2023 Discraft's Cascade Challenge (DGPT Silver)


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Jun 30, 2019
So what's the story behind Shelton Springs? Any pacific NW people here have any insight as to the layout, etc? I am interested to see how Chandler Fry does.
Chandler Fry is just as nice a guy as he seems. Fry should do well, he knows the course. So does Kyle Crabtree, Cole Redalin and Tyler Ahrens. I was going to say Nate Sexton does too but I don't see him with a tee time. Proctor, too.

Shelton Springs is great, I love playing there. It's arguably the best course in Washington State. They've recently added a 3rd set of tee pads and have shuffled some of them around into 3 different tee pad layouts. The course is mostly wooded with some open fairways that cross under high voltage power lines.

The entire course is flat as a pancake and there are no water holes. But, IMO it's a good design. These top dogs should shoot pretty well there, but from the pro tees the fairways really tighten up, but the rough isn't thick and scrambling is pretty achievable. There's very little underbrush except for only a couple of holes.

Should be fun,I hope the course comes off well on film. The weather looks good!