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We had Fun

1    1/31/2020   2/9/2020
Review By: juusui
Played: 2  Reviewed: 2
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Pros: * Plenty of elevation change.
* Groomed and maintained
* Pretty location
* Low key vibe
* Plenty of parking
* Good tees and baskets
Cons: * Cost is same for 9/18
* Took a minute to find some tees
Other Thoughts: This is one of the few courses in the bay that I had yet to play. I didn't really make an effort because of the 3.5 star rating and distance from my home (Livermore). I have to say I'm glad I finally made it.

This is in a pretty little valley surrounded by expensive T&C homes. This makes for a quiet and secluded round of DG. It's a little out of the way but once you arrive, there is plenty of parking. Clubhouse is minimal. No services nearby.

This place is all about elevation and slopes. There is a lot of up and down. The first hole (also #10) presents a long, sloping descent into the valley. The uphill fairways are shorter and not too brutal.

Several baskets are on slopes or have mild drop offs behind them. A couple of baskets have convenient backstop slopes. The basket at #18 has a significant slope that can be an ego breaker after a long day.

Really liked the use of water. #1/10 has an easily avoidable pond but #3/12 has a true water carry. #3 is easier to make but #12 forces you to make a decision - carry the longer distance over the pond or layup to the right.

At no point are you ever truly challenged with obstacles. You might have to get around something if you throw a wild tee shot but there's very little trouble on the fairways. This isn't a bother for the first time around but might get stale after getting through this course a few times.

There's also never really a threat to be out of bounds. There are a couple of places where a natural shot might threaten OB but these spots are next to jumbo wide fairways.

It's a local nine hole ball course and maintained like one. It's not country club velvet fairways but it's not a scrub patch muni course.

The tees are nice rubber tees. I don't remember them being bumpy or uneven. I stumbled on one tee but that was likely me. Cement pads would bring up the rating for sure. Baskets are nice and easily visible.

Tee signs were fine but signage to the next hole was lacking. The first time around we had to look for the tee on almost every hole. The map is sparse on details and provides very little help.

We had so much fun at this course that it feels wrong to rate it 3.5 stars. But if I consider other courses in the area, it's definitely better than the three star courses but not as good as the four star courses. So, I'd say 3.5 stars is right on BUT don't hesitate to go play it yourself. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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 Emerald Hills 18

1    12/15/2017   12/15/2017
Review By: Jungle Tim
Played: 27  Reviewed: 8  Exp: 13.9 Years
3 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: Course is on a Ball Golf course, it is therefore well looked after for the most part.

Good use of terrain, lots of fun long downhill shots,

Lack of trees in fairway let's you really open up and rip

Good clear signage

2 tee pads and 2 baskets make for great hole variety and a superb use of the 9 holes of ball golf.

High number of longer holes.

Cons: Tee pads are not well maintained, some are super lumpy as the rubber is laid over soil. I ended up driving from the grass to the side of the pad.

Not many trees in the fairway, therefore not many technical holes.

Very hyzer happy course (rhbh) Could be a plus though. If you can throw a solid line drive you won't need anything else.

Baskets are mostly out in the open and lack protection. The course is not that challenging.

$15 for 18 holes in the week. For this money I would expect concrete tee pads.
Other Thoughts: This course is super fun for really getting in some big drives.

The baskets are mostly unprotected so it's low stress course.

You can rent a golf buggy!

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  Very different, diverse, and challenging

5+    9/24/2017   9/24/2017
Review By: dsopkin
Played: 1  Reviewed: 1
1 Helpful / 4 Not
Pros: - Different sets of baskets and starting positions, up to 36 holes if you want!
- You can play with your ball-golf friends at the same time
- Terrain is a good workout, and provides a variety of obstacles
- Short course provides for games under two hours
Cons: - Main bathroom facilities are terrible. You have to sneak into the Elks Lodge bathroom, and even then it's not the best
- Houses very close to course so you have to be fairly precise
- Long drive, location is not convenient
Other Thoughts: Really cool that you can play with your friends who play golf. It makes it a really fun time. Seems to be the only course on the mid-peninsula

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 Good course but rude lodge members

2-4    6/12/2017   6/13/2017
Review By: Vninja
Played: 4  Reviewed: 4  Exp: 10.2 Years
2 Helpful / 4 Not
Pros: Nice variety of shots and elevation changes.
There two set of baskets. Red and blue. So u can have different combo. Start off red to red or red to blue and switch it up in the back 9.
$8 per 18 holes and $24 for cart for 18 holes.
Hard to lose discs except for the two water hazards
Cons: No convenience store near by or places to eat after u r done unless u drive 30 mins. In 30 mins, I can just drive back into San Francisco from the course.
LODGE members there are rude and not very friendly.
2 out of the 3 times I've been there, I had issues with rude unfriendly lodge members and so I will never returned there.
Other Thoughts: The ball golfer members there wants your money but rather u don't disc golf on "their" course. I have already email the course my incident with their lodge member. I haven't receive any reply to my email so I will never go back to this course.

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 Step your game up!

2-4    3/6/2017   3/8/2017
Review By: Horvatinz
Played: 3  Reviewed: 2
1 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: Great tee pads
Alternate baskets (if you choose to do 9 instead of 18)
Located on a golf course (Carts,ProShop)
Low cost
Private lot

If you lose a disc, You're likely to get it back if you leave a number.
Workers and golfers often return plastic to the pro shop.
Cons: Not beginner friendly (Although it will improve your game)
Neighboring houses back yards as a Hazard.
Not close to freeway.
Other Thoughts: this course is perfect for anyone in silicon valley who wants to try something different than the other local spots!

The DG Club listens to input of members & considers changes as needed.

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  Bring your GPS to nav this one

1    7/10/2016   7/11/2016
Review By: lynnchpin
Played: 1  Reviewed: 1
1 Helpful / 7 Not
Pros: Topography presents challenge

Cons: $16 green fee!
Navigational Signage is lacking
Playing alongside ball golfers on same course
Sarcastic front desk employee
Other Thoughts: For starters, as a disc golf course this is the only course that I've ever played that actually charges a green fee to play disc golf. Not only do they charge a green fee, But it's $16! Any other place that I've ever heard of that charges a green fee to play disc golf it's roughly 5 dollars, usually no more than that. On top of that, as this being my first time to ever play this course, I was totally unfamiliar with it and had the toughest time navigating it and eventually gave up after attempting to play the first four holes. There is nothing obvious about the set up and whoever designed this course for disc golf has no consideration for newcomers that are not familiar with the course. There were a couple rubber mats I was able to locate, but overall it was a struggle after #1. They have really nice baskets though. The icing on the cake for me was that when I went to get a refund on my exorbitant green fee after quitting, the cashier was incredibly sarcastic with his apology stating "I'm sorry you can't navigate a golf course". He's lucky I didn't show him my backhand style.

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Disc vs. Ball To the Death!

1    5/26/2016   6/20/2016
Review By: Magiken
Played: 65  Reviewed: 65  Exp: 11 Years
This review was updated on 8/9/2019
6 Helpful / 1 Not
Good tee pads (rubber mat type)
Great signage. Best I've ever seen.
Excellent color-coded baskets
Restrooms/water nearby
A decent mix of shots
Grass under your feet!
Not beginner friendly
Tee terrain. Wait a sec?! You put tees in the "Pros". I did. I like the mats but some of the terrain needs to be flattened out under the mats in a few spots.
Other Thoughts:
There is no map (yet) so do read up and pay attention to signage to get around.

Random Thoughts:
Rating this course is a bit tricky for a few reasons: 1: It shares its land with a ball golf course, which is obviously very unusual. I've played one other course like this so I have a frame of reference but you do have to take into account that the land is set-up for one purpose and that isn't disc golf. 2: There's a cost to play. Another unusual scenario so it depends on your views on that in general as to if you think it's 'worth it'. 3: Based on what I read before I got there it seems like it's still evolving which is ok but you have to keep that in mind as you read the rest of this. So with that wife and I had a pretty good time out here but there are a few misgivings. The course is in really good shape in that the grass is well kempt. The signs and baskets are absolutely fantastic. I hadn't seen painted baskets like this before but it definitely helps in spotting the right basket, which leads to another cool feature. Every hole has two tees and two baskets. So technically there are 4 distinct shots per hole which was a very nice surprise, although a few back tees look unfinished thus my earlier comments on "evolving". Having said that though, the 'back/pro' tees are NO JOKE on a few holes. I consider myself an above average player and there was no way I was throwing the back tee on a couple of these holes unless I decided I really didn't care if my disc ended up at the bottom of the swamp or someone's back yard. These are legit advanced shots where you better be able to throw straight for 350' or better or else...pain. Now the good news for the sub-advanced player is that you can just play the front tees and you still have two baskets with two different challenges, so you can play '18' without ever daring the back tees. So that's a good thing. But even with that said, I would not call this a "beginner friendly" course. There's water very much in play on a couple holes and there are several basket positions that are punishing if you miss the landing zones. And by punishing, I mean both the 'disc in trouble' variety and the 'penalty stroke' variety, because you can't forget that the greens and sand traps are OB and they are always nearby. Personally, I like the latter challenge but the former got a little borderline in a few spots. What I mean by that is that a few baskets are placed in very precarious spots, like on the side of a steep hill. This means you can land the disc right on the basket and it still might roll down a hill. Not exactly best for beginners who don't think about things like 'landing angles'. I recognize that there are only so many places you can put these baskets so maybe the course crew did the best they could but I would personally reconsider a few positions. With that said, these situations are the minority. For the most part, I really enjoyed the challenges presented by each shot. There's a good mix of shapes or 'shots in the bag' to choose from so bravo on the use of tee positions and obstacles (mostly trees). I left the course +3 for 18 with a couple unforgivable birdie misses, so that's fair in my book. I also felt REEEEEALLY good that I out drove a couple ball golfers (even drove two 'greens') with just me spindly arm. :-) And with that said, we come to...the cost. I was shocked when the gent behind the counter said '$15 for 9 holes'. Umm what? This was on a weekday morning too. Now I chose to interpret this as '$15 to go around the course once' as in, 'feel free to play multiple shots on each hole'. I'm probably wrong about this (and I do see $22 for 18 on one site) but I wasn't going to ask any clarifying questions because there was no way I was plunking down $30 to play 18 on a course I've never been to. And it didn't stop there. My wife, who was just going to walk with me that day because she wasn't feeling 100% had to pay too. I'm familiar with this practice in my prior life ball golf travels but disc golf? Thankfully, my wife was a good sport and decided to throw a few with me but she definitely didn't get her money's worth. You have been warned. Lastly, I'm sure some of you are wondering what it's like to share the course with ball golfers. Well, we can't help much here, because there were only 3 other people on the course and they were all in front of us. But here's a funny; we were playing faster than them so they let us play through. Nice folks though, so no issues to speak of.

Bottom Line:
As long as you come to this course with your eyes wide open that this is a challenging course that's going to cost some $ to play, then you'll probably enjoy your time out here. While it still has some warts to work out, you can feel the love that's being put into it thus far. If those issues end up sorted, this will really be something special to visit.

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 Gorgeous and fun, a bit pricy

5+    11/17/2015   11/17/2015
Review By: cdamon
Played: 9  Reviewed: 9  Exp: 40.2 Years
6 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: - Beautiful venue, with rolling hills of green grass
- Shiny new red and blue baskets
- Two tees and two baskets for each of nine golf holes
- Two practice baskets near the putting greens
- A really fun course to play
- Relatively hard to lose a disc (at least until the ponds fill up)
- Friendly staff
Cons: - Costs more than disc golf anywhere else
- A bit tucked away in a hilly neighborhood
- No food or shopping nearby
Other Thoughts: The course is very open, so the challenge comes not from trees and tight fairways, but from elevation changes and the fact that the golf greens and traps are OB. There's not a lot of shot-shaping, though there is a good amount of variety in the holes. The front nine is short tee to red basket, and the back nine is back tee to blue basket. The back nine is significantly longer than the front. OB golf greens come into play on twelve of the holes.

If you play on a weekday, it's unlikely to be crowded, and then it's convenient to play both tees so that you can play all 18 in one loop. With the hills and OB, small mistakes can be costly. On the other hand, if you're throwing with control you can score well.

The golfers I've met have all been friendly and curious about disc golf. If you're local (even if you're not, I suppose) who may become a regular, you can join the Elks and get a discount on rounds.

As of today (Nov 17, 2015), the course is still in the early development stages. Mats for tees will soon be installed. Signs have yet to be made and installed. The fee structure may change. My hope is that by next spring it will be a success for all concerned.

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  Fabulous challenging course

2-4    11/12/2015   11/13/2015
Review By: sheldog
Played: 1  Reviewed: 1
1 Helpful / 4 Not
Pros: Great layout, loved the elevation changes, will be back to play it again.
Patrick in club house was great to talk with.
Frequent player card available from club house $10 for card, every 6th round is free.
Cons: No on course map of each hole. No score card at clubhouse, be sure to print card before playing.
Other Thoughts: On Golfnow if you see a 18 hole round for $5 it is only good for 9 holes. A glich with Golfnow that the course has brought to there attention many times.

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2-4    10/27/2015   10/28/2015
Review By: Peterb
Played: 80  Reviewed: 31  Exp: 27.3 Years
This review was updated on 3/6/2017
8 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: - elevation changes throughout the course and at most basket positions make things very exciting. Several epic drives (6 par 4s over the 36 distinct golf shots). Tons of death putts!
- if we weren't in a drought, some significant water carries, including a 300ft water carry on the 12th tee.
- OB on every hole to avoid in greens and bunkers (as well as paved areas and property lines)
- fun rips downhill, uphill, sidehill...challenging but fair
- a couple of fun ace runs
- brand new mach V red and blue baskets
- carts available.YES
- beer fridge and snacks on site
- less than 10 minutes from my house
- an excellent bar for elks members. A pool to cool off in during the summer.
- glow, dubs, weeklies, bigger tournies all being planned
- really cool and helpful people working the pro shop and elks members who love disc golf.
- not crowded...yet.
- two practice baskets on the putting green.
Cons: - No tees or signage yet. They're coming.
- Wish there were more trees for more technical shots. But hey, it's a golf course so....
- Wish the golf course was longer so you didn't have to either throw multiples or loop through twice to get in 18
- a little out of the way despite it's proximity to a major freeway. Be careful on those roads!
Other Thoughts: FULL DISCLOSURE. I am the co designer of this course and as such want to see it succeed. Despite this fact, I am honest about the cons that I see here so far.

I hope you enjoy the experience of playing in a more manicured setting with challenges abounding. Please be courteous to other course users!

Update: I will bump this course up at least a half a star once we get tees and signage in. I think the combination of great golf shots, amenities, scenery, etc warrant that kind of a rating.

Update 3/2017: AS OF 3/6/2017, PRICING HAS DROPPED TO $5 FOR 9, $3 FOR REPLAYS. This is a huge discount from what it was before. Also, the tees are in the process of being finished. I'm bumping this course up to a 4. I will go to 4.5 if/when they ever get a bar and grill open to the public.

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