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DGCR Secret Santa Christmas 2012

Agreed. Thanks to all those who put the effort into keeping this rolling. Great fun. Great gifts this year.
Thanks everyone for an awesome Secret Santa experience! To Trent and the Elves, the dedication that you guys showed to make sure that everyone had a great event is commendable. Well done, sirs.
According to my calculations

There are Zero people that haven't received.

Well done everyone :hfive:

Hope everyone enjoyed it this year, I know I did.

Big Thanks to Solomon for heading this up again this year. I know its a hassle.

that is awesome! Smoothest one yet. stay tuned for the one in July
Sweet! Good to know we have some of the requirements down enough to weed out the slackers.. now for July when we can do some more tweaks to the system.
Reading through this thread makes me yearn to join in the fun! Hopefully I qualify next time around.
I might of scared my ss from posting the contents lol. Or maybe the note I left was to strange. Hope they got the package 8/ says delivered
Sorry, its taken so long. Been really busy at work. Here are the two that came. Both were way cool.
Thanks guys and I look forward to doing this again in July.

If im done with basic training and stationed in texas with enough time, Im down for the july.

having a baby really throws a wrench into things lol

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