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HOD 6/15/2016: Hidden Lake DGC Hole 12 in St. Augusta, MN


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Oct 18, 2008
Milwaukee Area
Course Rating of 4.29 from 19 reviews.

Hole 12
Par 5
Short: 324 ft.
Long: 521 ft.

Short Tee:

Long Tee:



Course Map
I don't see mandos. Over the top looks safest to me.

Short: Saint Pro on spike hyzer over the trees (3Brid at the gap if there is a mando)
Long: Cannon high and hard over the top fading into the fairway. (Cannon low if mandos)
If the tree right by the short pad allows, I'm thumbing something like a Switch over the top from the short.

From the long it would be Axis or maybe Matrix, then ^.
Now this one looks like a fun challenge! Tight tunnel from the long tee, uphill through trees from the shorts. Me gusta!

Short: MFC-DDx forehand flex through the gap - play for the skip.
Long: G-FD hyzerflipped down the lane.
From long, definitely starting out with a thumber or tomahawk, probably Ti Flick but maybe a champ Firebird.
From short, try to hit that gap with a Star Teebird; most likely RHBH but maybe FH

This has got to be a crazy summer course. Playing in late fall or just before spring would be ideal, I imagine.
Leopard from the short.

Either a Leopard or Roc from the long, followed by another Roc or Aviar.

Looks fun!
feels like an s-FD once or twice is the ticket. might go Buzzz SS from the short pad, but I would probably regret the switch when I come up short.

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