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Feb 2, 2022


Less than a year in, max distance is around 375'. The throws in the videos are attempted hyzerflips with a DX Wombat3 and a BT Gatekeeper. All feedback is appreciated. The videos were filmed in slow-motion but are regular speed on YouTube, not sure how I messed that up.
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Too crouched overall as you begin your x-step with no gravity assistance going into the plant/weight shift. You want to be loose/athletic and taller in the x-step, then fall into the plant with a bit of a squat with the rear leg stiff/extending.

To see it in a slower swing, watch my height in the x-step here relative to the plant step, esp. in 1st and 4th practice swings here:
Yeah, rear knee looks too bent over the toes, try maintaining a more vertical shin and hinging from the rear hip instead of bending from the knee.

You also never get the disc in behind your elbow, your elbow is only moving toward the right, and never goes outward toward the left creating a pocket for the disc to swing in behind.

You will likely need to adjust your stance and arm to line up your forces better in this drill.
Ok, thank you both, I will work getting taller in the x-step.

SW22, can you elaborate a little on what you mean by having the lead elbow going outward toward the left? Are you describing this action from a face-on or down-the-line perspective?
Yeah, too wide reachback. Note how your disc never swings in behind your elbow, or your elbow is going to the right and never goes forward out to the left.



Attempting to hyzerflip these Comets here. Have restricted myself to one-steps and focused mostly on a fuller turn, keeping shoulders closed longer into "downswing", and keeping the right arm wide. Lead arm still looks pretty cramped and shruggy to me. I also notice my right foot isn't pivoting very well, that probably explain the soreness in my right knee.


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Ok, thank you for pointing that out. One thing that confuses me is the positioning of the torso for hyzer release. I've heard it said that you want to lean over more for a hyzer release, or lean back more for anhyzer, rather than manipulate the lead arm. How do you relase the disc on hyzer without head going over toes and having weight over toes rather than heels? Looking at this picture of Eagle, it looks like his nose is pretty far over his toes, but he also seems to be keeping his but on the wall.


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Weight is centered on his heel/ankle - axis of rotation. Rear leg kicks behind front heel to counter balance torso leaning over toes.

doing standstills with focus on swinging from behind, keeping shoulders closed, and getting front elbow up (more shoulder flexion) and disc nose down

really trying not to pull but having trouble getting disc into pocket without the sensation of pulling
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1. Less stagger.
2. Start in narrower stance and then stride a couple inches. Or start in super wide stance and reverse stride.
3. Note in first frame how only your wrist is curled in pocket setup, while my whole arm(body) is setup to leverage the disc. My shoulder and elbow are more inline with my wrist and disc. Try to keep your forearm more inline to target and then swing/chop the whole unit out.
4. Note in 2nd frame how my elbow is leading forward with balance more forward. You are leaning back more in the setup.
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