JMD27 2020 ITB

Been perusing the interwebs, in search for something that will bridge the gap between the Trespass and Enforcer, that also maintains that comfortable shallow feel.

Considering things like the Gateway (retooled) Speed Demon, and Elite Z Zeus (they are in stock in places, and seems like they are typically more OS than the ESP, which I thought was a bit flippy of the 4 I tried a while back), and maybe the Clash Salt (listed as a 1.1 depth, but I know that can be misleading—-I’m looking at you Raider…).
Well… ever since I shot that 1000+ rated round, I’ve been averaging somewhere in the ~930 range my last few tourney rounds. Quite frustrating honestly.

It’s made me take a step back a bit with my bag. Aside from poor play, I do feel a bit better with my FH game. Honestly, I just slowed my routine down on the “run up” and release, put a little more snap in it, and it’s felt clean and consistent the last handful of rounds.

As for the bag, I’m thinking I will simplify it for a while. Just use the C grip (maybe get a new one since I have one of the first Cs without the storage…). Something like:

2-3 Trespass for distance
1-2 Rives for OS and FH
2-3 Undertakers for fairway duties
1-2 Felons for OS and FH
2-3 ETruths for the obvious
0–1 Warrants for flippy/woods
1-2 Zones for the obvious
0-2 Rekos for throwing
0-2 Judges for throwing
Still Judge for putting.

Though I’ve been thinking of trying out the Bullet for all putter stuff… but idk.

Anyway, there’s a tourney at the course I consider “home course” on Sunday. Might play. Might. Or not. Idk.
Played in the tourney I mentioned in post above. Went pretty poorly.

Basically took the month of July off of competitive DG. When I got out to play, it was to practice. I tend to go out and always want to “keep score” but I avoided that and worked on various shots and such. Putted a bunch.

Got out to a B tier yesterday, as I have felt pretty good with things lately. Especially the FH, which I leaned on heavily, to about 90% success I’d say. However, I left 5 strokes on the field by missing putts within 20 ft. Jitters kill me early on, then head games later. But, after all said and done, finished one stroke out of cash (I think 30 people in MPO), averaged right around 970, and only three bogies on the 36 holes (one OB). So, coulda been better, but overall happy with the effort.

Trespasses (Lucid and ChameleonX) - distance shots, generally good
Rives (Grand) - so many FHs, I love this mold

Felons (Lucid and LX) - FHs shorter than the Rives
Fortress (VIP) - I want more of these, this is my last “freshly”
Undertaker (Zs) - straight-fade to kind flippy

Verdict (LX) - like the mold, but never throw it.
ETruth (Lucids) - some action
Warrant (Lucid) - limited action

Zone (Z) - FH approaches
Envy (Electron) - BH and FH approaches
Proxy (Electron) - laser!

Judge (Primes) - putts
Lake Superior Open this weekend. Tee times Fri/Sat/Sun. Pretty stoked. Feeling decent about my game lately. Been pretty intentional with my practice, and just doing scoring rounds, bringing extra discs to practice shots, playing from different landing zones. Just want to play well. Bag will look something like this, as this is how I have the Grip B loaded up right now:

Trespass/Fuzion - kinda flippy but bombs
Trespass/Lucid - straight to fade main distance driver
Trespass/ChamX - little more stability than the lucid
Rive/Grand - kinda beat, main FH disc, I love this disc!
Rive/Grand - freshy for more stability
Undertaker/Z - beat, hyzer flip goodness
Undertaker/Z - used, "s" flight
Undertaker/Z - freshy, straight to fade
Fortress/VIP - BH hyzers and flexes
Felon/Lucid - mainly FH b/w zone and Rive
Felon/LucX - beefcake, rarely used utility
Warrant/Lucid - worn, has an ace, turnover machine
ETruth/Lucid - worn into perfection, but its yellow...
ETruth/MFLuc - fairly stable, straight with fade, hyzers
Verdict/LucX - hyzers, flexes
Reko/K3 - main BH approach, I love this disc, but its yellow...
Reko/K1 - putter tee shots
Zone/Z - OS and FH approaches
Judge/PrimeX2 - Putts, obviously, sometimes they go in

I think after this year I am going to transition all discs to only blue and pink (and maybe purple). Right now I don't bag white or black or green, but I don't much care for yellow or orange or red discs. Shoulder shrugs. Some of my main discs are yellow and orange, so I may just ignore myself. Anywho... yippee.

And yes, I did have fun with text formatting. There needs to be better pink text color options.

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