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Back leg - bent or straight? Two clear forms on tour.


Birdie Member
Feb 22, 2012
I've noticed that the back leg comes in two very different varieties from elite throwers - very bent or almost straight. I haven't been part of this forum for 10+ years but it seems like this doesn't get talked about that much. Maybe because it's not important?

Mostly a musing - but curious if there is a consensus on this.

back leg dg.jpg
Is the rear leg straight, or bent, or moving in locomotion?
lizotte kallstrom drop copy 2.png
I think locomotion seems to be the best answer there. It's just interesting to see someone throwing 700+ in such a different position. My initial post was about the rear knee - but it seems like that knee likely also correlates to the weight being more back.

KK line.png
I think Feldy has his weight(CoM) about as far back as Kuoksa.

Kuoksa has a lot of hip mobility and is extremely athletic.

feldy kk xstep cog.png

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