughts:

Cabin rentals and camping are available. Course is Pay to Play. Pro Shop located on the top of the hill. Not much of a Pro shop though..Many discs are super light weight and not many popular discs can be found. But the course speaks for itself. A must if you are in the area. IF you're staying on the grounds you are missing out if you dont play the course. I would warm up on Woodland Greens first. Its the short Par 3 course @ HIGHBRIDGE HILLS. Enough reading now get out and PLAY!!

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