How would you play this hole, part III


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Jul 17, 2009
Hole #7) Johnny Roberts Memorial Disc golf park.



-The pin is in position B
-The south side of creek, creek itself, road, and sidewalk left of pin are all OB
-This leaves 2 narrow safe landing strips up to the pin
-The foliage is much denser now than in these pictures, so the gap on tee side of creek is much tighter

I'd say more than 50% of the tee shots I see from this hole end up OB.
Played this hole. Used a Champ Viking released flat and faded. Got it to land on the the grass right up next to the basket. Easy biridie from there. Next hole I got a bogey on a surely par or birdie hole.
Got one over about 50 feet from the pin on the grass sloped up from the sidewalk. Lets hope this can be replicated on Saturday. 1st time in a while I have stayed In bounds on this hole.
Since I've played this hole a million times, I'll tell you how I play it. I aim straight at the pin from the left side of the tee pad (the mud) and throw my Star Wraith about 75%, making sure I release it flat or with a tiny little hyzer. Most of the time, it cuts into the hill and I have a downhill 20-footer for birdie. If it cuts too much to the left, I'm still fine, I just have a longer putt. If I miss it right, I will sometimes hit the tree, but the Wraith cuts back so hard by that point that I am still over the creek.

What I've learned: do not try to get it close, it's a sucker pin. Also, use something stable to increase your chances of making it over the creek every time.
You do not want to do what I did here last Friday.

In reality though, I have always taken something overstable and aimed at the right side of the gap knowing that the creek is small enough that an overstable disc will fade right over the creek. The toughest part about this hole is the mental side of it.
So 7a and b the baskets are in 8's fairway? Looks like a fun hole, but from the map it also looks dangerous.
Yeah these are the two holes that create a big back up. You have to wait for people to finish hole 8 before you can shoot 7 plus contend with pedestrians.
Either a new Tebird on a flat to slight hyzer or a sorta beat Gazelle hyzer flipped aimed to fade near the basket.
Just don't follow my normal strategy which whatever means matter what disc you use or what technique you use to throw it...always, always, always throw it in the water! Just don't do it with a Dragon or you'll be chasing that thing forever!
I think next time I play this course though, i'm going at it with my Valk...straight and low...
I've gone about this hole in a few different ways and think I've found my shot on it.

I've tried the RHBH shot with a predator, which keeps me clear of the creek but tends to put me on the sidewalk OB.

I've tried running straight at it with a stalker both RHFH and RHBH, but tend to overshoot it, or go into the trees by the bridge.

The past few times I've played it, I've gone a softer RHFH shot with a really well seasoned Beast that has a good amount of high speed turn and just a little fade at the end when thrown this distance. I aim about 10 feet right of the trees, let the high speed turn take it over the creek, and the low speed fade bring it back from going into the sidewalk. Been hitting a good amount of birdies on it with this approach, and haven't been going OB as much as with the other shots I've taken on it.

I also usually like to do my run up from the mud on the left of the tee pad, but it has been too wet, thick and nasty the past week for this to be possible. This is always a big bottle neck on the course because of the interaction between holes. This course has interaction between holes at 1-2, and 14-15 as well.
I would park it and birdie or if I'm feeling a little zany that day I would ace the **** out of it.
The pic seems like it's a little downhill. Is it?
looks like straight at it with the proline leopard unless the landing area really is so narrow you have to bail out left.
170g ESP Surge down the middle, let it fade off to the left and hope it lands where I want it. - pretty beat up, so it's not as overstable as it once was, but it still doesn't turn over for me.
Since I can't afford for this to go right, I'd keep my Beast in the bag.
Throw something straight like a valkyrie or sidewinder with a little bit of anhyzer so it will turnover and then come back so you don't land in the water.
actually come to think of it, the creek is flowing towards the pin from the tee, so there has to be a little bit of elevation change. Not much though, a few feet at most.

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