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[Compare] Favorite Complementary Plastic Combinations

Those CFRs seasoned to fly like a glidey FR S-Line. Absolutely magical. I still bag my first one. I'll be sad the day it becomes unpredictable.

making me wish i still threw them

hard to keep up with the runs after a while specially buying second hand like i mostly do

and then of course they took away ppd which is the biggest tragedy of them all
I had a nice pile of P-Lines for a while, but I've gotten rid of most of them. I don't care for the softness in the heat, but I found the G-Lines are close enough to suffice the rest of the year.
Ok, I'll bite

I'll say a fossil scale and chalk rff scale. I circle put with the fossil and run the basket with the rff. The chalk rff tends to have a touch more glide and less likely to take a big bounce.

I'll also add in a sjls and a mill standard JLS. They sjls being closer to a teebird and a mill standard closer to a leopard.
Surprisingly, I couldn't find a thread on this specific subject. The topic comes up in many threads but it doesn't appear to have a thread devoted to it.

What are your favorite complementary plastics, especially if this allows you to bag multiples of the same mold? I'm thinking of answers like "Champion for an overstable bookend + cycling DX" or "Star + Pro for overstable and understable."

To answer my own question --

Biofuzion and Lucid-X.
Lucid-X provides that extra tick and half of overstability compared to the 'normal' DD premium plastics (Fuzion and Lucid) plus is indestructible. Biofuzion does the opposite, as it beats in quickly but still has the same feel as regular Fuzion. Lucid-X + Biofuzion makes the perfect pairing, and is one I use for multiple molds in my bag.

This is my whole distance lineup with Trespasses.
X soft and esp zone. Both are overstable but the x soft will hit and sit while esp with have ground play.
RB Luna and z Luna. Use the rb Luna as my main putting putter and z Luna I can throw off the tee with out worrying about beating up.my RB Luna.
My favorite combo right now is a z wasp and a jb wasp. Z is a workable os mid with great glide for a os mid. While the jb wasp is dead straight with even better glide imo.
Jawbreaker Magnet and Proline Titanic nearly same weight for the closer 25 feet and under putters and lighter for the further Jawbreaker Magnet. For durability in Proline/temps past 92 F and grip in Jawbreaker.

Shark in Pro and Star almost the same weight but one a tad lighter due to wear in on the Pro.

Star flat top and Champion/glow Champion for Valkyrie.

Anything else is not really, a Champion Archon is coming out of bag, glide on that Stiffer plastic run is making mold with a lower glide then a Valkyrie. The Star with avrage dome flies fine.
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Before the Tour Series discs hit I was working with Forces: Big Z and Z.
Big Z can go a long way before fading out, but the Z... I stopped replacing Nuke OS' because of the Z-Force.
A new one for me is Soft P-line P2 and the Color Glow Sky God. The p-lines start out overstable, but mine is beat in to straight-stable. Here's the rest of my attempt at mold minimalism:

Beat Star Sidewinder / Champion Sidewinder
Beat C-line CD2 / new C-line CD2
Pro Wraith / Star Wraith
Zflx and X buzzz, although I sometimes also have z buzzz on hand if it's too hot and the zflx feels too floppy for a controlled rhbh.

Zflx and Jawbreaker Ringer GT, although I might swap out Jawbreaker with soft X from time to time.

Zflx and Big Z heat

I think the only one I haven't seen posted that I use is ESP, TS Z and Z Stalkers. Me: That is due to the ESP, TS not being production run, most just get disc molds they use that players have in tour series to collect.

On a related note, can we get X Wasps again?

I will third the Wasp thing, Z is lacking in glide for me and is actually less glide. This is due to Z Wasp being less glide then what the model actually is in other plastic.
Estar (rip)/gstar/star
Gline for forehand hyserflips/ Cline for flat to fade
Beat dx for rollers/star (also beat)for straight to turnover lines

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