DGPT Adjusts Schedule to Protect Conpet

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Can't help but feel for the FPO touring players. Buy a van, pay to retrofit it for touring, quit your day job and all the expenses that go with the decision to try to make a living out of a sport they love. Only to have a group of middle age men, living in a world of fear and hate, trash your world. Is that the "fair" part of this? They cannot ban trans athletes legally...so their hate and fear are SO strong, they would rather just dump all FPO? That does not even make sense to me. What is next....skin color, religion preference, sexual preference? My vote is the genetically superior. Fit, tall, long, strong...let's get these dang people out of the game.

The attempt is going to likely be to blame trans players for the move...but, that is a logic flaw and nonsensical. I hope the FPO file a discrimination lawsuit.
You put this right about at how I think about how this is going to actively play out with the fpo for the near term. Pity, cos it was a very strong season with a lot of new talent who are proving their competitive worth, and on camera value and revenue through all the additional content, and promotional what-have-you's the tour stops are capable of generating.
Hard to see this work out for FPO. . to set up a different course in a different state...move all the cameras and staff there to film. . it will just cost to much.
and as many have said...MANY of the FPO player travel with a MPO player and cant really split up.

My guess is that the DGPT tour will "sell" FPO to someone else to run with their own camera crew and staff

I hadn’t thought of that…I was thinking more that they’d just completely abandon FPO and focus on their way-more-successful MPO tour.

Maybe Steve Dodge would “purchase” the FPO tour, for an ironic twist.
I like the new subtitle in the new DGCR forum…”well-known member” instead of “birdie member” or “par member” or whatever it used to be.

It’ll be real ironic when that subtitle shows up under a couple of the regular posters here :)
So the real takeaway is that the men’s portion of the tour just goes on as it always would have which very much feels like patriarchy doing patriarchy. And that’s where the insidious nature of patriarchy really crawls to the surface, for it is not trans women that are the threat, but, in fact, men. And you can trace that back all the way to the initial expansion of women’s sports by men, where women’s sports were supposed to be about fairness and enjoyment above all else so that true competition could be left as the singular and exclusive domain of men. Men’s sports were never intended to be fair and women’s sports were never intended to be anything other than fair above all else.

And so we’ve returned there again, the competitive domain again reserved for men and men alone and who do these men have to thank but themselves looking out for the best for women, most certainly. Because someone always must protect the women seeing as they are, from patriarchy’s viewpoint, always in need of protection.
If you look at this strictly from a business perspective, it makes the most sense. MPO viewership is reported as anywhere from 50% to 900% higher than FPO. The MPO side doesn’t require hiring expensive lawyers that cut or eliminate profits for a tour that was largely struggling only a couple years ago when Dodge was desperately trying to keep it afloat. So if the choice is to go bankrupt trying to keep FPO and all its controversy or make profits without FPO, from a business perspective it’s just about a no-brainer.
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