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[Other] Kastaplast

anyone try the Vass in K1 Hard? I have the k1 hard stig in gold and its a bit more stable than k1 imo, but a tad more slick. Its becoming one of my favorite discs
ok got the k1 hard Vass out on a round. First, the plastic looks amazing. BUT, i think its a bit slick for humid areas without chalk. After i chalked the disc and my hand with a bag, the grip was fine. Its already 85F with intense humidity because of a very rainy spring, and most premium plastics are gonna be a bit slick.

For my arm, about 330feet/100m, it flew very straight, maybe a slight finish if i got it up in the air, but its something im going to keep in the bag for a while. I think this would fit between my halo mamba and a 168 23 halo wraith for max distance shots depending on wind. Havent thrown it in a headwind and wonder what it will fly like in a headwind. Ill check back in a few months.
Tried a Vass out for the first time a couple weeks ago. K1 plastic. 172g. Fairly soft and a bit gummy and grippy. Initial thoughts are that it looks and feels like a Destroyer, but with a very slightly shallower rim.

Very nice flier, and the flight numbers (12, 5, -1.5, 2) are dead on. The Vass definitely has a "beat in Destroyer" flight. It'll pop up flat from a hyzer release and drift right a bit. Better than average glide. Fade is late and gradual. The Vass can definitely be overthrown, and isn't really a driver for strong headwinds.

The Vass gets downrange well, and with seemingly little effort. I had no problem cranking it over 400' on fairly low hyzerflip lines. Easy disc to master and throw effectively quickly. No steep learning curve.

Summary: The Vass is a 12 speed driver that flies like a somewhat beat Destroyer. It has moderate turn, good-great glide, and a late, subtle fade. Excellent hyzerflip disc that will stay on a fairly straight line (no big S curve). Similar discs include the Charger, Enigma, Crank, Grym X, etc. Perfect disc for people who want a bit more turn and less fade than a Destroyer provides. The Vass can be thrown for big distance, but can occasionally bend right a little too much. Not a good driver for strong headwinds. Honestly, this disc is everything the Time Lapse should have been.
Ordered a first-run and a stock Alva this morning, hopefully will be a good replacement for any of my beat-in Wraiths should I lose one...
Seems Kaxe is getting a last run scheduled for next week. I thought it was safe after they retooled it while retiring the Kaxe Z. But then, Kaxe Z hasn't nearly vanished from stores over a year after its last run.
Pretty sure they're only retiring the original mold and are going to continue producing the retooled version.
I guess that's it, though it doesn't make a lot of sense to me to do a last run when they're still selling a disc with the same name and numbers. How many times did Innova renew the molds for their classics without much fanfare?

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