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Uploaded By: fairweather_fan Hole #15 (Taken 10/2009)
3 / 274ft.   3 / 275ft.   3 / 296ft. Par / Distance:
Hole #15 Basket

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March 2018 Play

2-4    4/10/2017   3/10/2018
Review By: OldGolfer
Played: 16  Reviewed: 16
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Pros: This course makes good use of the park it is in. Our most recent round (March 2018) was challenging -- although I'd really give this course 2.25 instead of 2.5. See "Cons" for reasons.
Cons: The course was absolutely riddled with gumball from gumball trees. Everywhere. It made walking on the flats, uphill or downhill -- a real adventure. Not fun at all. Signage needs updating. Tees -- which were basically chat in boxes -- were old and worn. Baskets were also old and worn.

I don't want to knock this course. Basket placement was fun, and the holes were challenging. But the course could really use some upkeep.

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 From an Amateur's point of view

5+    9/13/2016   9/13/2016
Review By: Lynn LeFey
Played: 11  Reviewed: 2  Exp: 2.5 Years
This review was updated on 9/15/2016
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Pros: Varying shots required. Varying levels of technical difficulty. Some very nice scenery.
Cons: Not the best maintained park. Am teepads are gravel, and often rutted/muddy. Signage is not the best.
Other Thoughts: This course is mere miles from my house. In the 5 months I've been playing, I have played this course easily 70 times (usually only 9 holes at a time). I know it pretty well. For the most part, the baskets have been in the same place through the entire time.

The following description is from the shortest tees.

Hole 1 is a straight shot across a small depression, through light woods, and over a hill. You can't see the goal from the teepad. There are a variety of lines of approach. The goal is on a mild slope, and near a guardian tree. Rollaway is a real possibility.

Hole 2 is level, with a anhyzer for righthanded backhand (RHBH) players or hyzer for lefthand backhand (LHBH). Shrubs on the right and a few sporadic small trees in the fairway, that mostly don't come into play. The goal sits on the edge of a steep drop, so if you overshoot the basket, you can get a 20 foot drop into a wooded area.

Hole 3 is the only par 4 on the course. The teepad is elevated, and you throw down onto the fairway. A stream runs to the right, and large sporadic trees to the left. The initial shot should be an easy hyzer for RHBH players. The same first shot is more difficult LHBH, requiring good touch to keep an anhyzer on the fairway from turning into a roller that ends up in the stream. Once on the fairway, there are a number of trees that generally require you to keep the discs moderately low, below the tree canopy, although a big RHBH hyzer route exists that crosses the stream into 4's fairway. The goal is guarded by a tree, and near the stream, making approach interesting. The area by the basket is subject to flooding in heavy rain. The stream, and much of the bodies of water in the park get covered with duckweed (what looks like bright green algea on the surface). When it floods, this stuff gets deposited on the course in the low area of 3. It smells funky when that happens.

Hole 4 is on the opposite slope leading to the stream separating 3 and 4, and faces in the opposite direction. If the wind is blowing, this makes for an interesting switch from 3. The line on this hole is a long, slow hyzer for RHBH players. The slope is reasonably steep, rollaway into the stream is very possible.Once on the slope, you must then navigate back up the slope, into moderate trees. The goal is tucked into some thicker woods, with guardian tree, and a slope downhill just past the pin. The baskets in the park are old, and in particular, this one is VERY hard to see the first time you play the course. Oh... one other note on 4. The hillside near the goal has a lot of broken glass in one area. Probably not a big problem, but it concerns me every time I see it.

Hole 5 is in light trees, into a mostly open field, down a hill, with goal tucked into a cutout of the shrubbery on the right. Those shrubs are a barrier to the right side all the way from teepad to goal. This is a very natural LHBH shot. A perfectly placed LHBH midrange can park (and in theory ace) the hole. A concrete drainage ditch past the goal presents not so much a challenge as an object that can bang up your discs.

Hole 6 is a pretty wide open field, one of the few places on the course where you might get to rip a 300'+ shot. Fairway is mostly flat, very slightly uphill, then slightly downhill. a very mild hyzer for RHBH players. The goal is near a guardian tree, but not too well guarded. Going overly long (30'+), there's the possibility to skip into the road. And the traffic does not care about your $20 disc. They will run it over.

Hole 7 is straight, favoring a LHBH fade. The drive is slightly downhill through light woods, with a canopy requiring that you keep the shot fairly low. Approach to the goal is a living nightmare, as the goal is on a hillside that's about 45 degrees, and bare, with occasional roots and rocks, about 15' above the fairway. Vines and small trees obscure the goal to a degree. The goal is on a little concrete platform, but if you miss the goal or platform, it is more likely than not that your disc will roll back down 20 feet or more.

Hole 8 has a straight approach with a small gap between some small trees. There's a spike hyzer route RHBH for arms bigger than mine. The goal is on a narrowing peninsula with guardrail and road on the left side, and a slope with potential water hazard on the right. I have had a disc skip off the rim of the basket, and roll the 40 feet to the water, disappear in the duckweed with no trace to be seen. I will miss you, KC Pro Roc.

Hole 9 starts on top of a hill, throwing down to a goal across a 20 or so foot wide water hazard. Moderate trees and a few hanging dead branches add to the difficulty. The goal is across the water, and up a mild hill, probably not more than 15 feet from the water, but with little chance of rollaway. There is a straight shot from teepad to goal.

Hole 10 has water hazard to the left, and the fairway slopes up on the right, with moderate trees. It's a good natural mild hyzer shot for RHBH. An errant treekick can put you in the water. The goal is guarded by a lot of shrubs on the approach angle, so second shots are usually spike hyzers.

Hole 11 is uphill with light trees, but the goal is surrounded by small guardian trees. There are a number of routs through, and the hole doesn't seem to favor left or right handed throwers.

Hole 12 is uphill, and the goal is guarded with a big tree, creating a canopy that restricts some lines. There are also several trees in the fairway blocking some routes. A RHBH hyzer around the right-most tree puts you within easy approach to the pin. A big LHBH hyzer line might be possible, but it crosses a parking area. If there's a vehicle there, it's risky. And if you get the angle wrong, you're going to bounce the disc across concrete. If you get up the hill clean, another RHBH short approach gets you to the goal.

Hole 13 is a long open field, sloping up after about 300', crossing a road, with a few trees in the way. The goal is near the road on the other side. I don't recommend DX discs for this hole. You (okay, I) will inevitably chew them up, skipping over concrete. First shot favors RHBH straight fading left. A good flex shot LHBH works, but isn't as easy.

Hole 14 is an elevated tee, through 200' moderately difficult tunnel shot, into a field that slopes down, narrowing and hooking right. The approach has thorn bushes right, heavy shrubs left, and swampy water mere feet past the goal. This hole strongly favors LHBH approach. From anywhere in the field clear of the initial trees, a moderately overstable mid will glide a lovely arc to the goal. For RHBH... good luck. Those thorn bushes are... not fun. In hot weather, down by the goal is like a mosquito infested swamp. Bring bug spray. (The area around 10's goal can also get swampy, but not as bad)

Hole 15 is an elevated tee, throwing across a depression. As with much of the course, it's lightly wooded, with canopy restricting some high lines. RHBH route then climbs back up to about the same level. LHBH route can go lower. Water hazard to the very far left, mostly not an issue, until you approach the goal, or in the event of bad tree kick. The goal sits on the edge of a hill. Long or left is slope down to water. There are also some shrubs near the goal, impeding approach.

Hole 16 is fairly steeply downhill. A few trees in the fairway, and bushes surrounding the goal. This is the most likely hole to ace or birdy on the course. A dead straight or RHBH straight with slight fade at the end is the best path.

Hole 17 is a fairly open fairway. Slope down and road to the left. Slope down onto 18's fairway to the right. A few trees. The goal is over the edge of a slope, and that slope is mostly bare. If your disc gets up on edge, its is extremely likely to roll into the road 30 feet down the hill. You will scare the geese (depending on the season). There is a VERY slight chance that the disc will hop the curb on the far side of the road and continue to roll a ways further into water. Very unlikely, though. One other thing... those spiky ball seedpod things? Yeah. ALL over that slope. Like a floor covered in marbles. After a rain? Add slick mud. This hole and 7 are what I'd classify as 'dangerous' after a rain. Don't laugh. I'm old and break easy.

Hole 18 is level, bending slowly right, very slightly favoring mild LHBH hyzer. A few big trees in the way. Approach is (as usual) under a moderately high canopy. The hole opens to a small grass green, with the goal probably 15 feet from the parking lot. Shoot long and go OB (and chew up your plastic).

The bathrooms by the start/end of the course are serviceable but 'ugh'. The water tastes nasty. I live in this town, I can say that. I filter my water at home because it tastes gross. There's a spigot near the teepad for 14. On the hottest of summer days, I dared drink from it. The best I can say is I didn't die from it. There's a CVS right down the road from the park to grab cold drinks when you're done, or a row of fast food places on Beltline, just blocks away. There are occasional families wandering the course, utterly oblivious to the fact that you're about to launch your speed 40 DEATHCRUSHER driver. Be aware it's a park... with kids. Hope this review helps. The city seems to do a good job of mowing the park. Dead tree/limb removal is slower, but done. Shrub trimming seems slower still, so some holes (5, 10, 16) can be affected by wild-n-wooly shrubs.

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 Solid Illinois course

1    3/14/2016   4/20/2016
Review By: Chained Evil
Played: 478  Reviewed: 206  Exp: 8.3 Years
3 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: This course offers good elevation on several holes and there is also good shot variety here.
A good mix of short, moderate, and longer holes will keep things interesting.
Also there is a bit of water threat for that extra pucker factor.
Low ceiling shots and many good lines to be shaped on this course.
Signage was adequate and dual tees were offered on many holes.
Multiple pins placements to keep things from getting stale.
Sloping greens to keep you on your toes as well as protected/guarded pins on some holes.
There were a few chances to air out some drivers here as well.
Cons: Tees are rutting and hold water after a good soaking rain.
Hole 2's sign was missing upon my visit.
Baskets are showing signs of aging, they still do their job however.
Long walks on multiple holes slow the flow of the round down a bit, 1's basket to 2's tee, 2's tee to 3's basket, 4's basket to 5's tee and 11's basket to 12's tee all come to mind. I know thats the way the park is spread out but it does slow the flow of the round down a bit at times.
Scouting ahead was necessary on some holes to see where the pin was located.
Be careful on hole 8 to stay on the top side of the hole as there is a pond on the right side of the fairway and a roll a way disc could end up wet very easily.
There was a bit of trash on the course upon our visit. Maybe some trash cans would help deter the litterbugs a bit??
Other Thoughts: This is a solid park style course that offers a nice variety. I like the fact that it offers different pins placements on multiple holes and holes like 9 offered players the chance to throw across the creek. If players aren't quite as skilled there was another pad so that the threat of disc loss wasn't as great.
Overall there are good lines here and the golfing is fun. With the upgrading of the tees and maybe some new baskets this course would get a bump up in ratings IMO. As it is its still a solid course that was seeing some traffic upon my visit. Worth the stop if you are in the area.

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 Older Course With Nice Terrain And Nasty, Skanky Water Hazards!

1    10/23/2015   11/3/2015
Review By: The Valkyrie Kid
Played: 1270  Reviewed: 1219  Exp: 40.3 Years
3 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: Woodland Park is a lovely park with a nice rolling terrain much of which slopes down to this, apparently stagnant, green looking body of water. I'm not sure if it's a very slow moving river, creek or what. The park is just a little bit on the shady, rundown side of things. Not quite scary bad, just not inviting clean and nice and well kept up.

The course has a nice big course map sign at the beginning. There is also one of the better on-line maps here at DGCR if you want to print it. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to print one off. It would have saved me a lot of wasted time and steps.

There are three sets of tee pads. Only the Blues (Longer ones) are concrete. The reds and the Whites are natural. The Blue tees have nice metal signs but there is no signage anywhere else. I also ran into some helpful next tee signs/markers throughout the course. The baskets are older models with chains starting to rust. They didn't affect my game but I think we're all spoiled with courses with brand new bright, pretty baskets.

Playing by myself, navigation was tricky and I found myself wandering around quite a bit.

I think my favorite hole was # 14. It's 275' from the Reds with a valley to cross. It was a pretty little throw.

I ended up passing on both # 8 and # 9 with the basket set close to the nasty water. Not knowing the course, I didn't feel like chancing a disc in the soup on either of those holes.

Cons: I found this naked Barbie doll on # 7 wrapped seductively in tape. I'm not sure what she had been used for, but I had a really disturbing feeling about it. After depositing her in the nearest trash can, I feel I couldn't wash my hands enough times.

I would be much more of a fan of this course if the water was clean and not so nasty and scummy.

Old baskets with rusty chains.

Long walkouts after # 4 and # 6 were confusing.

Lack of signage on longer tees.

Overall sketchy feel of park.

Other Thoughts: I think I could grow to embrace this course if I played it a few more times. It really has a number of nice holes. Playing in a group would help, as would just figuring out how to layup to avoid the skanky water.

However, right now, playing the way it is, it's in need of some general upgrading. In the future, it could use, some better signage, concrete tee pads on the Blues, new baskets. That's a lot of $ and time to be committed. I would like to see it happen!

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2-4    9/24/2015   10/12/2015
Review By: BUNKY314
Played: 3  Reviewed: 3  Exp: 5.1 Years
2 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: Nice wooded, technical shots. Short runs for the most part. Scores well for the intermediate level player. Good overall design. Not too long to play 18 holes. Water comes into play which makes those holes interesting. Multiple tees and multiple pin placements. Pro pads are concrete
Cons: Hard to navigate. Chains are pretty rusted and dead. No concrete pads for short tees. Lots of fairway traffic from others in the park. Trash littered everywhere. Water in the creek and lakes are super nasty and stinky
Other Thoughts: Overall i like this course a lot. I tend to shoot low scores and there are a lot of good ace run holes that are a lot of fun. The holes with water i think are great. You want to run them but the water makes me nervous sometimes because I'm not going in that water. My buddys dog went in it and stunk the rest of the day. Its pretty bad. I would suggest to take a picture of the course map at the bathrooms by hole 1 the first time you play, and definitely take PLENTY of practice putts to get used to the chains. Iv had more than a handful missed putts hitting dead center chains. There have been arrows placed at pins pointing to the next hole so that helps a lot too. I give it a 3 overall. I think the designer just decided to put a couple holes' baskets behind a tree and said ok its a hole. That and the lack of course maintenance. Hardly any benches and a lot of trash.

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 Like the layout, course needs some care though

1    12/20/2014   1/3/2015
Review By: dj3k
Played: 34  Reviewed: 11  Exp: 6.1 Years
0 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: Interesting layout - good mixture and differences in elevations, distance, forehand, backhand shots.

Concrete tees
Cons: For a first time play it was a little difficult to navigate, signage to next hole could have been better.

Course looked like a course that didn't have a local club looking after it. Could have used someone picking up some trash.

Several baskets had rusted out chains. I'm guessing someone probably stole the original chains and then they were replaced by cheaper ones that were designed to take the weather.
Other Thoughts: Ok for a play, but I wouldn't go out of my way to make another trip back. Several of the holes had a creative layout that called for a variety of challenging shots.

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 My first course ever played

5+    9/28/2014   10/13/2014
Review By: NKern
Played: 49  Reviewed: 4  Exp: 9.6 Years
Pros: Well matured course.
Multiple Tee pads/pins keep the play here fresh.
Some nice elevation changes.
Concrete tee pads in pro placement.
Cons: Baskets are showing their age.
Pedestrian traffic.
Can get littered up from time to time.
Other Thoughts: This is the first course I ever played and where I honed my skills as a DG'er and met some great people in the process. I love it despite all of its flaws.

 Sold Course

2-4    5/21/2013   11/21/2013
Review By: discdanny
Played: 37  Reviewed: 17  Exp: 5.3 Years
1 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: The Pros Include:
-Concrete Pads
-Multiple Pads
-Multiple Basket Locations
-Lake/ Stream
-Shots over water
-Great mixture of shots throughout the course
-Awesome Old Trees
Cons: -Odd walks to some of the holes
-Sometimes there are some shady crowds loitering around.
-Possibility of hitting moving cars if you go OB on a hole
Other Thoughts: Pretty good course.. I haven't made it out to the area to play it enough

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 fun but confusing course

1    9/22/2013   9/27/2013
Review By: gmoney1984
Played: 202  Reviewed: 26  Exp: 5.5 Years
1 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: 1. 3 Different sets of Tee pads
2. Can do long run ups on big tee pads
3. Good use of terrain
4. Well designed holes
5. Chance for aces on a couple of downhill shots

Cons: 1. tough to know where the next hole is at in several spots
2. bad course flow in general
3. chances to lose discs in water
Other Thoughts: Overall I liked this course but we spent about 20 minutes extra trying to find all the holes. Print out the map from the links/files section! I did not and paid for it!

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 Really Bad..

1    9/14/2013   9/14/2013
Review By: Tony
Played: 4  Reviewed: 4
0 Helpful / 7 Not
Pros: Nice elevations and good landscaping
Cons: Bee hives, bad signage dont have a clue where to go.. Did i mention getting stung by 3 bees hornets wasps along water at hole 3.. Quit at 9...not the greatest neighborhood either

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