HOD 9/17/2023: August Horse DGC Hole #7 Navasota, TX


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Jul 23, 2011
August Horse DGC in Navasota, TX

432 ft.


Basket to Tee
Plasma Tesla, Plasma Entropy
RHBH (surprisingly stable) pro valk hyzer landing short of the pond.
I recognize my pictures

Funny story on this course. It was beautiful weather that day, well until I got to this course. Then a northerner blew in. The temperature dropped like 30 degrees and it was super windy. Lost one of my putters in a 2ft wide creek that was about 2ft deep on top of that.

Wraith short of the pond, then Classic Roc upshot. I had already lost a disc, didn't want to loose another.
That water looks to be in my fairway / HS driver landing area so going Buzzz or Buzzz OS or Electron Envy off the tee depending on the wind. Figure out my options from there.

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