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do they plan to plant some new trees to speed up any restoration process
There's no quick solution, but the fastest path is to let the forest regenerate. If the hardwood trees are undamaged, they will flourish; if they are damaged or cut down, they will re-grow from the stumps, more vigorously than planted trees would grow. Nothing will replace the pines, in our lifetimes.

We have a private course, 90% of which was clear-cut about 20 years ago, just before we bought it. Now, people curse our trees (and are often surprised to learn that they've grown since we've been here).
This is awful news, but mother nature is in charge. Reminds me of the heartbreak of Emerald Ash Borers.
EAB is a biatch for sure. A few of the suburbs around here used ash exclusively for their parkway trees. They went from shady streets to wide open a few years back.
Trees always seemed to me to be permanent infrastructure, until I owned a million of them and learned just how fickle they can be. Use one as a key course design feature, and it may suddenly and maliciously die. Don't use one but leave it off-fairway, and it will not only die but, given all the points of the compass in which to fall, it will aim for whatever fairway it can reach.
So, is, " Played IDGC prior to Sep 2023" the new In before landfilled?
The EAB killed Coyote Trace just before I could get there.
Same. They closed down about a month before I passed through the area if I remember right.

I only had time for one course between Coyote and Holler in the Hills. Once Coyote closed down, the choice was made. That was right after the owner of Holler was arrested, so I was lucky to get a round in there before the place started to get neglected.
I made the decision to cancel the weekend bagging trip I had planned so that I could head down to Appling to play the IDGC courses this weekend. I'm sure it will be a bit crowded, but I don't want to miss my chance to play those three. Kicking myself for putting off this trip for so long.
So sad to hear this news. Had a trip scheduled in late October to the Georgia area and was planning to finally get to play all 3 courses and visit the disc golf hall of fame. I completely understand the tough decision they had to make (mother nature is in charge), but I obviously wish I had been able to play each course at least once before they were gone.

Will definitely miss Champions Cup at W.R. Jackson.... probably one of my favorite courses to watch on tour. :-(
Just finished playing the three IDGC courses. They had already begun clearing trees out of the park. This was going on just beyond the Hole 4 basket of Jim Warner.

Definitely a beautiful complex, but it was sad to see so many tall pines bleeding sap from the beetles.


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So that's what it felt like when Travis shot Old Yeller 😥


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