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DGCR Aces 2024

Yep- I have put in several par 2 courses at this point and they all have at least 1 hole that is a putt from the tee. IMO on the par 2 courses these holes generate more scoring separation than any others.

It does amuse me when people state short courses don't have scoring separation.
Didn't you start on hole 10 going down across the pond? You have played the front 9 loop enough times to know this.

Yes and I nearly hit that one too with a baller hyzer. One would think I would know what hole I aced but guess again. It also says hole 10 on the freestate thing so I'm going to blame that instead of taking responsibility.
An ace a day keeps the doctor away!

Two aces in a week... Not too bad!

Kurna 12th, backhand Reactor


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