I feel like overstable approach discs are a crutch

Yea but the pros aren’t trying to get better they are trying to get the most consistent way to win.

Wouldn't that be "better"?

Playing for score is different from practicing new shot shapes and should be done at different times and with different tools. Of course the rreliably overstable approach disc will save you strokes and you would be a fool not to use it in tournament play or skins matches or whenever you want to shoot as low as possible.

If you fancy being creative and try to shoot over that tree with a flippy putter, go ahead. Just dont try to sell it as the pinnacle of disc golf wisdom.
...why not use something that will keep your score lower? I get wanting to improve your upshots, but if something works, K.I.S,S. Practice straight upshots so you can make them when forced, sure, but if score matters and you're better with a Zone-type, use it!
If you personally feel some sort of disc is a crutch, don’t use it. Let your game grow strong and healthy.
Yea but the pros aren’t trying to get better they are trying to get the most consistent way to win. And if you watch Simon’s Glitch or Proxy only rounds you can see that pros have already learned to throw that shot.

"They definitely have their uses, but I find the more I develop my game the less I actually...use them."

The better you get, you should be using OS approach discs more as that will help with playing to your best ability. I'm surprised this is a controversial take at all
For me I prefer to throw my Zone on a FH as my approach shot, but I could just as easily throw my Glitch BH or anything in between both BH or FH (including the Zone and Glitch). I'm the most accurate with my Zone, and as a result I lean on it as much as I can especially in crucial situations where I need to limit strokes on the green (like when my putting is a mess {it usually is but that's not the point} or when it's windy out and I don't want to 3 putt) or where I have OB near where km trying to land.

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