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Innova Factory Store freebie Friday

I have been a fan of Terns for a long time. Very workable and easy to throw for such a high speed disc. I bag or have bagged different Terns around 150g, some that go consistently right, and some straight, and some left. That might be considered inconsistent, but one of the best discs for us slower arms to get easy distance. Terns get me easier distance and a more consistent throw than Waves, and Waves are probably a lot more popular?
But, I have the free Halo Star Mystere coming (along with a couple more Terns). It will be my first Mystere, and I am looking forward to seeing what it does.
The IT does have a slot, but I don't throw it well. Mostly stick to old Sidewinders for that spot but I do have an I-dye star one I'm about to put something on, might throw that around. Might get enough Gorgons to get this feebie anyway.

Have you heard about IT? Have you thrown IT? Have you seen IT fly? Add 3+ discs and enter 'tryitatleastonce' to get an F2 Halo Star IT for FREE!!! Link for details.

**hold on, not working, sent msg to INnova
They released a great one for the 4th, and the deal is good for three days. I don't throw valks anymore. I am loving the halos lately and they still $3 off most molds = 4 halo star discs for $48 including shipping aint bad.

The Valkyrie held the world distance record for 10 years at 820 feet, bringing new meaning to the phrase "the bombs bursting in air". Add 3+ discs and enter 'happy4th' to get a USA flag-stamped F2 Halo Star Valkyrie for FREE!!!
Offer good thru July 5th. Limits apply. Link for details.
I've had a Halo Star Valkyrie for almost a month now, going back to my disc golf roots when my first few discs were DX Valkyrie. The Halo Valkyrie easy to throw, a settle turn coming back with a fade. Can keep up in distance with a few of my 10 and 11 speeds. Good for hitting gaps in moderately wooded courses.
Ordered. Trying to get all four F2 flag themed discs! F2s are boring to look at, but their holiday theme discs are much cooler. Also, Valkyrie is a nice, easy to throw disc. Happy Independence Day, and thank you to all who served our country!
Premium plastic putters, meh.

The Aviar has been the industry leader for 40 years in the putting circle but really shines on short drives and upshots in premium plastic. Add 3+ discs and enter 'bestofthebest' to try an F2 Halo Star Aviar P&A for FREE!!!

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