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HOD 6/17/2024: Sunset Park Hole #18 Rocky Mount, NC


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Jul 23, 2011
Sunset Park in Rocky Mount, NC

Gold 557 ft
Orange 237 ft

"Hole 18, a par 4 with a thick wall of brush blocking you halfway down the fairway. There's a tight gap through on the right, or a blind up-and-over play on the middle/left."

Orange Tee

Gold Tee

Gold Tee Sign

Orange Tee Sign
Tee Sign.jpg
rhbh star roadrunner from long.

rhfh cg firebird from short.
Star Roadrunner
Lucid Maverick
rhfh *ds on a scogginsish type of flex to get around the brush on the right. Hopefully can get eyes on the pin from there and pipe a mid or fairway.
Orange: FH Gila
Gold: Looks like BH Hyzer with a chameleon to get around and left of the big tree a ways for a straightish or bh hyzer into the pin.
Depending on where the landing zones are, maybe its BH Gila Hyzer to around the orange tee then FH Gila hyzer to the pin.
Played here October 21'. Played golds, solid course with some fun holes, and scenic. Also confusing navigation. Don't remember what I threw, but my scorebook notes say "solid approach " likely meaning I poached the tee throw and made up distance.

Orange Eclipse Crave

Gold LHBH right gap turning a Fission Wave
Played this course about 10 years ago and I remember the navigation being a little tricky as well. To be fair it was my first time thru and I was in a little rush since I was on a road trip to South Carolina. I did like the course but don't remember what I threw.

Zone FH for the shorts
Destroyer FH for the longs
Short: Emac Truth

Long: Opto Ballista Pro
Long, Achon Star around 165--167 grams unless wind as then is a 0 glide Archon in champion same weigh to a Valkyrie Glow Champion or Star/Z Stalker depending on wind then a .

Short being 237 feet I would use a 170--172 gram Z Archer and do a turnover shot as I have no forehand with discs faster then a Shark approach to putter like midrange.
Stingray from the short and wraith from the long
For short tee if I had a 179--180 gram max weight DX Stingray, I would be using said disc in role powering hard on disc in backhand . I only have a 175 gram DX Stingray slightly worked in as heaviest disc so I am using a more predictable disc in my lineup. I do not even have a Shark in my regular main bag used for a beginner/beyond casual bag.
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