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Old Farts Only 40+ (no kids allowed)

What do you find most annoying about the new disc golf scene?

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A nonarrivedrive?
Look out, he's the bogeyman! Instead of scaring little kids, he scares his disc golf buddies!
You might be the guy I wrote my tagline for - 'bogies are for other people'?!?!
I do like the sound of "nonarrivedrive". It made me think that the word predestination might be appropriate for when we stare at the one place we absolutely don't want the disc to go but then, inevitably, throw it right there.
Any of you old farts have Masters World's experience? I forgot to register when it opened yesterday and I'm 19th on the MA60 wait list. Am I screwed with the field capped at 60?
Did you make it? My buddys Claude Seguin and Graham Garlick are in Emporia right now representing Lil ol Pender Island.
Those are excellent suggestions. A stroll if it finds the fairway, a wander if it finds the rough, and a stumble should it find the first tree or the ground within 100' of the tee pad.
A disc golf round is a half hour of disc golf and the rest is a walk in the woods. It really doesn't get much better than that....even if you are doing it wrong. :)
Played a tournament today.....Michigan Masters. Age protected trophy only C Tier. 72 old guys, filling a course, socializing and simply enjoying a CHILL day was great. Got to meet @Central Scrutinizer today as well. Terrific guy and I wish we would have had the chance to chat more. Old farts are cool.
So nice to finally meet you! Had a blast, and played above my rating too. Edit to add: LOVE the course! Fun technical shots with a lot of variety, "The Vines" at Reed County Park. Gonna go "favorite" it now!
Just had a conversation with a fella in my yard... I stressed the importance of my disc golf time. Even if I only play 5 holes with the dogs it's 20 min to myself, in the forest.... except for those 4 legged shits
Turned 40 a few months ago. I started to get into DG at 38, but right after I started, I threw and tore my right bicep. It shot up toward my shoulder. Had surgery, and finally started to get back out and try again a few months ago. Im slowly getting better but I have no distance. I am scared to throw hard honestly I feel like, but I am enjoying what I have going so far. Hope to actually get to where I can throw over 300'.

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