Crystal City, MO 
Crystal City Underground DGC - North Share
Uploaded By: dirtyrock Hole #11 (Taken 3/2012)
3 / 210ft. Par / Distance:
Hole #11 Basket

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 Absolute blast in the Cave!

1    12/14/2012   12/15/2012
Review By: Almighty_Ed
Played: 13  Reviewed: 2  Exp: 6.4 Years
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Pros: I love this course!
Windless and tree-free pure disc flight.
Plenty of unique fun holes you can only get in a cave.
All baskets are now Titan portables on both courses with light up barrels to mark hole number.
Friendly helpful cave employees.
Lighted baskets everywhere= Safari Golf!
Live band had the cave rockin.
Alcohol! (both pro and con)
Possibly the coolest experience you'll ever have playing disc golf.
Only $5 for all that.
Cons: It does have cons.
Needs signage.
Could easily be reworked for longer funner holes.
Walking in loose sand will wear you out!
Signage to find the place! DO NOT USE GPS!
too many blind shots.
Other Thoughts: This was a great experience for me and my son. It is something you simply must do. Navigating the course is hard but I've had plenty of similar experiences on normal courses.

Leave your bag in the car. Forget the stick on lights as they will come right off after a few holes. You'll hit the walls a lot and forget about sticking them back on with all that sand. Bring a few glow discs, an LED blacklight flashlight, and a small flashlight for nav. We switched to glow halfway through and had way more fun.

Some of the holes were repetitive but since it wasn't crowded at all, we just went safari into better shots. This place would be nothing short of awesome if it were disc golf only and had a professional design.

The alcohol is a pro and con because some idiots think its fun to scream and curse at the top of their lungs after every throw. If only I'd had a little more backup...Punks!

As far as the rating, that's a tough one. Like others have said, the actual course is a 2.5-3. But the fact that it's indoors in a cool cave doubles that rating in my opinion. All of the cons mentioned in this and other reviews are far outweighed by the amount of fun you'll have here. It's a 3 hour drive for me and can't wait to go back.

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 Awesome experience! Average disc golf.

1    11/24/2012   12/13/2012
Review By: harr0140
Played: 975  Reviewed: 480  Exp: 8.9 Years
This review was updated on 12/14/2012
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Pros: 1) The bridge at the front entrance to the tunnel that takes you to the course. The bridge is narrow (it looks like it is one way) and apparently certified by an engineer as they say on their page and the DGCR page. How unique is it to drive on a one way wood/metal bridge that apparently needs to have a sign posted it has been certified by an engineer. I am glad my wife was asleep at this moment . . . because I woke her up when we were in the middle of the tunnel o announce we were there. She woke up, opened her eyes and was shocked at our surroundings. She knew we were going to be playing in a cave but apparently that was not enough to keep her from feeling like the drive through the tunnel was strange . . . I blame it on being awoken in a tunnel.
2) Quite possibly the most unique concept for disc golf I have seen yet. Go underground, turn out the lights (except for the baskets and garbage cans with lights inside of them to mark the tees) and go throw your discs around.
3) Baskets are lit up with string lighting . . . it sure helps in the cave where it is pretty dark.
4) Tees are indicated by a 55 gallon barrel with a light jammed inside to light it up. Some tees have boards across the front to indicate the location, some have carpet to throw from.
5) There are plenty of garbage cans to throw your garbage into. I don't think I saw any user generated garbage on the entire course.
6) The sand in this cave is one of the signatures of this course. It might be hard to walk through but it is a surface not played on anywhere else really. It is all loose and dry sand and it takes some effort to walk through it all day. It also takes a little bit to adjust to how quickly your disc will sit down when it hits the sand. Low skips are certainly an interesting shot also.
7) There is a bar in the cave . . . how weird does that sound? You can ride a barge in the cave somewhere, while I didn't check it out it sure looked like fun (by the signs of all the people walking out of the cave with quite a buzz going and beer in hand). I even gave a couple of them a tutorial on disc golf. I told them I was going to ace just for them. I do not remember which hole it was, but I set it all up, told the one lady I would make an ace for her and then I hit the basket on a somewhat blind shot. I could see the light from the basket but not the basket itself. She asked me where I was throwing and I pointed and said "There". She still didn't get the idea of where I was throwing until she heard the metal and saw my disc sitting 2 feet from the basket.
8) Signature and unique holes abound. There are things you can do in a cave you cannot do in a park. Shelves of rock forming perfect locations for baskets . . . baskets tucked against a solid formation as opposed to a thicket or a bunch of mature trees.
9) Water comes in to play . . . it isn't the kind of water you might have encountered on any other course . . . it is contrived by digging out sand and creating berms to walk and play on while also creating pockets of nothing that eventually fills up with water. Either way it is an interesting feature on the course.
10) Is this the best disc golf you will ever play? NO, but it is still an experience I do not think anyone should miss. DO I recommend that at 9PM you decide to drive to St. Louis just to play these courses . . . well no, for most people, but if you are like me and you absolutely cannot get enough of the game and continuously wanting to see more and unique holes . . . then yes. That is why this goes in the pros as well as the cons. It is simply put one of the most unique things I have encountered in playing this awesome game, despite it not being the most incredible disc golf you will ever play.
11) The cave temperature was moderately cool. I have heard all caves stay at about 55 degrees all year, but I assume that some variance ocurrs depending on the opening into the cave. Either way I assume this is playable year round. Some people want indoor disc golf well this is sortof the solution. I saw someone said the temps were always 68 degrees . . . completely not true as I could see my breath at time and knew it was under 60 degrees.
12) Distance variety was pretty good. There were a lot of short holes with single throws to try and get near the basket and then there were a couple longer ones to force you to execute lines blindly through the dark.
13) Lights for sale at the front counter . . . smart thinking from a marketing standpoint.
14) Disc golf until midnight . . . and a bar . . . how awesome. Might as well throw in some live music . . . oh yeah they do that too. I wonder what it is like to play disc golf while the live music is playing. I imagine it would raise the spook factor a bit.
15) While I would consider this a con sometimes . . here I consider it a positive. This course exposes so many new people to the game of disc golf. . . even though it is not totally representative of our game . . . so many more people will try this than simply a friend inviting them along. This is an experience, one that you cannot deny might be fun even if you dislike the idea of the game of disc golf and even if you look down on the sport. I guarantee my round caused 2-3 people to give it a shot. Had they not met me at that moment in time they might not have ever given it a chance but when they heard we drove from Milwaukee for the "Experience" yes The Disc Golf Experience of a lifetime . . . they had to figure well we have this place in our backyard we should probably give it a shot.
Cons: 1) Talk about one of the most inconsistent places for marking, directionals, and such. They try to help guide you through the course, but the inconsistency leads to confusion in multiple places.
2) Navigation is tough on the North course in a few locations, but the good news is there are a lot of people playing so it would be best if you catch up to someone and just follow their lead.
3) Lots of blind holes which is especially hard in a cave. If a hole is blind behind a tree or section of shrubs . . . you can often find the basket anyways. Here you cannot see the baskets behind walls of rock so you need to walk up to see where you are throwing first.
4) Some of the holes are not executable throws. They have shots that just are not reproducible with a disc and it shows.
5) The rocks (cave walls) definitely will eat up your DX discs. It is unavoidable that you are hitting walls so bring discs you don't mind damaging. Honestly, I would recommend a completely different set of discs that can take the abuse.
6) One of the benefits to this course actually ends up a con . . . the sand you walk through give your legs a workout for sure . . . however, two rounds through this sand would be too much for a lot of people. Your calves will be burning for sure. It is a benefit that your muscles get a workout, but it is a little annoying how much it takes to play both courses through this sand.
7) While there are a lot of unique and signature holes . . . the holes also become very repetetive because there is only so much you can do with sand, rock formations (or what is left after rock destruction) and darkness.
8) Is this the best disc golf you will ever play? NO, but it is still an experience I do not think anyone should miss. DO I recommend that at 9PM you decide to drive to St. Louis just to play these courses . . . well no, for most people, but if you are like me and you absolutely cannot get enough of the game and continuously wanting to see more and unique holes . . . then yes. That is why this goes in the pros as well as the cons. It is simply put one of the most unique things I have encountered in playing this awesome game, despite it not being the most incredible disc golf you will ever play.
9) Some signs were missing and others were tough to figure out since there are generally 2-3 or more columns of rock to avoid . . . deciding which one is integral to playing the course right.
10) I am pretty sure that playing this course over and over would get old. Perhaps if you are not an avid disc golfer though, this course would become an experience to do over and over and over. I just do not see many avid disc golfers wanting to do this repeatedly. I gave it one shot, I'd probably give it another shot, and perhaps revisit it once in a while if I was passing through, but I doubt I would hit it up weekly if I lived in the area. However if a bunch of my buddies said . . . hey let's go back to the cave for a weekly league or something . . . I would probably go.
Other Thoughts: How awesome is this? Well for me it is so awesome, that I decided because a friend was in St. Louis for the night and part of the next day I would drive down to play the courses with him. Had we not just bought a new car this trip may not have happened, but I am so glad I have a new car and so glad I made this trip happen. Apparently even after I made the comment on facebook that we were for sure coming . . . my friend still didn't believe it until he woke up and saw we were already on the way and almost to St. Louis. It is about a 6 hour drive and I was operating on 4 hours of sleep after spending a big chunk of money on a new car. We bought the car because we love to road-trip in the winter when we have more spare time (landscape off-season). Well I guess we figured that we better test the new car out since it was also purchased with the thought that our dog would be more comfortable in a CRV than the old Honda Accord we have. If things went well we thought we might be able to take our dog on our month-long road-trip. While things went just fine I am not sure I am willing to bring my dog on a 30 days road-trip, but it sure would be nice if it does work out. I feel so bad leaving him at my in-laws for a month considering both my in-laws as well as my dog's feelings. Normally when we return . . . he holds it against us for a few weeks at least. Although he loves my in-laws as much as I do . . . I think he just doesn't like the change and adjustment.
Anyways . . . I think I abused the Other Thoughts section enough . . . but if I was willing to do all of the above as well as spend this much time writing the Other Thoughts section, you have to realize this was a pretty significant adventure which was created by such a unique experience.

Disc Golf gets a 2.5-3.0 disc rating . . . but the experience and the people I met . . . get a 5.0. I can only settle in the middle at 3.5 to be fair to both sets of criteria. I love innovation and I love uniqueness, but I also play the game to play the game. This is like the game but on a whole different set of criteria. Either way. . . I say everyone who plays the game should play this course.

I forgot . . . one more thing . . .since some people might read my review and think that I am blasting this place. I am not. It is the most unique thing I have ever encountered in disc golf and they did just about everything they could to make this fun. Now all we need are silk trees to go around or I (as a horticulturist) have to find a way to grow trees in the sand in a completely dark cave.

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 The Fun Underworld of Discgolf

1    12/8/2012   12/9/2012
Review By: TheSloth
Played: 178  Reviewed: 3  Exp: 20.2 Years
11 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: Uniqueness: The world's only subterranean disc golf facility. The world of mines and the world of disc golf go together like peas and carrots. We found ourselves in awe of the course for the entire round. We spoke to the owner/manager and she said it was the one activity here (and there are a lot) that they hadn't thought of originally. Kudos to whoever thought of this.

Fun Factor: A friend and I played, while our wives walked along. From the first tee we were in a state of absolute joy. It is rare that I get so excited walking to the next tee to see what the next hole has in store. Although they didn't play, our wives had a great time just walking with us and taking photos. You're playing in a MINE...

Variety of Holes: This is something that really exceeded my expectations. I had figured yeah it's a course in a mine and had assumed that a lot of holes would be the same, I was wrong. I had to use a lot more shot types than I had expected. There will be holes that suit your strengths and holes that are made more difficult by your weaknesses.

Challenge: From looking at the hole lengths I had assumed this to be an easy course. While I wouldn't call it difficult by any stretch of the imagination, I would say it is harder than I expected. The round also took a little longer than I had expected (which when you're in a state of pure enjoyment like we were, is a good thing)

Weather Conditions and Hours: You can play at any time and the mine is always the same, no rain, snow or wind issues here. The temperature is between 50 and 60 degrees 24-7-365. You can feel the difference as soon as you walk outside of the cave. It's pretty neat playing a round at 9:00 PM.
Cons: Navigation: We had a tough time getting around, things aren't well lit in some areas and the baskets are numbered, but you can only see the number if you're standing a few feet from the basket. We found ourselves walking up and down several holes to make sure we were, in fact, playing the correct holes. There were a few times we took a few minutes to find the next tee. The map is extremely hard to follow.

Tee-Pads: The tee pads are just plain sand like the rest of course and it is hard to get adequate footing. I'd like to see either concrete or some kind of other tee pad installed as one of the next course upgrades.

Signage: Ties in with navigation, the signs at each hole were just a cardboard picture that sometimes didn't make much sense. It got to the point where we felt that we had to verify everything they said. Some of the signs had been removed. The signs should mark where water is on holes as we went into the water a few times without knowing it was there.

Lighting: It's a mine, so don't expect great lighting, that said, there were a few times that some lights were out. We even were able to plug in a few. We suspect that light becoming unplugged is something that is just part of the normal wear and tear.

Safety: On a few occasions we played near the volleyball courts and an errant throw, although unlikely, could've ventured too close to them. There were also a few times that someone appeared onto our hole, either looking for theirs or heading somewhere else. I'd imagine that we also may have done this to other people.

Sand: This is just a limitation here, it's like going to a beach. Sand gets in everything.
Other Thoughts: This was one of the greatest rounds I've ever played. The fun factor and uniqueness are off the charts, the only comparison to this would Toronto Island (which has a south side of Lake Ontario and a north side of downtown Toronto with the CN Tower and other skyscrapers), but even that pales in comparison.

I feel that this course has tremendous potential as does the facility as a whole. The owner / manager mentioned they had found it in the wall street journal, so I'm sure this was expensive to create. She said there is still a lot of unused space (they've basically just only scratched the surface). I understand that this course is relatively new (7 months old at this time according to one of the employees).

I'd highly recommend purchasing the LED lights and placing them on the top of your disc. They can make it a lot easier to find your disc. Make sure you do a good job with the tape and you'll need more than you expect. Bring a flashlight as well.

I'd recommend a trip to this course to anyone and I look forward to visiting again as soon as I am in the area.

I'm giving this course a 3.5 rating because of the fun and uniqueness factor, but the potential here could make it a 4.5 or 5 easily when improvements are made.

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 Utterly Unique

1    4/6/2012   5/1/2012
Review By: mashnut
Played: 828  Reviewed: 775  Exp: 15.7 Years
20 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: You've never played a course like this before, it's a unique venue for disc golf and makes for a really fun experience. Having a hard ceiling overhead really changes your approach to some of the shots, as does having hard walls lining the fairway rather than traditional trees and rough. You can plan ricochets off the walls and ceiling, another really unique feature to the play here.

There's a surprising variety of shots here for how regular the pillars and gaps are that make up the space. Some holes offer multiple routes to the pin, a couple holes have an easier route that doesn't really offer a chance for a deuce or a tighter/trickier shot with more risk but also more potential reward. The layout I played had a lot of ace runs and a couple longer shots, the upcoming permanent layout will be a little longer and tougher.

I played on temporary baskets, but now that permanent baskets are ordered I'm sure they'll be in good shape and catch well. Rope lights on most of the baskets help with navigation and give you a target to shoot at (as well as looking cool at the end of a dark tunnel!). There is some lighting at many of the tees as well, and the ambient light throughout is enough that I only needed to pull out a flashlight to find discs twice. A couple water hazards come into play, adding some nice risk to those holes.
Cons: The tees are the same soft sand as the rest of the course, it's not a huge deal but it makes for pretty treacherous footing. On the shorter layout I played, a standstill drive was just fine, but if they stretch things out most players will want a better surface to do a runup that doesn't shift underfoot.

The signage is still a work in progress, simple numbered cardboard at each tee tells you what hole you're on but no distance or hole layout. Navigation can be tricky at times, some directional signs will go a long way once a permanent layout is established. The course has limited hours of operation, make sure you check the hours before making a trip.
Other Thoughts: This course is worth a trip for sure. Beginners will find it approachable, not much risk of losing discs and reasonable lengths. More experienced players won't find this to be a real test, but it scores really high on the fun factor. I can't imagine any disc golfer not enjoying a round here.

The fee is really reasonable, $5 for unlimited rounds on this cool a course is well worth it. The snack bar has drinks, snacks and beers, always a nice bonus. I had a really hard time rating this course. If I rated it on fun factor alone this would be an easy 5, but based on my traditional rating scale that heavily weights the challenge and variety of shots I felt I had to be consistent.

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 An Experience not soon forgotten

1    4/20/2012   4/21/2012
Review By: Stud Muffin
Played: 30  Reviewed: 14  Exp: 12 Years
14 Helpful / 8 Not
Pros: As every other post points out, it is in a man made cave. Now this is a repetitive thought, but let me try to explain what this really means:

Driving around a property with 10' high fence with barb wire over the top, you get the feeling you are going into a compound. A exclusive place, and, you really are.

As you drive through the first cave getting to the property, you can not help but just look and go, wow. At the end of the bridge, a little sign says, 'Not responsible for injury/accidents", and now a sense of danger comes into play. As you walk to the entrance, security is there to meet you and check your bags, amplifying all paranoid thoughts going through your head. Then as you enter, you see projections of tv on the cave walls, you see the potential for a legendary place to have a party.

This alone makes the course worth playing and a 3.5 at least.

Other pro's, lots of garbage cans, a few bathrooms, and a place to buy a drink or some chips in the middle of the course.

There is great flexibility in using portable baskets, you can set up anywhere.

The cave walls and ceiling is high enough to bomb in. No excuses found in that issue.

Massive potential.
Cons: You can tell whoever has the course is really not a disc golf person. Maps are pieces of paper with a line and 2 dots. The scorecard and map was like reading a chinese newspaper. Getting around the course was a nightmare.

Lighting - First, I can understand that lighting can run into big energy $. But not if you plan and use the lighting wisely. Using little lights to find your disc may be cool on a midnight round on a course you know, but NOT when constantly throwing into the unknown. I got so sick of walking with a flashlight looking for the basket before I got to tee off. The tee, fairway, and baskets should all be well lighted, while the rest can be shaded and dark. You would still need a flashlight, but you wouldn't have to worry about the light taped to your disc will fly off, and you will lose your disc.

Course Design - If someone, like a David Mac, was brought in, the place would become legendary. Right now, finding the next tee is an unwanted adventure. Signs are paper and sharpie. Not much class in the design of the course, and a lot of confusion.

Tee Pad - There is none. Rubber mats would make a world of difference in A - Giving a tee and B - Defining the true location of the tee. Rubber mats would be movable, to change things up.

Baskets - While the baskets are in decent shape, they are far inferior to say, a Titan portable by Gateway. Far inferior. A move to Gateway Titan Portables would not only increase the quality, but would allow for tournament play.

Lack of Imagination - While a few holes are unique, mostly, you are just throwing around pillars of rock in the dark. It would not take a whole lot of thinking for this to be a unforgettable course.
Other Thoughts: It really looks like the course is just... there. Not much behind it except the novelty and making a little $ off of that. If the cave owner was more of a DG player, It would be a LOT different. I never got to play Flyboy, but if the owner of that place had this place, wow, what it could be.

Sadly, that is all this is right now, a mound of potential, LARGE mound of potential, but right now, barely deserving the 3.5 I am giving.

This 'could be' great, but I worry that it is what it is probably always going to be, not great.

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1    4/6/2012   4/17/2012
Review By: notapro
Played: 465  Reviewed: 280  Exp: 14.3 Years
18 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: - Course is set underground in a cave!!! There are a few other activities present here, and things are still being moved around, but as long as the place is open, there shouldn't be any interference.
- Fifty foot columns, spaced fifty feet apart, provide a one of a kind landscape for disc golf. Alcoves in the walls provide for some good basket placements, and creative tee placements lead to some solid hole designs. There are straight shots, blind hyzers and anhyzers, some s-curves, a solid mix overall.
- Rabbit hole on #17 is a fantastic, unique shot that can't really be replicated anywhere else. I wish I had another shot at it, a RHFH laser right in there would be perfect. I would look forward to that opportunity every round.
- A few elevated baskets on sandy hills, definitely allows for some uphill putts, or danger or going long if shooting from behind the basket. The underground pond on #16 is a good hazard as well; probably a 200' carry or so to stay dry.
- Baskets are well lit, and tees are marked well. Navigation a little tricky, plenty of signs to help you out.
Cons: - Sand teepads aren't horrible, but tricky. Minor issue at most.
- Shorter hole lengths overall, and the layout is cramped in a few spots. Felt like there was juuust enough room to fit the course in. Definitely want to keep an eye out for stray discs.
Other Thoughts: - Nearly impossible to come with any more cons. What more could you ask for in this setting? Playing the walls and ceilings for the skip or stop was absolutely hilarious, for lack of a better word. Just an absolute blast to play. Not extremely challenging for an experienced player, but a MUST PLAY for anyone who enjoys the game.
- This place is something else.

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 Deep digs here

2-4    3/16/2012   4/16/2012
Review By: joy4all
Played: 81  Reviewed: 12  Exp: 8.8 Years
10 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: -The course was easy to find
-There is enough light if using LED or glow to find your disc. (keep in mind they have a power bill to pay)
-smoke free environment
-beverages provided at course entrance.(please dont smuggle things in to drink for the sales pay for the course lighting)
-the fairways are easy to follow
-The cave has enough cieling hieight to avoid it around 60-70 feet
-The cave stays a constant 68 degrees or close to it.
-you can play this course barefoot
Cons: -Portable baskets= equal poor catching and variable target size
-tee pads poorly marked
-no scorecards provided yet you pay
-signs going down to course once entering the cave not posted.
-sand is wet in areas and kills a towel with mud quick
-LED dont stay attached well with tape in sand so its best to throw glow. So bring your own black light to charge them which would be awesome if they put black lights as tee pad markers so you can recharge on the course.....hope this happens
Other Thoughts: Its a cave. bring a flashlight. Never seen so many people come un prepared. It's a fantastic experience and just like a carnival you have to wait in line to ride. So stop getting irritated that your backed up on tee pads. Support the cause for the course and dont be a cheap skate. No whiners when your disc get scuffed on a cave wall, throw better. Chill and relax.

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