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Other Than Just CTP's


Noodle Arm
Jul 6, 2010
SW Ohio
I am helping a guy run a local Udisc league with around 15+ guys every week. We currently have bag tags, a pay out to the top 3 spots with the rest of the money going to two separate CTP's. My question is what do you guys like for a league night to keep it fun for all skill levels? We will probably add a third CTP and add a longest putt in the near future, but I would like to have some more ideas to try out so anyone that shows up can have fun.
Long Drive, CTP in 2 on a long hole, CTP with a specific shot (i.e. CTP with a tomahawk).
We typically have CTP's on pretty much every hole. Isn't really feasible with the small group you mentioned though.

Ace pots are always a good idea. The more the pot grows week after week and the bigger the payout the more you'll have people pushing the envelope trying to cash in.
Necro bump, but I've been running a birdie pot with my league for years. I pick certain holes (3 holes for Int. and below, 4 for Adv., and 6 for Open) and if you birdie those specific holes you win the birdie pot. It builds up just like the ace pot. Seems to be pretty popular.