HOD 10/2/2023: Fox River Park - Grey Fox Hole #10 Silver Lake, WI


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Jul 23, 2011
Fox River Park - Grey Fox in Silver Lake, WI

Pin A: 216 ft
Pin B: 279 ft

"Hole 10 is a unique fairway. There are several large trees that provide many choices to take for your line. The main 2 gaps are the anhyzer/sidearm to the left or the hyzer with a big skip to the right. Straight ahead are some troublesome small trees and bushes that eat up discs and make pars difficult."

"#10 is a really tough hole to decide what to throw. There is no easy way to get near either pin. Just pick one of the lines and throw it. I tried one to the right and one up the gut (trying to go right through the tiny opening in the woods where you can see the short pin)."


I don't see a basket, but the course map shows short pin dead straight, and long pin dogleg left somewhere behind those trees on the left.

Short x-step plasma servo
Long left line thru the gap far left Plasma Photon
Really meaning to get back up here. I only played Grey Fox once in about 6" of fresh snow.

Guess I'll play the rhbh hyzer skip with a pro Wraith.
Excellent course.

Probably a VIP Northman up the right gap.
Short: Star Mako3
Long: Hard to tell, probably try to punch a Star Roadrunner through the gap.