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Uploaded By: Aaron D'Angelo Hole #9
3 / 205ft.   3 / 255ft.   3 / 300ft. Par / Distance:
Hole #9 Red Tee

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 Nice course

2-4    10/9/2010   10/9/2010
Review By: vb5star
Played: 5  Reviewed: 5
2 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: There are multiple tee positions. Baskets are new and in great shape. Great course to hone your accuracy. Loved the elevation changes, it can make an easy birdie turn into a bogey. The white tees have two shots that go over water. Definitely will be back
Cons: Dirt tee pads are covered in roots. Watch your step when teeing off. Difficult to navigate your first time. Watch out for people hiking the park trail!
Other Thoughts: Someone organize a tournament!

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 Not a huge fan

5+    6/8/2010   6/13/2010
Review By: justinTHEcoastie
Played: 10  Reviewed: 5
3 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: Multiple tees, free.
Cons: Heavily wooded to the point of being ridiculous, very easy to lose discs, some slopes are difficult to even walk.
Other Thoughts: If it's the only one you can get to, then fine, but if you have a choice, go 30 minutes north to Newport News or 30 minutes south to Bayville.

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 Needs a lot of work

1    5/15/2010   5/15/2010
Review By: halasjackson
Played: 7  Reviewed: 7  Exp: 10.7 Years
4 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: Pros include:

Targets are sturdy and in good condition.

Some pretty views over the marsh / waterway.

For the holes that do have signs, they (the signs) are helpful and well-designed.

Ample parking day or night, people spouting, "Howdy, neighbor!"
Cons: Unfortunately, many more Cons:

Bugs. Lots of them. Suffolk is bug central, so bring Off.

Poor layout. You can't take a park and drop a bunch of baskets higgledy-piggledy and call it a DG course.

Trees. I don't mind trees when utilized well for challenge and design, but having a tree 3 feet dead center in front of a tee box is not good design. If you're going to have forest holes, fine, but every hole -- forest or otherwise -- should have at least *some* semblance of a fairway, otherwise you're just dropping a basket in the woods and calling it a DG course. No.

Navigation is not intuitive. No map available (at least I haven't found one), and first-timers can count on an additional 30-45 minutes of tee hunting.

This place is a park first and a DG course a distant second. Several holes play in / around pavilions, structures, jungle gyms, etc. Not conducive.

Death brush. The OB sections of this course are no-man's-land: marsh, thick woods, bug-infested jungle, swampy nastiness... Unless you're immune to snake bites, you can kiss errantly thrown discs good-bye if they find their way past the marshy event horizon.

The marsh smells like a port-a-potty. Urine. You will be smelling pee while you play. Game on.
Other Thoughts: The course needs a lot of work to be a good course. I give it 1.5 because the anchor says a 1.5 is "passable." This course is "passable" as a DG course, but barely. Dozens of trees needs to be cut to make real fairways in 90% of the holes.

With some rigorous re-engineering, this location could host a nice course, but for now, you are much better off heading to Bayville or Newport News -- or better yet, New Quarter in Williamsburg.

Impossible after a rain. Do Not Attempt.

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2-4    8/12/2009   1/12/2010
Review By: jkdisc
Played: 117  Reviewed: 110  Exp: 11.3 Years
This review was updated on 10/31/2010
6 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: Very challenging and somewhat fun course. The course / park is very clean. Beautiful scenery as you walk in and out of the woods. Locals are friendly. You will have tee options to increase or decrease the difficulty level. I played different color tees because there were some shots I just couldn't resist!
Cons: Be ready to get frustrated when your disc hits a tree. It's a little too tight to be successful very often. Hard to follow the course or find the basket to throw to without a guide.
Other Thoughts: Luckily we had a local join us and guide us through and point out where the baskets were. Saved us a bunch of time and frustration. He also pointed out a copperhead on the path that I was going to step on (thanks man!)

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 It fell flat.

1    9/2/2009   9/2/2009
Review By: Disc Dog
Played: 91  Reviewed: 47  Exp: 12.6 Years
6 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: This is in a nice park with several amenities. There are children's playgrounds, hiking trails, bathrooms, a boat ramp and pier, tennis courts, and picnic areas. It has been developed to be a family park and that is what it is.

The course has good potential. It travels clockwise around the the edge of the park and thus stays away from most of the heavily used areas. It is a very technical course with only 1 basket truly not in the woods at least a little.

The signage that is there is accurate.

It has water/swamp as a direct hazard on 7 and 13 and on the edge of the fairways or behind the basket on several others.

The baskets are real nice and catch well.

The shule is getting wore down as the course is maturing and it was not real hard to find a disc.

There were trashcans throughout the course.
Cons: The downside is strong buy correctable.

The teepads are awful. They are dirt and the roots are a twisted ankle looking to happen. They do not allow for any run up on the majority of the tees. The 4x4 posts that mark the front of the tee are very hard to find or could not be found on any that had grass in the area. They are low so the mower can go over them but no one has used a weed eater to keep them clean.

The signs are only on the white tees and are missing on 5 and 16. On 4 and 10 they were laying on the ground.

On 7 there is no kind of fairway. It does not matter which tee you use. But the red is the worst. Nothing but trees. A fairway should have at least something to give a person a chance there is none here. Twelve was only a little different. The first half was fine but the second half was just like 7.

No benches to rest on except white 13.

Hiking trails are everywhere and are the fairways on many of the baskets. These trails are well used so be very careful.

Finding the next teepad was a chore on several but especially 10. I had read the other reviews before I played and knew it was a wide open throw. So it could only be in one area. I finally realized it was the post with the traffic marker on top of it, but the tee markers are no where to be found.

There is no map. It would have helped a lot. Next time I go I may do one if it is not done already.
Other Thoughts: When you play here the atmosphere is "There just happens to be a course in the park". That is how I felt. It is as if its an after thought. From what I can find out the park people will not let them make some changes that would greatly improve this course.

Better and more signs. Especially signs to direct to the next tee.

Better teepads. I understand concrete is not allowed. But if they can do what they did at the Grange with crush-and-run and railroad ties it would help a lot.

A few benches would be nice.

CLEAR some of the fairways! Give a player a fighting chance. The best in the world would have no chance on a couple. If it were to get through it would be blind luck.

This course at its best would be no more than a 3.5. But it could be done.

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5+    8/19/2009   8/19/2009
Review By: Gran Pa Fibbz
Played: 13  Reviewed: 9  Exp: 16.5 Years
This review was updated on 10/29/2010
4 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: Wooded course that plays around the City Park. It makes good use of the natural terrain. For those who are looking for a hole where you can crush a disc hole 10 is just for you. Eleven is not as long but still a good long Par three, If you like a challange try the blue T on Hole 14.
Cons: The hiking trail runs right through the course. Hikers pop up at the most inconvient times. It is better not to fhrow if you here a bunch of kids coming You never have a good lie after they get through with your disc. The T Pads are are marked with 4X4 posts planted in the ground. they can be a little difficult to find. As a matter of fact I am still not exactly sure where the blue T is on hole eleven. The natural pads are eroded and uneven with roots sticking up. And if the grass hasn't been cut it is hard to get a good runup on hole 10. The signage could be better a few direcftion arrow wouldn't hurt.
Other Thoughts: Don't let my list of cons keep you from coming out and playing here. Bennett's creek is a fun an challenging course.

Favorite hole. Hole 16 from the white or blue T's

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 Certainly . . . taxing

2-4    7/9/2009   8/12/2009
Review By: notyourfrog
Played: 4  Reviewed: 3  Exp: 10.7 Years
2 Helpful / 3 Not
Pros: Bennett's Creek will hone your technique . . . or claim your disc. I love this course for the variety of throws needed to get a half-way decent score. The baskets are varied distances from the pins, and with all the trees, water, and other hazards, if you throw every time with the same power, and technique, you will NOT do well. This course stretches anyone's repertoire, and leave you tired, but wanting just one more round.
Cons: Trees. Everywhere. In some cases, there will be a tree directly in front of the tee box no more than ten feet away. If your shot is even slightly off, you will most likely end up rooting through the spider webs and (lots of) poison ivy trying to find your favorite disc. (NOTE: don't throw a dark green disk here - even in winter.)
Other Thoughts: In my opinion, this is a great course. It could use some tweaking, but I believe the pros vastly outweigh the cons.

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 Not bad

5+    4/17/2009   4/18/2009
Review By: SomeChump
Played: 33  Reviewed: 33
This review was updated on 5/14/2009
4 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: Bayville, Newport News, and Bennett's Creek are the three main tidewater courses. They each have a little different character. Bennett's creek is by far the longest of the three. When it says "Par 5" or "Par 4" it really is. This course really punishes you if you miss the fairway. Only two open holes on the entire course, and one of those is 630-900 feet long. The rest require you to hit a tunnel of some kind. There is only one set of baskets but three different tees for each hole. In general, the tee pads are almost directly behind each other, but since most holes are a tunnel shot, the course gets a LOT harder from the white or blue tees. For example, instead of starting that turn in 75 feet, you now need to start it in 175 feet. Or the 4 foot gap 20 feet in front of the short tee is now 80 feet in front of you. There are a couple of cool over-water shots (tide-dependent) when you play from the white or blue tees. Good playground. Not bad for strollers (but not as friendly as Newport News or Bayville in this respect.)

#16 is pretty cool. A wide open hard dog-leg left followed by a RHBH hyzer into a gap in the trees. # 7 is a classic hole over the water. #13 also over the water but much more aceable.
Cons: Hole 12. WTH. This hole has so many trees on it it is like an anti-fairway. They didn't take any trees out of the fairway. The only difference between the fairway and the rough is the amount of thorns. Throwing an ace here (especially from the white or blue tees) would be an act of God.

Lots of thorns. Lots of bugs in the summer I'm told. Someone keeps trying to steal the basket on #14. Lots of trash.

There is a club trying to get started. They have minis at 1030 on Saturdays, but no prizes yet. (I'm not sure why they don't just give 75% of the money to the winner.) Not very organized yet, but it is a fairly new course.

The tees are all natural. The park apparently won't let them pave anything.

It can also be really tough to find your way around on your first time. There is a long walk between the end of 9 and the start of 10. Since the tees aren't paved (and the white and blue ones aren't signed) they can be tough to find.

There are a couple of tee pads that are basically covered with 5 inch tall roots. You can't get a stable stance to tee off, much less a run-up.

Between the park folks and the DG club what this course really lacks is leadership and commitment. The president and self-appointed mayor of the club is a nice guy, but a bit scatter-brained and has no clue how to run a tournament, a league, or a club. Maybe in a year or two he'll get the hang of it. The whole attitude toward disc golf here is evident. At Bayville, people go there to play disc golf. At Bennett's Creek you're more likely to have people ask you why you're throwing that frisbee into the woods. It's like it's just another service being offered at the park. "We got a dock....we got a playground...we got a boat ramp....we got disc golf...."

Edit: I played the blue championship level tees for the first time recently. I shot 18-20 throws worse than I did from the whites. They're a LOT harder. Quite a bit more difficult to find and some of the shots are ridiculously hard. If you can throw birdies from these, my hat's off to you. I think I only managed 6 pars out of 18 holes, and that's using "public par."

Other Thoughts: Definitely worth a stop if you're in the area, but don't expect as nice a course as you'll get at Newport News or Bayville. More challenge perhaps, but not as nice.

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2-4    3/8/2009   3/9/2009
Review By: swellerdiscgolf
Played: 11  Reviewed: 8  Exp: 12.7 Years
3 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: This course makes good use of the area it is in, and with three tees on every hole, the course can be changed to your difficulty level. The only course in South Hampton Roads where there is elevation changes, and shots that go over water/marsh will test your distance and accuracy, sometimes on the same hole. The fairways are pretty well defined, and most of the baskets are visible from the tees. There is not a lot of overgrowth off of the fairways, but discs are sometimes hard to get to because of thorns.
Cons: This course can be really hard to follow for the first timer because of lack of signage. The course could use some routine maintenance, along with minor upgrades.
Other Thoughts: The shortnace of some holes could be deemed too easy for some, whereas the amount of trees could be too difficult for others. The upgrades needed in my opinion would be to add signage, new tee pads, and maybe some trash cans, and benches.

This is in a nice family friendly park, with a playground, tennis courts, and boat slip. The course does not interfere with other park activities other than #10 being on the edge of the open field.

Bring your bug spray!!!

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1    2/16/2009   2/16/2009
Review By: bobojones666
Played: 3  Reviewed: 2  Exp: 12.7 Years
1 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: good course with some techical uphill and down hill shots. lot of winding through trees and over marshes. overall a very fun course to go to.
Cons: no directions between holes and are pretty far apart for some of them. i got lucky and joined up wiht a guy who plays there regularly.
Other Thoughts: good course like the +600 hole but it is wide open so nothing to get in way.

1 of 3 people found this review helpful.

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