Milford, MI

Kensington Toboggan

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New for 2021: old #'s 5 & 14 have been eliminated.
New #5 plays down the hill, behind #4's basket. #6 play roughly parallel to 5, up the hill in the opposite direction.

What used to be #14's tee (from the top of the hill) is now the long tee for 15. Old #15 tee is now the short tee for 15. There's no basket where old #14's pin used to be located.

FWIW, the new holes (#'s 5 & 6) are truly "wooded holes... .the type of holes the course honestly didn't have before. They're really a sweet addition to the course. The eliminated holes were the weakest holes on the course.
Open for casual rounds: Mon, 6/13/22 â€" Sun, 7/24/22 (between USADGC and DGLO). Then again from Mon, 10/3/22 - Sun 10-30/22.

Closed to casual play for the following tournaments:
Jun 9 - Jun 12 for USADGC
Jul 28 - Jul 31 for DGLO
Sep 30 - Oct 3 for Oakland County Championship

Don't plan on playing from July 25 - Oct 3.