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Should be "Cain Creek" because it will probably kill you

1    1/11/2018   1/11/2018
Review By: Bennybennybenny
Played: 132  Reviewed: 129  Exp: 7.6 Years
This review was updated on 6/27/2018
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Pros: -This course is hopefully a work in progress. It's still really new, and to be fair it does have some nice holes. It starts off really well with a fun downhill putter shot, the hole over the lake is cool too (#9) and holes #13 and #14 were both brilliant. Few others are decent and make you feel like you are at the coast in SC.

-Next tee signs are everywhere, a few transitions are a bit confusing so they were helpful.

-There is a practice basket out in the field by the parking lot (lot #3). If there was a hole out in that field, it would be better than at least half of the holes here. Well, at least in the current state.

-#13 is a great valley shot. It's primarily downhill, so it plays short but there is a low ceiling. Just a neat hole; one that you have to love. #14 is my favorite. It's a 466' par 4 that opens up a bit more and gently cuts right. Gives enough room to throw a driver, and the woods are more forgiving on this hole, still a difficult birdie but a very rewarding hole.

-There is a high voltage power line IN the lake that you see on holes #8-10. That looked pretty cool. Coolest thing about this course.

-You don't have to pay to play if you bring your own discs.
Cons: -Okay, I liked some of the holes here. But about half, I did not like. I could spend many hours writing about how this course could be better. But since it's still new, I'll only point out what really annoyed me. My name was Ben coming in and my name was Abel coming out. Cane (should be spelled as "Cain") killed me and part of it was my fault, but most of it was because of the odious woods.

-Know why this course has a countless number of signs saying "This is NOT a walking trail"? Because it looks like you are playing on a walking trail! To me it IS a walking trail with 18 baskets. You couldn't drive a coupe car through many of these fairways. You probably couldn't even fit a dirt bike through some of these fairways. This course is too tight and will sabotage good throws that appear to follow the "fairway" and will knock you into an unplayable spot. There's a fine line between punishing and unplayable. Most fairways here are like that one psycho tree dwelling, beet loving, super liberal pothead science professor that doesn't believe in A's no matter how well you do. You won't make a birdie (kinda like an A) if you follow that fairway. "Ya gotta learn to accept defeeeaatt maaaaaaannn!"

-Okay, now THE main problem is hole 6. It's really bad. This is one of those occasions where Stan gets a ridiculous idea and blows it so far out of proportion where every one else is like "Seriously? Are you for real" He did some of that at Angry Beaver but he usually does pretty good with fairway design. Hole 6 is only 522' and it's a par 5. It's nothing more than a walking trail that keeps bending to the right. It's just nonsensical. You will hit a tree I swear, unless you just drop your disc 20' until you get there. Open this hole up by like 15' feet and just call it a par 4. Or just make this into two holes because this hole is just deplorable.

The next two holes are subpar. #7 has potential to be really good, but it requires a turnover and I don't think discs turn over exactly the way this fairway is made. #8 is ridiculous. It's impossible to reach because the fairway is too tight and it hooks to the left. Luckily, #9 keeps you from wanting to storm off because it's a fun hole over the lake. But after hole 10 it starts to get ridiculous again for a bit.

-Some wasted potential here and there. #2 should be lengthened because there is land far back and there is an open circle in the woods past the basket. And #12 and #15's pins should be pushed down the hill to utilize the elevation a little more.

-Many trees have red paint on them; indicating that they need to be removed. The course would be better without all those trees but I don't know if the locals decided to keep them or if they haven't found a good day yet to remove them.
Other Thoughts: -This course really deserves a 2. It's just a letdown as of now. It's just not as good as it could be. When you put in a course but have serious and specific intentions for who it is designed for, then your mindset needs to change. Always seek to get the most satisfaction out of people. The first reviewer didn't say much, but his review was powerful and more sincere, and you'll probably see that once you play here, if you decide to.

-I usually love wooded courses, as well as open courses. But it seems like this course was designed for a very small audience. People that love really tight and sabotaging. I wouldn't recommend this course if you are used to the other Charlotte courses. I know some people have said that I know nothing because I'm not designing courses................

-Well to that, I say (to those people saying I know nothing) that you are talking rubbish and sound like those angry rejects on American Idol that whine and go off on Simon Cowell and say how "He knows nothing because he doesn't sing!" It doesn't require a course designer to decide what a good hole is, it doesn't require a musician to decide what music is good or bad, and it doesn't require a product producer to decide whether a product is good or bad because all sorts of people purchase those frickin' products AND THOSE PEOPLE FIND OUT HOW WELL THEY WORK! Anyway, I think this course is a bit of a gimmick. But it does have some good holes. #14 is quite legit.

-If you are offended by this review, well chill out because life goes on.

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Cane Creek: Itís Hot, Sticky Sweet.

1    12/11/2017   12/11/2017
Review By: heelboycraig
Played: 286  Reviewed: 280  Exp: 14.4 Years
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Pros: Cane Creek is sprawled out in a lightly used area of Cane Creek Park. This has the makings of a great, out-of-the-way course, making it worth the drive.
- An almost exclusively wooded course. Darn you hole #2 and your filler existence. Being a wooded course, you get all the good and bad aspects of that: everything from being heavily shaded to run ins with wildlife.
- Course gets progressively better. Take advantage of the first five holes all being birdie chances before you get to the course's longest hole, #6 at 522 feet. Despite being the longest, I felt it might be the course's worst.
- By the time you get to hole #8, you get your first look at the lake. Enjoy it being a scenic backdrop on this hole, for it's in play on the next two holes. #9 has you throwing over the water, a very common trope of throwing over a small corner of water back to the basket far on the other side. On #9 & 10, the water isn't a factor unless you hit a tree/branch and get a bad bounce, or just throw your shot WAY, WAY, WAY too far right. Me? I got a double bouncer on #10 and had my disc sink in the water 15 feet out. In December, that disc suffered a hypothermic demise.
- The back 9 is fantastic. Really, from #8 - 16 is a fantastic, more advanced layout; while, the other nine holes (#1-7 & 17-18) are the easier layouts. The most creative layouts are the back nine. The first seven holes are all relatively forgetful, or wanted to be forgotten - #6.
- The course is relatively flat, but it does use elevation smartly when it is used. Most of it is the simpler straight up or straight down layouts - #1, for example. #11 - 13 give you a great taste of smart elevation layouts.
- #11 is an uphill, sharp dogleg right layout. It's only 260 feet, but feels much longer because of its design. Play it conservatively and you should have an easy 3. Try to be aggressive, and you'll be trying to salvage a 4.
- #12 is a longer layout - 376 feet - with a dogleg left starting halfway down the fairway. Course is flat until the green, with a steep drop-off in the couple feet around the basket. It makes a simple approach shot suddenly extremely daunting.
- #13 is a short hole - 203 feet - that plays over a valley. In the winter, the leaves stopped my disc from rolling downhill. In the summer, probably not. A fun, simple layout.
- Fantastic park overall. This is probably the best, close campground Charlotteans have been using forever. When we want to go camping, but don't want to go far, it's been Cane Creek for decades. The park has everything you could want for a family weekend getaway - from swimming and mini golf - to fishing and running trails. You're out in the middle of nowhere, but still 15 minutes from anything you need in Waxhaw.
- 'THIS IS NOT A WALKING TRAIL.' I absolutely loved the amount of warning signs throughout the course telling walkers to get off the course. For as much as the course and its paths intertwined with the walking trails, this was wonderful. Now, if we could get signs like this on some of the Charlotte courses, I'd be even happier.
Cons: The course still needs to be smoothed out. A lot of awkwardly angled/designed holes. A lot of narrow fairways that will feel narrower when the leaves are on trees. A lot of long walks between holes. A lack of tee signs, benches, or trash cans on the course.
- The course feels like it teeters back and forth between who it's designed for. As mentioned above, it feels like a tail of two 9-hole layouts (1-7 & 17,18 vs 8-16. One of them offers most of the birdie chances; the other offers the challenge.
- If you break it down, the shorter nine is 2477 feet; the longer is 2950, an average difference of 52 feet per hole.
- I played in December, when the leaves were down, and a lot of the holes still felt tight. I was able to take advantage of the lack of leaves on the trees. For the other 8 months a year, this would be a tight course without those bail out lines.
- Too many blind holes for a course of this length and skill level. Without tee signs, I ended up throwing putter off the tee on some of the longer holes, such as #6, and just kept on following the bends in the fairway. All that said, never threw a shot longer than 200 feet and still ended up with an easy par 5.
- Layout doesn't seem like it's optimized. I get why #1 was built - the classic tight, downhill hole. But, because of that, you have a couple filler holes around the outside of a baseball field. With as much great terrain being unused, there's a valid argument to eliminate the first several holes (at least the first 3) and replace them with better land. That would keep the entire course (and parking) on one side of the park service road. More important, it would eliminate some of the ridiculously long walks. The walk from #6 to 7 alone, could be filled with two holes.
- Natural tee pads. A couple weren't completely flat. Throw in wet, slick leaves and I wasn't risking full run-ups on any hole.
Other Thoughts: I enjoyed Cane Creek more and more throughout my round. Hole #1 was a great start. The next couple holes were ho-hum. After a frustratingly long walk from #6 to 7, the course finally hit its stride.
- The course is out there. Charlotte disc golfers aren't known to travel outside of the county. So, driving this far out means Cane Creek won't be getting a lot of play. (It's a long 35-40 minutes past Elon Park). Organizers will have to get creative with tourneys, taking advantage of the camping, to make this course known.
- I want to see the course make the necessary improvements. Tee signs and tee pads are a must, preferably sooner rather than later. Benches would be nice, especially near the lake. If I'm going to rest, I want to soak in some great views.
- The course, in and of itself, is excellent. I enjoyed an overwhelming majority of the holes. It's all the other 'stuff' that was frustrating. When you're taking long walks through the woods, transitioning from one hole to the next, you notice all this unused space. When this unused space has much more elevation than the filler holes, you can't help but think.
- This is another solid Union County course. Just like Wingate and Dry Creek, this is a great play. It's just so far out of the way. You can play the pitch-n-putt Waxhaw course a couple miles up the road. Otherwise, take advantage of everything else Cane Creek has to offer and make it a fun outdoor day.

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Cane creek

1    7/19/2017   7/19/2017
Review By: Schefx
Played: 85  Reviewed: 9
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Pros: Cane creek park offers many activities. Park entrance fee of $4 is reasonable. Park in lot #3 for disc golf.

-benches throughout course, I counted 6
-good flow and next tee signs in every hole
-multiple tees offer a short pad for beginners
-fair pars
-practice basket in open area
-typical Stan course. Tight lines, and accuracy is far more important than distance.
-flow of the course is good.
-hole by hole breakdown below. I played long blue tees for these distances
Good course that doesn't require a big arm on any shot.
Cons: -Bugs! Man the mosquetios were unbearable in a few spots. Huge spider webs on many fairways, course doesn't get a lot of play yet. Bring heavy duty bug spray or get eaten alive here
-fairways have yet to be broken in, some leave you guessing about the direction of the pin
-tee signs have distance, and par, but no hole map.
-gravel tee pads are hard for run ups
-a few long transitions, but all were well signed.
-no trash cans expect in parking lot
Other Thoughts:
#1-par 3 239
Short downhill-two trees in center of fairway makes you chose left or right
#2-par 3 200
Across street to tee pad. Basket is tucked into first woods cut
#3 par 3 268 two tee pads
Tunnel straight pin slightly right behind tree
#4 par 3 219
Straight and then dogleg right. Basket tucked away in the woods tough basket placement surrounded. Next hole to the right of basket
#5 par 3 269
Straight and on a slight incline
#6 par 5 522 two tee pads miosquito haven at bench
Harsh dogleg right off tee; then keeps turning right - then sharp left, basket finishes right tucked away behind trees. Stay on fairway and it's an easy 5. Very long but well signed transition to 7
#7 par 3 313 two tee pads
Right turning but only slightly
#8 par 3 314 two tee pads
Dogleg left off tee, downhill
#9 par 3 258 three tee pads across water
Breaks into the woods right lower elevation from tee pad
#10 par 3 239 dogleg right, water right bad tree in fairway
#11 par 3 260 uphill dogleg right
#12 par 4 376 blind over the hill dogleg left slightly. Really shoot straight up then straight down to the left
#13 par 3 203 short downhill across gully. Fun ace run
#14 par 4 466 two tee pads
Long straight then s shaped
#15 par 3 492 left breaking and down hill-tough par 3.
#16- par 4 432 two tee pads path is unclear from tee . Straight and then s shaped into a open landing area. Basket is tucked back and tight right in the trees
#17 par 3 227 split fairway pick a side
#18 par 3 251 downhill left breaking

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Cane Creek Park Disc Golf Course

1    4/30/2017   5/3/2017
Review By: JoeZ
Played: 2  Reviewed: 2
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Pros: The course has very clear markers to the next tee. There is one hole on the back 9 that is over the lake and is a fun hole to play. Plenty of signs that say, "This is not a trail, but is for disc golfers." Most of the course is away from heavy foot traffic
Cons: Many of the holes have very narrow fairways. The tees are made from gravel. The distance markers show distance but do not show a graphic of the hole design. You have to pay to get into the park and therefore need to pay to play. There are many stumps on the course, which hopefully will be removed in the future. A few trees in the fairway, really should not be there.
Other Thoughts: There are only 2 1/2 holes that are not in the woods. The course is strangely designed, in my opinion, and I am not sure the person who designed it is a disc golf aficionado. I would think with the land available to the park, that it could have designed a much better course. That's why I rate it only 3.0
There is not one par 5. This is a disappointment. Hopefully locals will be able to purchase a year round pass to play.

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