Climax, MI

Cold Brook Park

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May 23, 2007

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Kalamazoo and Battle Creek's first course, glad to see you got to play it. One way to know for sure the pro tour has come a long way is the fact this was used for worlds just 15 short years ago in 2008. How absurd would it be today to have Eagle McMahon, Calvin Heimburg and company playing COLD BROOK for freaking worlds?!

A lot of those Mach 3's still there are from 1994ish. Many of the holes in the middle area of the course are originals but several have also changed. #1 used to shoot at the same tunnel but from the OTHER parking lot on the opposite side of the woods. Good players would simply throw a big hyzer out over the road and over the top of the trees, but those who couldn't had to play up a narrow fairway that was super tough for how short of a hole it was. The next one, Hole 2, teed off from the road but damned near right over the top of #1's basket just 20 or 30' left of the center of the fairway! There were safety concerns galore like this all over the course back in the early days. I saw two people blooded by Discs in the late '90s there on holes that don't exist anymore.

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