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Maxing out 230ft - what to work on next?

Your shoulders are way open at arm/disc parallel/extended, instead of staying closed and then being pulled open by the arm/disc whip.

Also your posture appears to have too much anterior pelvic tilt and spine extension(standing up and then falling off balance) - easier to see a little earlier in the swing. Let your shoulders/head hang a little forward more like a runner's start.
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Your shoulders are way open at arm/disc parallel/extended, instead of staying closed and then being pulled open by the arm/disc whip.

Thanks! That can also be seen in the standstill video. Shoulder is already opened when the disc is in front of my chest.


@sidewinder22 Any tips/drills to work on keeping shoulders closed until whip completes?
Some progress and comparisons.

After drilling with some hammers, my shoulders are staying closed a bit better now. I also notice that my elbow is now pointing slightly upward.


Anterior pelvic tilt is trickier. I really need to focus on it during the throw, and it still feels hard to maintain posterior pelvic tilt until the end of the throw.

Managed to break 330ft (100m) today for the first time. Putters now go consistently to 230-260ft (70-80m) and drivers nearly to 300ft (90m).

Comparison to the previous video:

Some revelations this time:
  • Feeling like walking really helps me to time the swing.
  • After training with hammers, I lead with my elbow a lot more and stay closed for longer.
  • In the comparison video, I think my reachback was better before. It is now too much behind rather than away from my body. Seems that there is too little space between the disc and my chest when I finally rotate through.
I will probably start to slowly incorporating the x-step. Up until this point, I have focused solely on standstills both in and outside the course.
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Need to engage your abs and glutes and flex the spine/chest out of the way so your chin is more over the chest and disc. Note how your spine is extended so your chest is puffed out in the way of the power pocket.
posture pp spine copy.png
Some progress on that. I started taking a runner's start stance before throwing and it made things a lot easier. Also, it feels a lot more natural to get my chin over the disc when I take a longer step, e.g. in Elephant Walk style.


Here is the standstill version:

During video review, I can now see that my shoulders are once again slightly too open. Well, cannot focus on more than one thing at the time but I need to get back to that.

I have been mostly focusing on keeping my shoulder more closed. To do this, I have drilled with hammers and done closed shoulder snap drills.

Hammer time:

Closed shoulder snap drill:

Backhand form:

I think drilling with hammer has caused my attention to move towards the the end of the swing - when the disc rips of my hand. When I get a good rip, I feel that the disc moves very fast during the last moments of the swing - no matter how slowly I got the disc to power pocket. I'm not seeing a great increase in distance but I feel much more consistent and accurate in field play.
What are you maxing out at now? When you started this thread almost a year ago you said you were at 230, curious to see what you're at now (how much you've gained).
Having your shoulders opening up too soon is a pain to fix and I really need to exaggerate my own posture and swing thought to see ANY improvement on the video.

I don't have any advice at the moment, but I'll follow your thread, since we share many of the same issues.

Keep on grinding!


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What are you maxing out at now? When you started this thread almost a year ago you said you were at 230, curious to see what you're at now (how much you've gained).
Chucker60, as usual, my distances took a big hit when I started to work on my form. Now I can reach 260ft (80m) with relative ease with any disc in my bag. I have surpassed 330ft (100m) although not consistently and not with good form.

Kennets, thanks for popping by! I also follow a bunch of threads. I feel I'm in a state where small bits of information click in my head daily. I watch a lot of videos and read a lot of threads in this forum. They really help, and I sense that someone else is grinding with me. :) I also agree with your point about exaggerating. I have learned it in other hobbies as well that when you think you are over-exaggerating, it is just right.

Most recently, I have really focused on getting the disc near my left (I'm a leftie) pec in the power pocket and only then opening up (Beto Drill). I think this has helped me immensely to stop rotating early and let the arm open my shoulders. I felt an improvement in my throws today and the discs behaved way differently (a lot more understable).

The latest form video (don't mind the rain jacket, the rainstorm does not stop my daily grind)
When you lift your front heel up in the backswing you should start striding targetward heel first. You replant your heel in the same place instead of shifting/striding further forward.

I have probably been confusing what a standstill actually is. That's why I have not shifted forward. But I guess this is working towards one-steps and, eventually, x-step.

Some progress:
Stride either straight targetward, or perpendicular to target like Elephant Walk/Whip Step. You are striding too diagonal.

Note how your front hip is swinging out very west to east in your backswing and your rear hip sways, while my front hip stays back deeper inside in backswing while striding forward with rear hip. Our hips are moving the same way as the AMG Clearing the Hips AM vs Pro vids.
amg am vs pro hips backswing.png
nash ss behind me 2.png
It took me a few sessions and some drilling to fix that issue. It helped to put a plank on the ground to get better feedback when I was striding too diagonally. That golf hips video was insanely helpful to illustrate issue diagonal stride creates.

Some other changes I have been working on:
  • I reach back lower. It seems that while I was thinking I was reaching back straight, when you drop down to your plant leg the reachback ends up upwards. The high reachback caused some serious nose up issues due to how the disc swooped from up to mid back to up.
  • I also experimented with different grips to get the disc more nose down at the launch point.
  • I now hold the disc slightly diagonally (like half-briefcase). This makes my hand naturally supinate around the power pocket. In older videos you can clearly see how my arm pronates around the power pocket when I was initially trying to hold my disc flat.
You are setting up and leaning back behind your rear leg. It's going to feel weird/different changing your balance/posture.

Note how I keep my rear hip leveraged forward of rear foot in backswing so it redirects targetward instead of swaying back. My rear knee is extending while yours is bending, and my front knee bends while yours extends. I'm basically walking backward/away from camera on my rear leg and pushing my rear foot into the ground toward the camera. You need to get your rear knee more underneath you.
nashie me ss side setup heel lift copy.png

Note behind view how much more stacked and athletic my posture is. You are bending your posture too much in the setup/static before motion starts. Need to setup more stacked and then bend dynamically/athletically with motion.
nashie me ss behind setup heel lift.png

Pay attention to the Hogan Power Move vids in post #2 in the hips thread.

Nice Standstill! I've been playing 5 years, and took Standstills seriously more than a year after. It's become my favorite and most reliable form. Used it several times this morning on a mostly wooded course New Quarter in Williamsburg Virginia. Pretty sure Sidewinder has bagged the course.