HOD 11/19/2023: Monroe Community Park Hole #3 Monroe, OH


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Jul 23, 2011
Monroe Community Park in Monroe, OH

211 ft.

"Hole 3. 211' with trees in the middle of the fairway and two routes to the basket once again a tree protects the basket that sits on a down slope."


To those who haven't played here, the course is much more 'beat in' that some pictures show. For example, Hole 3 (at least in my memory from a tournament earlier this month) doesn't have any trees to worry about until that little dip halfway down the fairway. I throw a putter up the right side, if I miss those couple of trees, the disc filters to the basket. If you hit them, you pitch up for your 3. This picture makes the hole look rather challenging, but in the recent tournament with a field of 83, there were 20 birdies and only 6 bogeys.
Probably a wizard or polecat up the right, but I also like the idea of an unnecessary grenade with a tyrant.

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