HOD 9/21/2023: The Barn B&B Hole #8 Valley Falls, KS


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Jul 23, 2011
The Barn B&B in Valley Falls, KS

392 ft.



Basket to Tee
If the wind is favorable, I'll go for the 3rd bubble - rhbh starr destroyerr

If the wind is being a dick, I'll just layup to 2nd bubble - rhbh starr xcaliberr
Pro Wraith RHBH hyzer. Trying to land in the short stuff.
Assuming tall grass plays ob. Proxy - Proxy/A3, playing for a 3. If not, Lucid Raider of the tee.
Note, this course map on UDisc is not accurate. It was easy to follow. But the pic with the bag is not accurate. I think when they went to 18 holes, they changed up the front 9. I saw several overgrown old tee boxes. This hole was more like 270ft

I had the wind to my back and threw a Wraith to the pin on this one.
RHBH ESP Thrasher. Then probably looking in the tall stuff due to the Kansas winds.

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