DGCR Custom Discs (MVP)
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It's GLOW time!
DGCR discs are here and in 4 flavors no less! You have a choice of these 4 great discs: Anode (Soft), Axis and Ion (Soft). Great discs, cool stamp, support DGCR, there isn't a reason not to buy at least one! Oh, and did we mention that they're all coming in Eclipse plastic? That's right, it's glow time!

For those not into the glow thing, we are also offering Soft Anodes in Proton plastic.

Our color selection is limited so if you're looking for a specific color we can do our best to send it to you but can't guarantee it. If we run out of the weight you ordered, we will send you the next closest one we have.

$12.00 - $15.00 + Shipping

Anode (Soft) - Eclipse ($15)

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