HOD 9/12/2023: Willow Valley Hole #3 Richmond, RI


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Jul 23, 2011
Willow Valley in Richmond, RI

506 ft.





Basket to Tee

Tee Sign
Reko off the tee, Sidewinder or OLF to the pin depending on my position in the field.
Probably going hyzer flip up with a Chameleon off the tee, Armor or Tar pit... Hopefully setting myself up for a FH Serpent approach.

Maybe just a backhand iguana or even a FH Crave to have a better chance of hitting the gap. Then probably a backhand straight at it with a Tortuga or Komodo spike onto the green.
Neat hole design and pretty green. Red flippy Dubuque Disc Golf stamped starr destroyerr on steepish hyzerr angle through the gap. Hopefully get to within a zone approach.
Alternate play if I'm feeling skittish about the gap:

rhfh rollerr with champ firebird through gap, then attack the pin w/champ teebird
This is a really fun and unexpectedly great private course, out back of a horse farm.

I went Roc out the gap, beefy Thunderbird spike hyzer up. Made the 3.
Looks nice.

Northman, Roadrunner then hopefully a putt.
Beat up Explorer, then Explorer to the green. Lay up and take a four.

This is the best course in Rhode Island. Too bad I still have yet to play it.
Really cool looking hole, but my personal nightmare (length, trees, dogleg, boulders).
I'd do well to get under an 8
Great looking hole! But I also really like the unique tee sign that looks like it's painted on a flat field stone! Does anyone know how this was done and are all of the tee signs at this course done like this? Really neat.
I very much enjoyed this course... Probably go with star roadrunner off the tee just trying to hit that gap. Z buzzz rhbh I'm guessing for the approach.

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