[Discraft] Comet love?

Anyone thrown any of the old Cryztal blend Comets? From before Cryztal got tackier? I picked this up at the fly mart, and I'm curious how it'll fly compared to my modern ones...IMG_20230904_161334_303.jpg
I have a couple Cryztal ones from I think 2013, one is orange and was my go-to comet for a while (hyzer flip straight or flat to turnover). I have a second one but the color is like clear green so it's impossible to see. Probably my favorite Discraft plastic I've thrown
Well, that Cryztal one flies about the like the modern Z Swirl, so it's chilling at home for the moment, since I've already got a backup Z Swirl for that slot.

On a side note, I got tagged in a post by a guy in Nebraska, who's starting a cause I can really get behind:

He's throwing Comets, and posting shots, trying to get Discraft to run them in Jawbreaker Z. I think we should all join in - Jawbreaker Z is gorgerous plastic, and I'd love to own a Comet or three in it!

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