[Latitude] Frost / Fluid / Elasto is Back!!!


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Sep 8, 2022
Hey, look at that. I just became a Trilogy guy again.

This stuff is hands down my favorite plastic for grip in the summer and second to K1 Soft for ground play. When it was first released it tended to mold up extra stable for drivers (srsly beefy awesome Giants!) and with a slight stability increase for lower speeds (some variation - I got some pretty understable Glow Fluid Truths. I think most of the glow stuff was less stable than straight fluid/frost/elasto)

Elasto -

Fluid -
E-Mac Truth

Frost -

I'm not seeing any Frost yet, but I would love to replace my frost Halo. That was the first disc I hit 420 with.

Also need Harps, Giants, Pures, and while I'm dreaming, lets go Trident as well.
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Fluid Verdict available on Truly Unique.
OTB has all that stuff (other than my wish list and the emac truths.)

I saw the emac truths on Dynamic's site.

I really hope Lat64 gets in on this. Frost Rivers and Saints were amazeballs.
I rounded up all my old Fluid/Frost stuff and that reminded me of another tremendous property of this plastic. It lasts forever.

I have a first run Fluid Truth that was in my bag for years and was my workhorse mid/driver. PNW woods courses. Lots of trees. You cant tell from looking at it or throwing it. It flies like the day I bought it.

When they discontinued this plastic I remember wondering if they stopped making it because the discs last forever and would eventually kill their business.
Elasto - Underworld

Frost - Compass, River

I picked up two Frost Rivers at a pro shop today. I remember them going long and straight, but its been so long I dont remember the stability very well. My guess is this will be competing for one of my JLS spots.

PS : Now that I can compare fresh ones, I have a strong suspicion that this stuff is the same blend they're using for K1 Soft. I dont know how different they ever were, but they are probably the same thing now.

PPS : Fluid Verdicts are a special run that OTB bought in to, so they're a little more expensive, but I'm not sure there will be another crack at these.
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