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Uploaded By: tomjulio Hole #11
3 / 292ft.   3 / 344ft. Par / Distance:
View back towards the tee from rock sculpture hole #11. Basket #10 on left ledge.

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 Over rated but great!

2-4    8/26/2015   8/26/2015
Review By: Journeyman
Played: 36  Reviewed: 14  Exp: 21.5 Years
27 Helpful / 20 Not
Pros: Elevation elevation elevation!

This course uses the land as good as any I have played. Cool downhill runs, blind throws over hills and the toughest "greens" I have ever played make this fun and interesting.

Private- no non disc golfers to worry about.

Scenic! Beautiful.

Basically a par 3, with a couple of par 4's. Hard to get into too much trouble, unless you catch a roll of a "green".

Well maintained fairways. Fairways were really nice, roller options if you want.

Benches at most holes.

"Huts" are great!
Cons: Too straight. Most of the holes are straight. I found myself using my Impact on most holes. I played 3 rounds and I think I used my drivers about 10 times total.

Pads are getting beat up, some are pretty badly spalled, makes for iffy footing.

Benches need new seats, they are getting bendy.

Not sure the hole lengths on the cards are accurate.

Other Thoughts: I may get blasted for this, but IMHO this course is WAY over rated on this site. Don't get me wrong, it is a destination course (along with the Ludington courses) and you should make an effort to get here. But, it is no way better than Idlewild or some of the courses in Minneapolis. Is is a solid 4, no higher.

Too many of the holes are straight. While they offer different elevations and trees, they are still straight. Not enough shot selection available.

Again, you want to come here, just don't expect it to be better then Idlewild or Lincoln Ridge. It may belong in the top ten, but not #2.

Be prepared for some high risk/reward putts. The greens are steep and nasty. Makes for some great amusement for your competition and frustration for you. Pile some rocks, it is fun.

Hole 2A is stunning! Top rated.

(leave the speakers and music at home, please, this is a beautiful natural environment, if you want music, bring your ear buds)

27 of 47 people found this review helpful.


2-4    5/25/2013   6/19/2013
Review By: ChrisWoj
Played: 128  Reviewed: 27  Exp: 12.7 Years
30 Helpful / 7 Not
Pros: This is a beautiful piece of land. Flip City is without a doubt one of the more pleasant surprises I've encountered in disc golf. When you hear that a course is on one man's piece of private property you don't think of monster crushes or manicured fairways. Flip City has both. It has widely diverse holes, elevation changes, and a broad set of challenges overall that keep you using most of the shots in your bag.

You start out with something easy to get your feet wet, and to be honest: hole number one is just that. You don't have any concept of what the course is going to be like from that first wide open little hyzer. But by the time you hit the fourth hole you're starting to get a feel for what is ahead: lots of difficult birdie opportunities, with holes that will challenge your ability to scramble for par scattered throughout.

Walking up and down the well defined fairways you're never lost, the hole you're playing is always very clear to you. You have to really mess things up to wind up with a lost disc at Flip. Sure there is some tall grass, but as long as you're watching your plastic to the ground you won't lose it.

The course also presents plenty of opportunities for risk-reward shots. It gives you a nice mix of holes that allow for a crusher up the middle, or a safe route over the top (or, on occasion, a risky shot over the top and a safe shot up the middle, the variety really is strong).

The pros for Flip City are just as varied and diverse as the course itself. Wonderful piece of property, very nicely designed course that has had a lot of love put into it.
Cons: Flip City DOES have its cons. They aren't as strong as 99.9% of the courses out there, but they do exist. The first being the teepads. Each teepad is overlong with a line spray painted on it to indicate the end of the throwing surface, the extra concrete beyond is for a safe follow-through step. Normally this is a benefit - except for the fact that the concrete behind the line is starting to wear away. It is chipping into gravel and dust. Shooting from behind the intended line is a slip hazard. It can be done fine with some careful footwork, but it shouldn't be necessary. I like the overlong teepads, but dealing with the chippiness of them is not fun. They definitely need some touching up.

The course itself was said to be disc golf's "mecca" or "field of dreams." Many people I spoke with before arriving at Flip City spoke glowingly of its "atmosphere." On the weekend I played the course I was not impressed. The course was jam packed, with more massive mobs and cards of casual golfers than most city courses I play. There were backups on most holes on both of our play throughs on the weekend. Thanks to the wide open feel of the course, with areas that had fairways running up-down-up next to each other with only the tall grass in between you never felt like you were out on a mystical disc golf "experience."

The course has only one par-4. Hole 2A was a great par-4. Not everything needs to be a par-4 or a par-5, but having some scattered through a championship caliber course seems integral to me. On my second play through, my first playing singles, I carded no scores worse than a 3 in a cash round with friends. It took some long saves on a few holes, but it really is a course chock-full of tough birdies.

My final nitpick - the course plays all the way out, and then all the way back. We had a player dealing with some headache issues out on the course, and his only option was to traverse the property back to the car. With 24 holes on a huge amazing piece of property, obviously you don't want to in any way violate the sanctity of the design - and I wouldn't want any of the amazing holes changed or removed: but there are times when it is convenient, in the case of illness or injury, to have a stopping off point before you circle around to your 20th hole (hole 14), where you're finally in decent walking distance of the parking lot.
Other Thoughts: I understand that my cons list is longer than most - but keep in mind that the pros on this course are very very strong. I don't see it as one of the top-5 courses I've ever played, and I haven't played them all. I do see it as an excellent course though. Keep in mind that all of the "pros" are strong enough to far outweigh those cons. As of this point I have never rated a course a 5.0 - so a 4.0 is the second best rating I will give a course. It simply isn't on par with the 4.5s I have played.

It is too filled with deuce holes, the teepads are a definite issue, and it just didn't inspire that sense of awe that some people seem to experience. Maybe I hit it on a bad weekend - the weather was too nice and everyone else wanted to hit the place at the same time. But if you can't get that sense of awe when the weather is perfect, when can you?

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 Flip City Solid

1    9/16/2012   9/19/2012
Review By: Glo Roc
Played: 102  Reviewed: 5  Exp: 15.3 Years
10 Helpful / 18 Not
Pros: Good mix of open/wooded holes. Great elevation changes. Cool man made rock formations throughout the course.
Cons: Some of the elevated holes play pretty much the same. Felt like I was playing the same hole several times. Many of the teepads need some minor repair. I didn't feel like I was playing the top rated course in the country. Surly there are better courses out there.
Other Thoughts: Wisconsinite who traveled the norther route to MI and the southern route home. Had to hit this up as it was rated so high. A bit disappointed with the overall experience b/c I had such high hopes. That being said it is a fabulous course that the owners take much care in. Would love to have it in my backyard to play more often.

10 of 28 people found this review helpful.

 Secluded dedicated disc golf happiness - YES! Superb variety and balance - NO!

1    7/29/2012   9/18/2012
Review By: superberry
Played: 248  Reviewed: 97  Exp: 19.6 Years
This review was updated on 1/9/2013
32 Helpful / 10 Not
Pros: Superb piece of property maintained and executed in a way only a true disc golf fanatic can. Risky greens as far as the eye can see - every other pin (if not every) was perched on a ridge, slope, or some other area that truly brought puckering into the thought of blowing by with a missed putt (adding to the pucker factor was the fields of poison ivy everywhere!). Seclusion and private use of the property was absolutely tremendous. I love being able to lose myself in a round, enjoy the peaceful surroundings, and get away from nuisances like road noise, lights, civilization, etc. Extra amenities that can only be found (and respected, not vandalized by worthless and useless chuckers) on a private course add a great dedicated disc golf feel. Ridge to Ridge holes across the valley are always fun to play, and adding a sharp dropoff past the pin on the mid-range holes adds some additional needed skill to your round. I like to be challenged, and while the overall shot selection for my drives here was really easy with midranges and fairway drivers, how they landed or where I wanted them to land was a big consideration. Not only was left-to-right accuracy needed to weave through tree obstacles, but distance accuracy was need to avoid blowbys on the risky sloped greens.
Cons: One pin placement, and although I like it from determining course record, and overall scoring perspective, I do appreciate how much extra variety a second pin position creates. Poison plants and monotonous setting - they're the biggest factors involved with keeping me from having the time of my life out here, truly living up to the hype surrounding the course, and having finally made it to play after a few years of longing and botched plans. I will continue to rate courses as a travelling player, often on business with limited ability to pack extras, and/or travelling on vacation with family where only the best of the best courses can be squeezed into family plans. I was appalled by the amount of poison ivy and oak. It was all over and it was in bad spots. With all the risky greens here and sloped terrain, the possibility to blow by and be surrounded by plants was tremendously high. Travelling on business, having to quarantine shoes and clothes, and immediately wash to avoid serious reactions is a huge deterrent in having fun, or even playing a course. I got into a lot of poison ivy and had to wash immediately, quarantine my shoes, and even be wary of my bag and discs. If you're severely allergic to poison oak and ivy, be cautious here! There are a few holes just for luck-chucking. Don't ever give Winter Park a hard time for having some 'fluck' holes - the pinball piece of junk hole at Flip (forget which number) coming back toward the body of the course after the long hole is absolutely nothing but fluck with no more than a 2' wide twisted gap the entire way to the pin. So is the second hole after that, throwing into a green protected by a wall of trees.
Other Thoughts: I was just horribly underwhelmed playing at Flip. It was a great solid course, I'm not knocking the fun factor, design, or owner pride and dedication whatsoever, but there just wasn't the complete variety and balance that I crave in a course. I wouldn't necessarily feel like I had to play this course again when I head back to the area to pick other courses off my wishlist. For that reason alone it does not meet expectations. That being said, the solid design, risky greens, and neat terrain were extremely well utilized. But like Leviathan, all in all, the holes look the same, same type of foliage, same type of scenery, I just don't know how to describe it - the whole course just "looked" similar. I've heard stuff like "every stone and stick is exactly in its place at Flip", and thus entered my round with huge expectations (predisposition was a negative impact for me), and although the caretaking of Bill is obviously evident, feeling that every rock is exactly as it should be leads me to believe some clouded judgment exists from every brain cell being laced with Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. So, all in all it sounds like I'm coming across harsh, yet the course settled out as a 4.25 in my spreadsheet. Due to intangibles of fields of poisonous plants, lack of gorgeous vistas and varying terrain and foliage, I'm gonna round down here (not really necessary anyway). The solid design, secluded setting, and number of holes introduces enough variety to score very high in my Design Category, but I'm going to stay consistent with my system and round down due to lack of great variety. This course in no 5.0. I know I did this to myself, expecting more from such a highly touted course. It's my fault. Flip isn't the only one to suffer not meeting my expectations, Leviathan suffers as well.

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 flip city

1    6/11/2012   6/19/2012
Review By: alimagnetbomber
Played: 34  Reviewed: 2  Exp: 6.6 Years
4 Helpful / 31 Not
Pros: great course with a variety of shots. cool stone scultures and scenery. loved the mowed paths through the rough made finding discs alot easier.
Cons: teepads need work very small and very beat up. a few holes are just poke and pray. Personally wouldnt put this course in my top 5.

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 Beautiful and fun

1    8/12/2011   8/27/2011
Review By: cefire
Played: 671  Reviewed: 134  Exp: 18.5 Years
This review was updated on 1/4/2012
44 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: The description says it all, Flip City really is disc golf's field of dreams. This is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been fortunate enough to visit not only in terms of natural beauty but also in terms of aesthetic golf fairways.

Hole 2A is probably one of my favorite all time holes requiring two long dead straight shots with straight to slight turnover finishes to obtain the pin. Complicating the drive and 'approach' shots are rolling hills with two moderately sloped ravines. After playing many rounds here, I'd expect to find some pretty cool variation in scoring depending on whether you land near the top or the bottom of the slope. Drives that miss the fairway are likely to either hit the lining trees, land in deep rough, or at least land in areas of long grass which will damper ones effort for recovery. This hole also comes after many shorter and more simplistic holes which really highlights the contrast in challenge and length - Fantastic hole!

Variety - Although distance and challenge are relatively uniform across the course (shorter and less challenging), variety in terms of shot selection is awesome at Flip. I especially enjoyed several of the low-ceiling holes or upward finishing holes that begged for a long controlled roller shot. Of course the more traditional mix of forehands, backhands, and tomahawk shots were also on tap. The course also boasts many holes with multiple routes which have a fair balance of pros/cons of their own leaving the player to weigh their strengths against potential rewards and risks.

Beauty - I've mentioned it several times in this review, but it is worth restating - the course is absolutely gorgeous. You really can't go wrong with your visit to Flip City!
Cons: The first main drawback I felt playing through Flip City was the relative lack of variety in terms of hole distances and challenge. I was throwing an Aviar off of nearly one-third of the holes, often short turnovers or slight downhill straight shots. Many of the more open holes allowed for very straightforward hyzer bombs with little risk or penalty for missed shots. Teepads seem to be another problem, perhaps only one that has developed over time as they have worn down. Even after sweeping them off (with the really cool brooms on each hole), I was sliding all over on release. I usually have a fairly light-foot on tees so I would expect that this is likely a problem for many that play the course. Finally, the overall challenge of the course is mostly suited to players of a more intermediate level rather than geared towards advanced/pro players. Although there are more than a few holes which will test even the most veteran golfer, there are LOTS of 'gimmes' and filler holes that don't add a whole lot to the experience and aren't present in such numbers on other top courses I've played.
Other Thoughts: This course really is worth the trip for any level of golfer from very new players to the most skillful throwers. New players will still have the opportunity to get a few birdies, and while experienced players will probably find a majority of holes too straightforward for excitement, they will still enjoy the course aura and the more challenging holes that intersperse the course. For beauty and playing experience, Flip City is certainly tops for beauty and experience but for a true test of the golfers game, I'd recommend the nearby Leviathan course as an all-around better choice.

Remember to kick in what you think the experience of playing Flip City was worth. $1 is a completely crazy price to get the priviledge of playing this course. I'm sure it takes lots of money to not only outfit the course with all of the cool amenities present but also for general maintenance. Gas costs alone for mowing fairways must be quite expensive!

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 A- = Flippin Fun!! & Flippin Easy

2-4    7/10/2010   7/12/2010
Review By: Dave242
Played: 383  Reviewed: 276  Exp: 23.5 Years
39 Helpful / 19 Not
Pros: What I personally like and how this course stacks up in my list of 18 (and more) hole courses:

1) Holes with good risk/reward. Fair, but harsh punishment for bad decisions or execution. == B

(Overall, this is a very happy course - a feel-good experience to the max!! A big part of that is that for the vast majority of holes, Flip City will not slap you down early and often - it will not add lots of strokes for getting in trouble along the fairway. Where this course will bite you (as it bit me a few times) is on roll-ways on the many baskets that are located on or very near steep inclines. On the vast majority of holes (with a few good exceptions) there is very little decision-making to be made - you see the required throw immediately.....and make it.)

2) Holes that have rewarding birdie opportunities for me. I'm a Blue level player (950ish skill) who throws 300' accurately, 360' max. == B-

(This course will be a ton of fun for people who either have a bigger arm than mine (throw say 450-470') or for those with lesser arms than mine who will be digging the birdies and the fun that comes with that. Both those types have great holes catered to them, but only 3 holes (of 24) do I consider rewarding to me based on a combination of distance and shot-shaping. These are holes 4, 7 (my favorite hole), and 2A (2nd favorite). Bottom line, this course offers very little euphoria for me in the scoring department.)

3) More wooded than open - lots of variety of shots required caused by hole shape and topography == B+

(With 24 holes to work with, there are a great variety of shots required. I especially like the unique up-n-over shots (5, 10, 17), since in all the courses I have played I do not remember being required to throw that shot. But, I wish they were not all essentially identical in the throw required: 175' over a hill and curving to the left. Although this course is in the woods, I would consider it an open course since there are very few classic tunnel shots where misfires are punished early and often. As a LHBH player, hole 7 creates an extreme challenge to get to the pin.....and good possible punishment early-ish if I shank my shot - love it....favorite hole!)

4) Natural beauty (Appalachian beauty preferred) and seclusion. == A-

(I love how remote and removed from the hustle-bustle this course is! Hitting the dirt roads on my way in shot my anticipation through the roof! Flip is a beautiful and impeccably maintained course - major kudos Bill! The grade in this section reflects how I personally like to "recharge my batteries": in natural and green beauty without distractions from all things man-made (naturally, baskets and tee pads and signs get the pass!). While I FULLY appreciate that many love the creative rock sculptures and the architecturally groovy shelters, unfortunately they knock down the grade in this department a little to me. Another unfortunate knock on this course is due to its immense popularity: the erosion that plagues the hillsides in many places.)

5) Bonus points for multi-throw holes with defined landing zones, good risk/reward and multiple options to play them. == C

(I would consider holes 2 and 2A to be 2-throw holes....and both really good 2-throw holes. 2 is pretty easy to get a 3 on, so the frustration is a good thing if I screw up and do worse than that. 2A pushes me to the max and scoring a 4 feels good.....and a 3 means I am playing as well as I can. These holes add about 3 grading bonus points and gets me from a 3.5 to a 4.0.)
Other Thoughts: It's all about feeding the addiction, so I ranked this course subjectively based on my own "personal addiction factor". The grades above tell how well this course will draw me back to itself again and again and again. See my profile for specifics on my rating philosophy.

I fancy myself as a connoisseur of good course design and I am a competitive Blue level (950-ish rated) with mid-level power (accurate to 300' with max D of 360'). Since I have played a decent number of courses (150+ 18-hole, 90+ 9-hole as of late 2009), my hope is that players/explorers who have similar addiction tastes will find my ratings list helpful as they choose courses to play and explore.

I fully expect others with different tastes/philosophies to disagree with me.....and that's the fun of things here.

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1    7/5/2010   7/6/2010
Review By: hattorihanzo
Played: 1  Reviewed: 1  Exp: 8.7 Years
10 Helpful / 25 Not
Pros: Well maintenanced, good shot variety, optional holes for shorter or longer rounds, nice elevation changes, the owner seems like a super cool guy, and plenty of shaded areas to keep the sun at bay. It's also close to some other totally awesome courses, so it's conducive to a phenomenal disc golf weekend if you put it all together like that. I also thought it was easy to navigate for someone not familiar with the course.
Cons: It's too far away from where I live to justify driving there just for the course alone. Although the surrounding courses make up for that a little. It didn't blow me away like I thought it would. The hype was, and is, huge and I just didn't see it. I thought it was a great course, but definitely not five stars. There were no water hazards, no 1,000 foot holes, no giant hill shots; I mean come on. You can't possibly give this course a five star rating. It doesn't even have a pro shop!
Other Thoughts: The rock formations and piles on top of stumps were too cool! Very picturesque and beautiful. It had a down to earth and "homey" vibe that made me feel very comfortable even though I'd played ther once. With some modifications, I think Flip City could be a five star course.

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 Great course

1    5/1/2009   5/4/2009
Review By: Gmasterandy
Played: 7  Reviewed: 4
5 Helpful / 38 Not
Pros: its a great course to play deffinately need some skill to play this course still yet to play the hole course but do so in the future great course over all
Cons: tees need to be marked a little better
Other Thoughts: thought maybe on the cement on the tees maybe the hole number would be good not very well marked

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 Flip city

2-4    8/19/2008   9/10/2008
Review By: DR.M
Played: 9  Reviewed: 4  Exp: 9.4 Years
16 Helpful / 24 Not
Pros: Every hole has somthing different. wether it be on top of a hill and going straight across with a valley beneath you or a very long hole with alot of trees in the way. This course is a fun and challenging course to play at. it is a very beautiful course and the owner takes good care of it.
Cons: I don't think there is anything wrong with this course. only if your stupid like me and chuck a disc into the woods only to find it 30 min. later.
Other Thoughts: Rocks line the hole place. its really cool. bring food and water or whatever you want to bring because there is no gas station or market anywhere around there.

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