Illianasconsinigan Members (Part III)

carry on.

Hey I played some rounds in january n December haha. How's the skeeters up at Fairfield?

They were only bad on 7-8 and 14-17 this past Saturday morning. I am usually there on Saturdays if you want to meet for a round.

My son did not appreciate the mosquito net that I brought along for his stroller & he came home with at least 10 new bites, mostly on his forehead. I tried to warn him, but he just didn't want to listen. :|
I work third shift so I get off work at like 7isham Saturday mornings

I was at lippold Tuesday and used a whole can of deep woods and still got bit a ridiculous amount. My forehead looked like I had hives and I was wearing a hat. Their savages there.
hoffman estates isnt bad, no bug spray neded but i dont get bothered easily by them
rockford college is fantastic
marengo is ok, bug spray will keep you happy, without it move somewhat fast
lith is fine if it is windy, not fun if it isnt

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