Welcome to the DGCR Store!

Look no further! Now you can support the site and get some cool stuff to boot! New items will be added to the store as I can afford to make them so check back semi-often for cool new stuff!

** To order from outside the United States or if you prefer to pay via check/money order, please contact us.

Bag Tags

DGCR Travel Tag
Meet, Swap, Golf, DGCR, Repeat! DGCR travel tags are a fun reason to get together with other DGCR members and a good way to spot them on the course! Plus they look pretty nice hanging from your bag!

Check the DGCR Travel Tag Map for all sorts of swapping stats and info.

Tags are made of metal with the design on both sides and measure approx 2"x3.75"

Please include your DGCR ID # and username when checking out.
DGCR ID # & Username

Bumper Stickers

DGCR Bumper Sticker
Small sticker measures 5.5" x 2.14"
Large sticker measures 8.5" x 2.75"
$3.00 - $3.50


DGCR Mini & Bumper Sticker $5.50 - $6.00
+ Shipping
DGCR Mini & Swoosh Decal $5.00
+ Shipping
DGCR Mini and Basket Decal $5.00
+ Shipping
DGCR Mini, Swoosh Decal & Basket Decal $6.00
+ Shipping

These decals are ideal for any type of window from your car to your house. Even better, they stay on via static-cling so you have more than one try for that perfect window placement. Plus, they won't leave any messy residue on the window when you remove them (but why would you ever do that?!).

DGCR Basket Decal
The basket logo decal measures 3.25" x 5.5" and is clear with white print.
DGCR Swoosh Decal
The swoosh logo decal measures 6.5" x 2.4" and is clear with white print.


  DGCR Donation
For those that are into what DGCR is doing and want to help us keep this boat sailing, this is the option for you. Just enter whatever you can afford, all donations are very much appreciated.
Your Choice!


Don't just mark your lie, mark it with style using a DGCR Mini!
Forest green foil on a bright white disc that measures 3.75" in diameter.
+ Shipping


  Basic Donation
A cool icon and a Marketplace Verified Icon!
$5.00 Click here to donate today!
  Basic Membership
Want to give a little something to DGCR, get a cool icon by your name and store a few more PMs? If so, the Basic Membership is for you. Here's what you get:
  • Store up to 75 PMs
  • Marketplace Verified Icon
  • Have a snazzy icon by your username on the forums
Just like all the other subscription levels, the warm fuzzies of helping the site stay up and running is also included!
$10.00 Click here to go Basic today!
  Deluxe Membership
Need a bigger PM box? How about the ability to modify which forums are searched when you click "Get New Posts" or maybe you're just curious about the VIP Lounge? If that sounds like you, then the Deluxe Membership may be right up your alley. This level of membership doesn't come with all the perks of going Premium but you do get the following:
  • Filter new posts so you only see posts from the forums you're interested in!
  • Store up to 125 PMs
  • Access to the VIP Lounge
  • Access the forum using Tapatalk
  • Marketplace Verified Icon
  • Have a snazzy icon by your username on the forums
Of course, the warm fuzzies of helping the site stay up and running is also included!
$15.00 Click here to go Deluxe today!
Premium Membership
How would you like to..
  • Auto-approve your mobile rounds
  • Access to real-time charts and graphs of your score stats
  • Customize those charts & graphs by date to see how you're doing by month (or by week!)
  • Access hole-by-hole break-downs to see who's scoring birdies and on which holes.
  • Hole-by-hole break-downs of your own stats with a variety of charts to boot!
  • Generate scorecard images of your rounds that you can share with friends!
  • Export your rounds in CSV format!
  • Export a list of all your discs!
  • Upload pictures of your discs!
  • Limit your course browsing to only courses you HAVEN'T played on the course and map browsers
  • Generate custom GPX files for your GPS using the map browser
  • Access to the Route Map. Going on a road trip? Plug in your start point and destination and see what courses are on the way. You can even add courses as stops and get turn-by-turn directions for the whole trip!
  • Get a detailed view of your course search results with shortcuts to the various tabs
  • See a detailed list of all the course changes for the past week using the Premium Change Log
  • Break down recent reviews on the homepage so you only see your friends, the reviewers you follow or the courses near you!
  • Filter new posts so you only see posts from the forums you're interested in!
  • Search course descriptions!
  • Search course Reviews!
  • See who voted on your reviews!
  • Store up to 250 PMs
  • Access to the DGCR Spy - Watch new posts as they happen!
  • Access to the Marketplace Spy - Watch new sales, deals and trades as they're posted!
  • Marketplace Verified Icon
  • Access to the VIP Lounge
  • Have a snazzy icon by your username on the site and forums (see crown by mine)
All those great features and the satisfaction of helping the site stay up and running for the cost of just one bottle of pop (or soda or "coke"!) per month! Also, with more premium features planned for the future, you'll get even more bang for your buck in the years and months to come!
$20.00 Click here to go Premium today!
  Premium Shop Listing
Looking to drive more traffic and business to your store front? A premium shop listing on DGCR is the way to do it! A few of the benefits of a premium shop listing are:
  • A profile page where you can list more information about your shop including hours, manufacturers you carry, a description, upload your logo and more!
  • Your shop's profile page will also allow you to upload up to 5 photos of your shop, perfect for showing off your selection!
  • In addition to a profile page, your shop will show up at the top of any searches that include it and will also be highlighted!
  • Your shop will have a special orange icon on the Shop Map and the Browse Map!
  • Last but certainly not least, your shop will be listed as a "Nearby Shop" on all courses within a certain radius of your physical location! Every time someone looks up a course near you they'll know where to get discs!
There's no better way to drive business to your store than a premium listing on DGCR. Let our web traffic grow the awareness and revenue of your business!
Varies Contact us for pricing!