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Breaking Bad Timing Habit

I tried keeping my upper arm far away from my body, and I think I was feeling what that was doing, but I'm not sure if that's cueing something different from the "out-in-out" feeling? Or is that what it is? It seems to create a trade-off for me right now, it often makes the feeling of redirecting the disc more obvious, but my backswing doesn't tend to feel as "heavy" when I'm thinking about something other than tossing the disc straight back and up.

In any case, I felt like for other reasons things were starting to go off the rails a bit, so I decided I needed to rewind my form a week or so to something more vertical, forgetting about specifics for a moment, just thinking about hershyzer and hammering out the back of the disc.

Feel like there might be some new good stuff here? My footwork has gone downhill a bit and I don't like what my left arm is doing at any point, but I feel like more and more my body is starting the understand the right task, as far as how to go about orienting itself to throw the disc. Right arm is definitely looking a little trapped though, looks like maybe I'm just starting the swing too early?
1. Looks like you are always too far behind your driving foot/ankle on both feet.

2. Your right elbow is moving around a lot in backswing. Should remain closer in place like Door Frame/Bow Arrow Drills.

3. Keep your left elbow close to hip.
Screen Shot 2024-05-09 at 10.55.48 PM.png
Thanks SW! I got these earlier today, any improvement on the right elbow? I tried to tackle my backswing a bit, seemed like I had lost how to coil, so I tried to think of my right elbow staying under my shoulder. X step and left arm are definitely in need of work still.

Little bit, still moving too eastward/right behind you. Try moving your elbow slightly outward/west to the top of backswing.
Little bit, still moving too eastward/right behind you. Try moving your elbow slightly outward/west to the top of backswing.
Made some nice progress following this advice, and just when I thought I was getting somewhere, old habits are creeping in once more. 2 steps forward, 1.5 steps back.

I'll start with the good, last week I started doing this clockwise motion with both arms at the top of my backswing to try to get both arms in a better spot, and immediately after implementing that I got some of the lowest-effort throws I think I've ever had. I could see there were things to work on, but it felt like I was definitely on some version of the right track.

Wasn't really able to improve from there - now things are pretty bad and I'm not totally sure what I was telling myself to do that made things work before

Going through the two videos side by side, I think the biggest issue I can identify is right after heel strike, the immediate impulse even in the first two frames is for the top of my head to come forward over my brace, whereas last week I was rotating in place more. I see my left hand came down earlier as well last week but I'm not sure if that's as big of a factor.

Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 2.08.52 PM.png

Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 2.09.31 PM.png

Wish I could remember more about what my "intent" was last week, it feels like I'm doing the same thing but clearly it's a very different motion.
Maybe slower intent 5/13? Or shorter stride? Your rear foot stays lower to ground better and doesn't get kicked way up.

On both you land very flat footed/dorsiflexed. Extend your lead ankle/foot into the plant resist collapse initially before dropping the heel.
Thanks SW!

Regarding my flat footed plant, might be something I always kind of have to work around; my big toe doesn't like to bend very far so when I land too much on my toes it can get painful. I should probably just commit to trying to copy someone like Simon, or Kyle Klein or Adam Hammes (though I don't know if I have the same hip mobility as the latter two), who all seem to approach the ground with their plant foot in such a way that they can land more flat footed (though usually not completely flat footed) while also being more plantar flexed. Am I crazy for thinking that? It seems like there's a difference with someone like those three, vs someone like Eagle, who lands very aggressively on the ball of his front foot.

Anyway, was working to that effect a little bit yesterday, trying to get the "crush the can like Lizotte" circle move. Feels like there's a bit of a mirrored circle move going on with my arms; as the front foot circles counterclockwise, the arms circle clockwise so the rear arm can swim inwards and the front arm can float away from my body. I noticed a big benefit to getting my rear arm planted to my torso at or around the same time as my plant foot hit the ground. Usually my rear arm gets lazy and doesn't really complete the swim move, or does it too late.

This was the one where my rear arm move felt the most effective.

Adjusted my tack a bit today and saw some progress, watching some pros throwing slower shots really made it clear to me how necessary it is to get the disc out and away at the top of the backswing. Even the ones that take it back behind them at first will have it swing out away from them as they get deeper into the backswing. For some reason I find it tricky to do that while also keeping my weight moving towards the target - it likes to start moving west along with the disc - but I worked on that and it got better.

Once that started feeling better I also started making some progress my swing. I think I was doing the classic mistake of exerting effort on the disc all at once and too early; what felt best today was feeling it come forward into my center and then slowly, gradually accelerating it so the peak effort comes as the disc is moving away from my center, not towards my center. I think that's pretty much what I've read a million times it's supposed to feel like, didn't feel like I completely had the hang of it but it was starting to feel promising!

Still working through some balance issues, seems like my head was pretty consistently tipping towards the target.

Working with a golf club, trying to keep the progress going. Liking the way my body reacts after planting more, looks more balanced on my front leg and patient. Makes sense, the club head doesn't want to come around in a hurry so it's easier to feel the timing.

My x step and plant felt kind of weird and weightless, I think partly it's just some confusion trying to make the x step work with a club - it wants to do different things than a disc or a hammer. Looks like my plant is a little squishy, with my hips coming down over the top of my front knee.

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