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HOD 6/30/2016: Meeman-Shelby State Park – East Hole 4 in Millington/Memphis, TN

A: Atom
B: Leo
C. Starfire
A: BT Hard Shield
B: Tursas RHBH roller
C: Justice low playing a skip
A: Avenger SS
B: Katana
C: Roadrunner roller... and pray to hit that tiny gap on the left.

If nothing else the A-SS RHFH through the main gap just for a first stroke for all pins.
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A - Probably a putter drive RHBH right at it with my Proton Soft Anode
B - Powered down Forehand RHFH with a Star Wraith or a Z Hornet if I can figure out how to RHFH that disc...
C - RHBH Z Buzzz, or a powered down Neutron Resistor
A: Star Wraith OH.
B: Star Wraith RHFH
C: Pinnacle patriot RHBH

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