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[Drivers] Are Speed 7 Discs Necessary?

I'll trade you those putts for the distance because I suck otherwise (and the 300+ is 50/50). But I'm certainly not doing anything recommended to get the 300, taking a Pro Boss and throwing it straight into the ground which happens to compensate for other bad stuff I do when I just throw normally.
That actually makes sense. I'm not sure how Sheep got so hung up on disc speed instead of stability.

Now we've got europeans trying to disc down into headwinds like thats a thing.
My bag is ALL flippy or neutral discs with like 2 overstable discs.

I'm not hung up on slow stuff, but it's easier to control slow stuff. I'm not going to tell someone to throw a putter when a mid is easier.

And when it comes to throwing ridiculously flippy stuff for distance, that's a whole different conversation. Because if you dont' have good disc control, its not the whole "oh you gotta throw that disc harder" thing. I throw 6 speeds so I don't have to throw hard. They just go and get there. Why would I throw a 9 speed that requires me to provide more miles per hour for it to perform?

So, you can go up in your speed and up in your instability which will cover up the bad form. Which breaks down into the same argument again of people throwing high speed discs for distance with bad form.

I can throw my 11 speed orbital or my 6 speed crave. The crave requires less effort and just goes straight, while the orbital requires me to put far more control into the disc and speed to keep it afloat despite it being so flippy.

If I wanna throw a lazy flippy shot, I got an old signal in my bag, or i'll get out the helio's which is ... insane.

But when you're trying to do old man lazy flippy, it's far easier form laziness wise to throw a few speeds higher, because the disc is less likely to burn over on you from off axis torque.
Well the 7 speeds can go straight-ish but won't go over 300 feet. The 12-13 speed can go over 300 but not straight. Either way 330 foot wooded straight par 3s are going to suck probably until midranges go over 300 feet and that would be a huge game changer.

Thats pretty much the whole point that people don't understand. Yeah you can get that 12 speed 30 more feet.

"Oh its a chance at a birdy"

Yeah, if you get that 1 in 10 shot where you actually control the 12 speed disc, vs throwing the 6 speed 300 where you want it, taking a run at the basket from 40 feet away and taking a good par.

Golfing is about controlling the ball/disc and navigating the course successfully.
The snap hooks in the woods as you try and swing that big driver is not really golfing.

It is kinda funny how that works too. Big drivers in ball golf people struggle to hit straight cause there is a lot of club there to keep swinging right.

That and the idea that the 12 speed disc is what got you there is the funny part. Because its not.
You mentally changed you throw.

If you're only getting something like 330 with a 12 speed, it's your form that's the issue. And most likely you're throwing nose up, which is pretty much everyone's problem. swooping and nose up throwing. those are the 2 things I deal with on lessons constantly. And that 6/7 speed is going to be far less nose fussy than a 12 speed.

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