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Jul 27, 2013
I've recently learned how to throw a hyzer flip with a DX Beast. Love this shot! Getting crazy amounts of distance and it's just fun to watch fly. But this disc has begun to get flippy. What are the best discs out there for consistent flips?
JLS is a good one for me. Or if you like the Beast, move up to Star plastic as it will be a bit less flippy than DX.

First of all that's an interesting location you're at.

You could cycle DX Beasts, or move up to a premium plastic, like mentioned.
Your favorite OS driver that's beat in. But if you want a disc flippy out of the box it depends on how far you throw...how far do you throw consistently with a driver.
I get between 375' - 400' with the beast. I've been getting the blizzard boss out 400'-450'
It doesn't go as far as a beast,but The Valkyrie is a great Hyzerflip disc.

I thrown one when I first started and threw one for 12 years. The disc is very easy to control and it doubles as a great roller disc as it ages.

DX is ok,but i always preferred Champion and Star Plastic.

I would still throw one,but this dang company called Latitude 64 has been taking my bag over as of late. :)
The Star Tern is the absolute best ultra long-range hyzer-flip disc I've ever thrown, flies like a beat Destroyer right outta the box with sick gliiiiiide. Very reliable hyzer-flip, ESP in 160-class.

I used to throw the hell outta Pro Line Beasts, and the Tern is faster & longer.
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I have been hyzer flipping my 168g DX Wraith. Gotta put a buttload of hyzer on it so it doesn't turn over. Also been doing this with my brother's DX Boss and that one seems even more flippy but it'll glide forever. That is all I have to add to this conversation.
DX Beast was the first driver I really liked, and I also recommend trying them in premium plastic. It'll take a little time but they beat into a sweet spot few discs can replicate. I found a really nice Star Beast this spring that I keep in the bag for water shots, it's so money I don't think I'll ever lose it in the drink.
I'm a fan of hyzerflipping an s td. For whatever reason I don't like hyzerflipping wide rimmed stuff.
Used to love Pro Leopards for hyzerflips but the Underworld is even better. Such an awesome disc.

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