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First Diamond Trusted Reviewer!

Folks, lets face a difficult truth... DGCR is dying. I'm at the level of Acceptance, the last of the 5 classic stages of grief.

I don't think DGCR is dying... I've seen plenty of places contract and some die since the internet of the 90s. It's just isn't as prominent as it once was, being supplanted by Udisc and Reddit. But then, the DG community is so much larger now than the 00s or whenever this place started.

And it definitely has a place. If I were to drive anywhere, especially on a road trip, I'd 111% check DGCR to finalize where I go. Let's face it, uDisc reviews suck, other than en masse quantity having a quality of its own. Home Course bias is huge there, it's like a mother writing up a critique of a play her kids are in, 5 stars, broadway quality, G-R-E-A-T! ! ! Udisc is a great app, but not for the reviews and the ratings are on too much a curve to be really useful other than filtering out the worst.

I also tried to write reviews for it, but you really need to get it down to 3 sentences, max, and there isn't much in a way to build a profile or following, so it feels pointless to even do that much. Now that courses have local bosses gatekeeping changes, it's often even worse. My one local course, the guy in charge auto-deletes any negative status like "soggy" even if right after rain and can be expected to remain as such for a month. Can't think that case is too isolated right now.

Udisc is the Google reviews of Disc Golf while DGCR place is more like Yelp. If you're just cruising around town, you're gonna use google reviews just to find a place and if it's not the greatest, oh well whatever. If you're driving 3+hrs or on a trip cross country someplace or with your wife on a 10th anniversary dinner, you're gonna get on Yelp to find narrow down something really special.
As the most recent Diamond Trusted Reviewer – until today – I'd like to welcome KenanFlagler01 as the newest member of the DIAMOND TR Club! Congrats and thanks for all the great reviews, Nathan!

Also, congrats to ChainedEvil for taking over as president of the Cubic Zirconia cult, uh, I mean, club. :)
Welp, this is an awesome surprise. I've had a lot going on in my life the last year and have put away my discs and my course reviews. To log back in today for the first time in over a year to find out I made Diamond truly makes my day. Thanks, everyone! This is the encouragement I needed to pick up my discs again.

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