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Best courses in Iowa?


Jul 22, 2011
Looking to road trip this summer to some great courses in Iowa, any suggestions?
Don't know where in Iowa you are going but the Des Moines area has three really solid courses. Also, Camden 2 and West Lake in the QC are must plays.
West Lake Park in Davenport is pretty awesome...some really terrifying water shots (namely 13, 19, and 22), but still awesome.
West Lake is awesome and BIG time fun. Couple that with Middle and Camden 2 and that's a great day of DG. Pickard is a great course in the middle of the state. Indian Hills Community College was a pleasant surprise and worth a play if you are in the south central part of the state.

I would recommend any of these courses and would rate all of them as above average courses with West Lake being my personal favorite in Iowa.
DSM area

1. Pickard
2. Walnut
3. Ewing
4. Walnut Ridge
5. Grand View (weekday only, this place is a zoo on the weekend)
6. McHose (It is an hour outside Des Moines, but fun course, #6 because of distance from the rest)

If you are looking to make a day of it.
Hit Pickard early, Ewing, Grand View, Big Creek (eliminate this if you want to save some drive time), Walnut. You have now circled Des Moines, played 5 fun courses, time for a burrito at Abelardo's and cheap beers at Carl's. Or go downtown to the Royal Mile or El Bait Shop (100 beers on tap, good patio), maybe catch an ICubs game at Principal Park.
Ewing, Grandview and Big Creek in Des Moines area.
Stable Run and Carrol Marty are pretty nice and just a half hour north in Ames.
Head west a bit for Sunnyside DGC in Atlantic.
To the east, Wildcat is definitely a must-play.
I would recommend stopping by Exchange Park in Waterloo on the way.
Continue east to the Quad Cities for West Lake, Middle Park, Devils's Glen, Camden 2, and don't forget to grab a growler or two from the Bent River Brewery.
Off the top of my head, in some sort of particular random order:

Wildcat Bluff
West Lake
Treasure Cove
Big Creek
Pioneer at Rodeo
Stable Run
Forest City
Turkey Creek
Sugar Bottom
Carrol Marty

It'd be one helluva road trip to hit all of those...
McKinley park in Creston is a less advanced kind of relaxed par 54 course that's not terrible to spend a round at
The five IA must hit courses:

1. Wildcat Bluff
2. Pickard
3. Walnut Ridge
4. West Lake
5. Sugar Bottom

Honorable mentions:
Middle, Ewing, McHose, Big Creek, Graceland, Turkey Creek, Indian Hills, Pioneer Trail, Treasure Cove, Lewis Club, McKinley, Maytag.
Played Grandview, Sugar Bottom, and Pickard. Sugar Bottom was my favorite. Super fun and very pretty. It's mainly in the woods with lots of elevation. Pickard was a bit more flat and spread out. Some longer holes there. Still fun. Grandview isn't worth a trip unless you're just cruising by in my opinion.
West Lake, Wildcat Bluff, Pickard, Camden II (In IL, but just across the river from Davenport)
Middle, Walnut Ridge, Big Creek, Sugar Bottom
Stable Run, Eastern Avenue, Eagle Point, McHose, Grandview

A quick hit list, separated in tiers. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, spend a whole day in the DSM area, and a whole one in the QC.
Where's the love for SHAVER in Cedar Rapids? It is my second fave in that area to Wildcat, and above Turkey n Peninsula.

Play Shaver :thmbup:

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