[MVP] Glitch 1 7 0 0 The Gyro P/A & Catch Lid

Got to throw it around my local course this evening and I think the hype is just about real. I’ll go ahead and risk the wrath of 3P and Skamanda but this is things a 1 speed Comet. Does exactly what you tell it to. I had a couple ace runs that my other discs would have skipped long OB but the Glitch just sits and sticks wherever it lands 9 times out of 10
I snagged 2 Glitch aces this week. (And one for $138 at league.)

I'm not sure that they really deserved to be aces. Both were on the same 206'ish foot straight shot hole. It was a hose up throw that got about 30 feet in the air and then basically stalled and dropped into the basket. The only difference was that one was on the right of the basket and the other was on the left.

I'll take it, but it almost feels like I cheated on these aces.

Aces are aces. I bought my Glitch yesterday and was beside myself today when I managed to throw it 215 ft wind aided down a hill into an open pasture.

Perspective, I suppose.
Nearly all my approaches are with the Glitch
Probably more on the 80 to 150 range

I can totally see this happening. I had read various posts from people who said that throwing the Glitch helped them figure out shot shapes and form.

I’ve only done one 90 minute practice session with it and found it to be very obedient, even when I told it to do something very stupid.
Question: how quickly are your soft Glitches becoming understable? Am I gonna need a stack of these?
The one I have had the longest and thrown the most is a little less stable but it started out that way. The R2 eclipse is pretty beefy for a cycle, definitely the most stable glitch so far.
I also think the r2 has less glide, it seems to fall faster. Pulled out a fresh ish 144g chance stad neutron one. I kept thinking the r2 was my 170g omega or a Proton Spin. Kinda straight and clunky in a good less finicky way. The neutron was a little more touchy it would hold a tiny anhyzer longer, the r2 would pull out.

Hold me closer tiny anhyzer...

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