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The crossroads at hole 8 and 14. A broom at every tee.

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 This Course is Heaven

2-4    7/14/2010   7/17/2010
Review By: jayhawker737
Played: 52  Reviewed: 41  Exp: 8.7 Years
This review was updated on 5/10/2012
28 Helpful / 4 Not
Pros: -Scorecards and pencils make for great souvenirs.
-Great mix of short holes and lengthy holes
-Use of natural elevation changes is phenomenal.
-Trees that are in the fairways are meant to be challenging, but players can navigate around them (or thru them I suppose) without affecting their overall round score too much
-3 holes have blind shots to the basket which makes the hole more suspensful
-Great atmosphere. You here absolutely no traffic. When you run into other disc golfers they are happy to sit down and talk or play and talk. Far enough from Lake Michigan that the breeze isn't annoying, but close enough to make it fun
-Lastly, the course is absolutely beautiful. I can not imagine having a prettier piece of land. There is no trash or beer cans lying around because everyone respects the course. There are trash cans, brooms, benches, some huts to sit and and sign, basically anything you could want on a disc golf course you get, and more. There is even a kitchen sink, no joke!
Cons: I have only played it for two summers, but bugs are somewhat of an issue, but wont affect the fun of the game. Bring some bugspray and just encourage your playing parteners to get up and throw if you are getting eaten by mosquitos!
Other Thoughts: This is a must play. I traveled up from Kansas City to play this course and I have no regrets whatsoever. This is the best course I have ever played. Its a combination of about 7 courses here in Kansas City, and I absolutely love it. If you ever are in Michigan or just want to play the best disc golf course in the country, regardless of how much you played (I took 2 new disc golfers there and they loved it), you must go to Flip City Disc Golf!

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 A- = Flippin Fun!! & Flippin Easy

2-4    7/10/2010   7/12/2010
Review By: Dave242
Played: 383  Reviewed: 276  Exp: 23.4 Years
39 Helpful / 19 Not
Pros: What I personally like and how this course stacks up in my list of 18 (and more) hole courses:

1) Holes with good risk/reward. Fair, but harsh punishment for bad decisions or execution. == B

(Overall, this is a very happy course - a feel-good experience to the max!! A big part of that is that for the vast majority of holes, Flip City will not slap you down early and often - it will not add lots of strokes for getting in trouble along the fairway. Where this course will bite you (as it bit me a few times) is on roll-ways on the many baskets that are located on or very near steep inclines. On the vast majority of holes (with a few good exceptions) there is very little decision-making to be made - you see the required throw immediately.....and make it.)

2) Holes that have rewarding birdie opportunities for me. I'm a Blue level player (950ish skill) who throws 300' accurately, 360' max. == B-

(This course will be a ton of fun for people who either have a bigger arm than mine (throw say 450-470') or for those with lesser arms than mine who will be digging the birdies and the fun that comes with that. Both those types have great holes catered to them, but only 3 holes (of 24) do I consider rewarding to me based on a combination of distance and shot-shaping. These are holes 4, 7 (my favorite hole), and 2A (2nd favorite). Bottom line, this course offers very little euphoria for me in the scoring department.)

3) More wooded than open - lots of variety of shots required caused by hole shape and topography == B+

(With 24 holes to work with, there are a great variety of shots required. I especially like the unique up-n-over shots (5, 10, 17), since in all the courses I have played I do not remember being required to throw that shot. But, I wish they were not all essentially identical in the throw required: 175' over a hill and curving to the left. Although this course is in the woods, I would consider it an open course since there are very few classic tunnel shots where misfires are punished early and often. As a LHBH player, hole 7 creates an extreme challenge to get to the pin.....and good possible punishment early-ish if I shank my shot - love it....favorite hole!)

4) Natural beauty (Appalachian beauty preferred) and seclusion. == A-

(I love how remote and removed from the hustle-bustle this course is! Hitting the dirt roads on my way in shot my anticipation through the roof! Flip is a beautiful and impeccably maintained course - major kudos Bill! The grade in this section reflects how I personally like to "recharge my batteries": in natural and green beauty without distractions from all things man-made (naturally, baskets and tee pads and signs get the pass!). While I FULLY appreciate that many love the creative rock sculptures and the architecturally groovy shelters, unfortunately they knock down the grade in this department a little to me. Another unfortunate knock on this course is due to its immense popularity: the erosion that plagues the hillsides in many places.)

5) Bonus points for multi-throw holes with defined landing zones, good risk/reward and multiple options to play them. == C

(I would consider holes 2 and 2A to be 2-throw holes....and both really good 2-throw holes. 2 is pretty easy to get a 3 on, so the frustration is a good thing if I screw up and do worse than that. 2A pushes me to the max and scoring a 4 feels good.....and a 3 means I am playing as well as I can. These holes add about 3 grading bonus points and gets me from a 3.5 to a 4.0.)
Other Thoughts: It's all about feeding the addiction, so I ranked this course subjectively based on my own "personal addiction factor". The grades above tell how well this course will draw me back to itself again and again and again. See my profile for specifics on my rating philosophy.

I fancy myself as a connoisseur of good course design and I am a competitive Blue level (950-ish rated) with mid-level power (accurate to 300' with max D of 360'). Since I have played a decent number of courses (150+ 18-hole, 90+ 9-hole as of late 2009), my hope is that players/explorers who have similar addiction tastes will find my ratings list helpful as they choose courses to play and explore.

I fully expect others with different tastes/philosophies to disagree with me.....and that's the fun of things here.

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 Flip City=Flipping Good Time

1    7/6/2010   7/6/2010
Review By: bizarbies
Played: 36  Reviewed: 2  Exp: 22.4 Years
6 Helpful / 34 Not
Pros: Good course layout. Wonderful views. Bill is a wonderful host. Overall a great course to play.
Cons: None really, if I had one, and its no ones fault but the throwers, is that the rough can be long in some spots.
Other Thoughts: You can tell that much care and love is put into this course, and any level of player will enjoy themselves.

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1    7/5/2010   7/6/2010
Review By: hattorihanzo
Played: 1  Reviewed: 1  Exp: 8.7 Years
10 Helpful / 25 Not
Pros: Well maintenanced, good shot variety, optional holes for shorter or longer rounds, nice elevation changes, the owner seems like a super cool guy, and plenty of shaded areas to keep the sun at bay. It's also close to some other totally awesome courses, so it's conducive to a phenomenal disc golf weekend if you put it all together like that. I also thought it was easy to navigate for someone not familiar with the course.
Cons: It's too far away from where I live to justify driving there just for the course alone. Although the surrounding courses make up for that a little. It didn't blow me away like I thought it would. The hype was, and is, huge and I just didn't see it. I thought it was a great course, but definitely not five stars. There were no water hazards, no 1,000 foot holes, no giant hill shots; I mean come on. You can't possibly give this course a five star rating. It doesn't even have a pro shop!
Other Thoughts: The rock formations and piles on top of stumps were too cool! Very picturesque and beautiful. It had a down to earth and "homey" vibe that made me feel very comfortable even though I'd played ther once. With some modifications, I think Flip City could be a five star course.

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 what a weekend

5+    7/4/2010   7/4/2010
Review By: ratoon
Played: 5  Reviewed: 5
10 Helpful / 5 Not
Pros: everyone already said everything so ill keep this short.the pros for me start with the drive in.After u make that transfermation from street to dirt ur almost there.The morning dew was just leaving the ground and out of the fog i could see the first basket.After basket 3 i found a meca of rolling hills, lofted tee pads,and a shot selection that was second to none.truly a spiritual journy.Played my first ever glo round in my life here.i seemed to do better than i do when i can see everything.One more pro would have to be the owner. Never met a more hard working guy.thanks bill.
Cons: the course has no cons however i did camp w a couple of people who were obnoxious but hey when ur crossing states and all u want is another knotch in ur belt in the way of courses,it would be kind of hard to appreciate no cons on the course.
Other Thoughts: I would recommend this course to anyone.As someone who lives in the midwest i am fortunate to say i stayed and played 6 rounds of flip in 2 days.i just could not thank bill enough.1 last thought is that although this is free,if u do play it drop the guy at least a dollar per was amazing to hear how people would come and not leave anything.its a dam shame.PS thank u bill for the baby powder,my boy said it came in handy ha ha.

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 Absolutely Gorgeous!!!

2-4    5/11/2010   7/3/2010
Review By: TrippinBill
Played: 36  Reviewed: 8  Exp: 10.7 Years
29 Helpful / 3 Not
Pros: Course Owner:
Both times I played Flip City I saw Bill, the property owner, doing course maintenance. He keeps this course so clean and well groomed he doesn't get to play it very much himself. He lets anyone play on his private backyard course, and I think his generosity is the main reason so many people love this course. Not many people would take their land, build an absolutely gorgeous disc golf course on it, and then let anyone play on it for free. Bill, to me, symbolizes what I think disc golf should be about. Ok, on the the course itself.

The Little Things:
On the first tee pad there is maps, scorecards, and pencils next to the donation box. Every tee pad is identical, and has a broom nearby to keep it free of obstruction. There is also a trash can on every tee pad. There is seating at all but 1 tee pad if I remember correctly. There are a couple of gazebos strategically placed where several holes meet. These gazebos are equipped with ash trays, bottle openers, and trash cans. There are several port-a-potties throughout the course as well. The little things go a long way in my book, and really contribute to the overall experience. Bill has done a top notch job with this.

The Course Itself:
You can play 18 holes here, but there is also 6 bonus holes that flow right into the course if you want to, and trust me, you want to. There is Am and Junior tees that make the holes shorter than playing from the Pro tees, but I recommend playing the Pro tees regardless of your skill level. I'm pretty sure I used every disc and every shot in my bag. It has a nice layout of shorts, longs, and everything in between and every fairway is mowed and groomed beautifully. Disc Golf is the only thing that goes on here so there is never going to be people picnicking on a tee pad, or right next to a basket. I've only played it twice, so I can't say for sure, but it seems like traffic would never be an issue. The course is in the middle of nowhere, and when I was there, I only saw 2 other groups the whole time.
Cons: The biggest con for me is that it is a 2,182 mile drive from my house. I suppose there could be multiple pin locations, but with the variety of holes found here it seems to me that it is not necessary.
Other Thoughts: In closing, this is my favorite place on earth. It makes me want to move to Michigan. For me, Disc Golf is as much about the total experience as it is the actual playing. I realize there are more challenging courses out there, but to me, it just doesn't get better than this. It should be glaringly obvious if you're still reading that this is by far my favorite disc golf course, and I will visit every time I'm in Michigan.

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  Mission Possible!

1    6/25/2010   7/1/2010
Review By: Wakeshooter
Played: 1  Reviewed: 1
6 Helpful / 26 Not
Pros: If there is a "zen" disc golf experience, this is it.
I've played this wonderful game for over 12 years. Played over 150 different courses in 17 states. This is the second course on private property that i've had the privilege to play. The first was Dahliwood (Very cool course) outside Seattle Wa. I played both these courses alone. I have to say that these were the two best Disc golf days in my life.
Cant wait to play Flip City again.
Great Condition!
Great Baskets!
Great Tee Pads!
Great Layout!
Great Weather!
Great Challenge!
Great Game! Shot a 72 for the 24 holes from the pro pads

Thanks Bill
You've set the standard!
Cons: It's not in my backyard

Couldn't give a 5 due to that there was no beer girl and I'm still waiting for Augusta National golf club to put in a Disc Golf course. Hey I can dream can't I.
Other Thoughts: Don't miss playing this course. Be sure to bring hydration. No water or stores near by.

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5+    6/22/2010   6/30/2010
Review By: jeffro12
Played: 1  Reviewed: 1
7 Helpful / 18 Not
Pros: Concrete Pads
*Easy to navigate
*Brooms on the teepads
*Easy to read signs
*Use of every shot you have (bombers, touch, hyzers, anhyzers, flex shots, tomahawks, thumbers, forehand, whatever you can do!)
*Course Beauty
*The course truly goes with the flow of the land
Cons: Nothing

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 Phenomenal Indeed

5+    4/28/2010   6/25/2010
Review By: BucketBonanza
Played: 47  Reviewed: 30  Exp: 15.4 Years
This review was updated on 8/17/2010
26 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: This course is out in the wild country on private property and is very well kept. There is very good variety in the way of challenge, sheer fun, and overall awe inspiring beauty for the disc golf enthusiast. A variety of terrain and elevation changes make this course shine. The hills on this course provide the opportunity for some really pretty shots and heady views. The course makes good use of the land and has a good flow as it winds through the property. Alternate holes are solid and well planned and not just some crammed in afterthoughts as often occurs at other locations. Overall, the course plays pretty well open without much luck requirement if you have the skills. There are a few open fairways that end in a tree congested pin placement, but most of the holes are quite reasonable and fair. It seems to play quite long and overall I would sum it up as vast and awesome. I am grateful to the owner and keeper of this place for his hard work and generosity in sharing this place with all of us. Players seem to show the land respect as there is not a proliferation of litter and other destructive humanoid processes stealing the wonder from the land. I view this place as sacred ground.
Cons: As for cons, I can't really think of much to report. There are not any water hazards here. This bothers me not, but I would be remiss in my duties if I didn't mention this fact. Some would argue that water is an essential piece of a truly great course. I am perfectly satisfied without any water at Flip City, but to each his own. This course is a hike! Be prepared to cover some ground in all directions. Bring water. Bring bug spray just in case, as nature happens.
Other Thoughts: This is a great course. It is likely that it is among the best in the world. It is amazing and a joy to experience. The owner is visible on the premises and in speaking with him you will find that he is aware of the reviews on this site and has sought to rectify any cons that were within his control (such as the addition of concrete pads or providing a place for people to go to the bathroom). This place is for disc golfers by a disc golfer. I am so grateful that it is close to my home. Well done.

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 The opinion of a Beginner

1    5/29/2010   6/23/2010
Review By: apdrvya
Played: 305  Reviewed: 288  Exp: 7.5 Years
23 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: Many
Fairways are clean, beautifully cut and clearly obvious. The extra (cut grass) paths through rougher areas make it easier to find errant discs. Leaving these areas, the rough is REALLY rough in places, not that there's anything wrong with that, just means I need to not throw it there. Baskets are clear and in great condition, no bounce outs for me. The Layout flows well from one hole to the next and signs and hole posts (with little copper caps) make the course very easy to navigate. Concrete tees in great condition and brooms at every tee help to keep these tees in great condition. There are plenty of places to sit and relax for a minute or two, it was about 90 the day we played and breaks weren't only appreciated, they were necessary. Truly a beautiful course, from the rock cairns on 11 to the rolling northwest michigan hills I grew up in. Variety: I think this is the most important factor to me as a beginner. There is so much variety here from blind shots, to wide open shots, to short up shots, to short long upshots, to "across the valley" shots, everything that could possibly be available, is at Flip. Bill, thank you for everything.
Cons: um, it was really hot and the bugs were bad the day we went, things that aren't controllable.
Other Thoughts: Hole-by-Hole: I know this has been done before but this is from the eyes of a beginner.

#1-- 250ft--blind shot over the garden, a couple trees on either side. Also, scorecards, maps and donation box are here.
#2--502ft-- a longer hole, starts wide open and dives into the more moderately wooded side yard. Wide fairway, fairly straight.
#3-- 374ft-- shorter than #2 and the exact opposite, goes from moderate woods to more open at the pin. slight downhill.
#4--293ft-- Hidden on the hill on the right-hand side this hole starts wide open across a field and then the hill starts along with light trees. Basket a challenge to see against sandy hillside at times.
#5--179ft-- Blind shot over top of a hill, moderate to heavily wooded. Basket on downslope. Watch your disc on the left side of the basket, big drop off.
#6-- 286ft-- Wide fairway across a shallow dip. Fairly straightforward.
#7--303ft-- left dogleg down across 'gulch'
#8--252ft-- short and straight downhill, pin hidden in clump of tree on right.
#9--187ft-- Short hole with basket in trees to right, trees line right side of fairway.
#10--180ft-- another short one. Uphill and to the left. Overshoot this pin and you could end up on #11.
#11--344ft-- The signature. Beautiful down to up hole with rock cairns mid fairway. The fairway is very wide and basket is on the uphill slope.
#1a-- 260ft-- Tight "fairway" downhill to wide open valley, basket behind the "Y" tree.
#2a-- 670ft-- and this basket has been made longer? as a beginner, a hard hard hole with many many drives to get to the basket. Rolling terrain and moderately thick trees in places. Wide fairway.
#3a-- 306ft-- Starts with a narrow fairway then dives into heavy woods. There are lanes to throw, but accuracy is key.
#4a--270ft-- Throwing out of a pocket in the trees onto a wide open fairway, basket behind large trees.
#5a--368ft-- Long and challenging. a hole in multiple stages. Starts WIDE open across the access road, then 250-300 feet in, it dives into the thick woods. Pin in a small clearing, surrounded by rocks.
#6a--395ft-- Tunnel to open shot. Rock cairn on fairway. Basket on hillside back to the top of the hill.
#12--267ft-- The Ravine. Straight over a deep-er ravine. Pin on top of hill in treeline.
#13--416ft-- Long hole, long downhill with wide open fairway that dives into some moderate woods. I almost lost my disc here when I opps'ed right.
#14--334ft-- Long hole that dives into thick woods on the right, hard to see pin when outside woods, but lines are easy to find.
#15--446ft-- Good place to rest after a few long punishing holes-- straight shot out of the woods across access road. few trees.
#16-- 477ft-- Long hole, slight down hill, grass separates from #15 fairway, treeline to left.
#17--172ft-- short (whew) blind shot over hill to pin on right. Clear bell to ring when done.
#18--195ft-- Short hole through narrow gap in trees downhill with right dogleg to pin behind huge apple tree. This was the perfect way to finish this beautiful course. And one of my few pars (3) of the day.

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