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[Question] How many different brands are in your bag??

I switched to an all gyro bag in April of 2021. So, just MVP and Axiom. It's been awesome so far. I wish they had a Zone like disc but other than that I don't feel like anything is missing in my bag with that lineup.

I don't like the depth of the Entropy so I throw the Deflector in that overstable approach slot. I have the same issue with the Entropy as I had with the Harp. It's too deep for me to get a clean release on a forehand.
Innova. Drivers, fairways

Disccraft mids and putter

Westside King

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This is the most Ds I've carried in years and I have 5 companies right now

Infinite (Myths)
Prodigy (A1)
Storm (Wall Cloud)
DGA (Banzais)
Discraft (Comets, Xpress, Passion)
Lol I may be at a new high. (Ignore the signature, I will update it when changes are final)

Gateway 4
Discraft 3
Prodigy 2
Kastaplast 2
Discmania 1
Innova 1
Axiom 1
Lat 64 1

Thats more molds than I have carried in a long time. But most of them are molds I did carry a long time while being mold minimal. The prodigy is the only newer additions.

Edited. Ditching teebirds and throwing instincts. May replace polecats with claws eventually. Crazy that I may prefer supporting yikun not innova?
Innova (Destroyer, XCaliber, Eagle, Teebird, Roadrunner)
DiscMania (CD3, FD3, MD3, FD, Origin)
Discraft (Zone)
Dynamic (Raider, Warden, Deputy)
Latitude (Stiletto, Blitz, Keystone)
Westside (Destiny)
MVP (Nomad)

I think that's everything I've got... Favorite mold by each multi-disc company in bold. I might have missed a disc, as I haven't played in almost three months. Last time I played I would have had a Judge in my bag too, but I'm trying to transition over to more MVP since they're closer and local stores seem to get their stuff in more readily. I honestly can't wait to see if the Nomad is a worthy replacement for the Judge, which would have been my second favorite Dynamic disc mold.

The most irreplaceable disc in my bag is probably the Blitz, as it is OOP. But I've got 10 backups and I don't throw it really anywhere locally so I'm good for a while (throw it a ton when I go to courses with Par 4s and Par 5s).
I'm up to 8. Mostly Innova, especially for drivers, with a small number of each of the others. Just started experimenting with Gyro molds with some promising results.

Latitude 64
Dynamic Discs
I'm down to 4 (but only two manufacturers):

MVP: Wave, Volt, Signal, Uplink
Axiom: Crave, Hex, Theory
Mint: Mustang
Kastaplast: Berg, Reko

14 discs / 10 molds / 4 brands / 2 manufacturers

I've been simplifying my bag this year to get down to fewer discs / fewer, more flexible molds. And I found that I really love the plastics from MVP/Axiom/Mint and from Kasta.
Company: # discs

Axiom/MVP: 6 (5/1)
Discmania: 6 (2 Innova, 3 Latitude, 1 Yikun, 0 actually made by DM)
Infinite: 2
Kastaplast: 5
Launch: 1
Legacy: 1