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PizzaGod Disc Golf days

Me and Pevio try to keep it covered πŸ‘
1085 miles
36 hours
9 courses
137 holes
1 newspaper interview

Up to 1802 courses played
45 of those in Mississippi

Robertson Park (18) – Collins
Okatoma KOA (9) – Lux
Carterville Baptist (18) – Petal
Paul B Johnson SP – Kit Fox (12) – Hattiesburg
Paul B Johnson SP – Artic Fox (18) – Hattiesburg
Paul B Johnson SP – Desert Fox (18) – Hattiesburg
Cheona Trails (18) – Wiggins
Ashe Lake (18) – Brooklyn
Ashe Lake Rec (8) – Brooklyn

Bit more than I can chew.

Got away from the store just before 10pm and made it all the way to Collins MS. When I pulled up to the park at 5am, I recognized it. I looked it up and saw that it had been redesigned from 9 to 18 holes. So I took a nap till the sun came up and played a round.

Robertson Park is a park style course with lots of large tree's. It does have a little elevation. And it has a couple of dangerous water holes. Yep, hole 17's basket is on a very then peninsula. I not only threw a junk driver into the water with a drive that would have been inside of circle one. But I missed my putt with my backup putter and it landed on the edge of the shore and slid into the water to never be seen again. This course is an improvement from the old course. A couple of the holes are the same.

Just down the road a little was the KOA campground, Okatoma. The office wasn't open yet, but I found a guy on a golf cart who talked about him and his brother building the course for fun. Got permission to play it and played a quick round. It's 3 baskets with 9 rubber tee pads and small signs for each hole. Nothing special and you would think with all the ponds and wood around, they could have built a better course. But it's better than nothing and does force you to throw different shots.

Next up I headed to the east side of Hattiesburg to play Carterville Baptist course. This one had 8 baskets and 18 tee's. You really need to use UDisc map because not all the tee's were marked and a few were hard to figure out. With that said, hole 18 was messed up on UDisc, but it was marked with a tee sign so I played it right. The course did have a couple of wooded holes and a couple that you had to throw kind of hard. But most of the course was pitch and putt though tree's and around some playground equipment.

Needed 3 more courses to get to the goal, Paul B Johnson State Park has 3 courses and it fit the bill. I started on what I thought was a "family friendly" 9 hole course. Well I then noticed DGCR had it listed as 10, UDisc had it listed as 11 and when I pulled up the score card, it said 12. It does could a few bucks to play, they offered me a map to the two other courses, but this new one they didn't have yet. I walked around and found all 12 holes and played them. Later that day I talked with Bo Kirk who told me he was about to give them 2 more baskets to put out there. Holes 1 and 2 are below the dam and wide open shots. Then you have 2 little shots between the maintenance building and the entrance. Then 8 more holes in a nicely mowed area all the way over to the park entrance at the highway. Only one hole is "long" That was hole 7 that throws though some tall trees, one with a mando, then off to the left with the basket down behind some rough. There is a newer hole after this on the way to the hole marked hole 8. The last hole is near the park entrance. The tee's are marked, just no hole numbers. There were at least 4 different type of baskets.

Across the dam and spillway was the next course Artic Fox. This one is mostly a park style course with mostly open holes throwing around tree's with elevation coming into play on several holes. Course flow was pretty good except for a hole that threw towards the spillway, you then had to walk back to throw the other direction. The course does make two loops with 9 holes each and the restrooms were open. A couple of holes were cut into a wooded area.

When you come out of the woods on hole 4 and throw hole 5, you can see the turn for Desert Fox. You could play all 36 of these holes and one long course. There is a championship layout that uses both courses but I didn't try to look at it. Desert Fox is the oldest course in the park. It's actually more open that Artic Fox but has some decent holes. Most memorable is hole 3 that throws across part of the lake to a peninsula that is a scary shot even though it's only 200 ft. I parked this one, but hole 10 along the road has a little creek that was maybe 3 foot wide that ate one of my bottom stamped wraiths. Hole 11 to 18 were all mostly open with a few longer holes. You could tell they have lost several very large tree's in the park.

Next up was course #1800, I sent a message to Bo Kirk telling him I was going to be in his neck of the woods and was going to play a top 5 UDisc rated course "Eagle's Nest". However, he told me I should make his new course in Wiggins course #1800 and he would not install the last baskets in until I showed up so I would be the very first person to play the full 18 hole course with baskets. Bo built a beast. Most of the course is carved out of the woods and you could tell he learned a lot from John Houck on how to build a disc golf hole. The course was only started 3 months ago and the fairways are still very rough and the rough is thick. He does have Blue, White and Red tee's marked on the course. I was pretty tired at this point and elected to play the White layout. Bo also had a reporter from the local play show up and do a quick interview of me and took some pictures as I played the first few holes. All I can say about this course is that it will eventually be one of the top 5 courses in the state. Well designed with decent holes. Of course the baskets are orange, the Orange Man designed the course. But he did a great job of making you use every shot in your bag. Disc placement is important on several holes to score well. And as I found out on hole 7, don't get off the fairway, it's rough.

Finished my round, for some dumb reason I headed to the next course. I was hurting trying to finish that one as it was. I was SO glad that Ashe Lake course was mostly flat. I played the "main" course and elected to not play the long tee's on the holes that had them. This course is really pretty. Green grass on most of the fairways with large tree's and deep rough lining the fairways. It's not a super long course, you just need to keep it on the fairway.

After I finished that round, there was an old 9 hole rec course across the little lake. I could see the baskets and what looked like tee signs so I figured I was in the area, might as well play it. I found a kiosk with map and description of what the course was. It had holes with different levels of play. Hole 1 to 4 had a sidewalk for wheel chairs. Holes 5 to 7 were next to the lake with grass. Then Tier 3 holes 8 and 9 were on the side of a hill. However I was unable to find hole 9. I did find the tee sign for 8 and after throwing up the hill, managed to find the basket almost overgrown on the side of a hill. I only carried a Classic Roc with me, was playing with 2 of the new ones I picked up from Innova a few weeks ago. 2 of the baskets still had the bell on top for the blind. One of them still could be rang.

It was getting dark at this point, there is a high school course close by but I didn't really feel like it nor was there enough day light. I had a 525 mile drive to go. I made it to Hattiesburg to get gas. Then managed to make it to Vicksburg and stopped to get a bite to eat. I was going to try to stop every hour, but when I pulled over near Monroe LA, I almost instantly fell asleep. Woke up in 2 hours, fell asleep again for another 2 hours. At his point it had me getting home at 8am in rush hour traffic. I did manage to get to Marshall TX before I had to pull over and take another nap. 2 hours later the sun woke me up and I drove the rest of the way home getting home at 10am.

Favorite Course of the day – Artic Fox has to be my favorite. The course really fit my game and I scored well and enjoyed throwing most of the holes.

Best course of the day – No question here, what Bo is building in Wiggins is a monster of a course worthy of a top tier pro tournament. I didn't keep score, but I know I didn't shoot under par.

Worst course of the day – I hate bashing private church courses, but the little course at Carterville Baptist should have just been a little 9 hole course instead of trying to make it 18 throwing back and forth. It would be hard to have more than just one group playing this course. You also have a hodge podge of different baskets from cheap Amazon to old Innova Discatchers.

2024/05/02 Hattiesburg
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You're an animal @Pizza God

"Finished my round, for some dumb reason I headed to the next course."

Then played another one after that too.

Congrats on 1800 (y)
96 miles
2 1/2 hours
1 course
9 holes

Up to 1803 courses played
701 of those in Texas

Trenton Memorial Park (9) - Trenton

Well, I read about this course on Friday off the McKinney page. No one seemed to know anything about it other than the guy who posted asking about it. He did drive by and check it out saying it saw "posts" marking tee's.

I didn't get up early enough yesterday so I made sure if the weather was ok to take the time to drive up and check it out today.

Well, I found 8 tee markers and 7 baskets. I figured out one of the baskets actually was used for hole 6 and 8. However there was not a basket with the number 9 on it.

It's a small little pitch and putt course in a very small park. Your typical small town course.

You even throw over the parking lot, next to a ball field, off a walking trail, 6 fairway goes over 7's tee box not to mention there are some picnic tables in the fairways.

I could not find a surveyor stick (that is what marked the tee's) for hole 1. I found what I thought would make a good spot and played it from there. However I can't guarantee you that is what is the intention. It throws left to right about 200ft.

Hole 2 throws from an old walking path that looks like it has been a long time since it got used. This hole's fairway was mostly water as it did rain pretty good in the last few days. It's another 240 or so shot.

Hole 3 throws back along the road and is probably suppose to be a mando left to right, but it's not marked and I hyzered over the road to the basket about 275 between two tree's next to the park road.

Hole 4 throws across the parking area for the ball fields to a basket between two trees with a horse shoe pit to the left of the basket.

Hole 5 throws to the park entrance over some PAR equipment, it's one of the shorter holes with a low clearance.

Hole 6 is across the park road and a tree line on the fire station yard to a hanging basket that is also used for basket 8. Due to the rain, there was a very small creek under the basket.

Hole 7 throws next to hole 6's basket, actually inside of circle 1. This one follows a tree line and that small creek for about 300ft. You do have a ball field to the left and on the other side of the tree line is the fire station.

Hole 8 basically throws back but is a little shorter and more open with the ball field to your right and that row of tree's on your left.

Hole 9's tee is marked on the edge of the horse shoe pit on the cement. Based on how all the other sticks were facing, this was f acing basket #3 however it did not have a number 9 on it. There were no other baskets in that area other than hole 1 and it did not have a 9 on it either. I threw to basket 9 which is across the edge of the parking area and park road and smashed the chains for an Ace. So is it an ace or black ace, I do not know for sure. Till I find out, I am counting it.

In general, this is your typical small town course. It's not worth playing unless you are driving up 121 between Bonham and McKinney and have the time to swing by.

I always say in my reviews, would I play here again? Nope, this is a one and done course. I might drive by and take new pictures if they put in tee pads or tee signs. otherwise, I counted it, not going to play it again.
865 Miles
26 Hours
9 courses
90 holes
1 strike out
1 lost disc

Up to 1813 courses played
338 of those in Kansas

Clapp Park - East (18) – Wichita
Knockwood (18) – Augusta
Flying Bee Country Club (18) – Valley Center
Alley Park (9) – Bel Aire
Newman University (9) – Wichita
Central Community Church (9) – Wichita
Conway Springs (9) – Conway Springs
The Cardinal (9) – Sharon
Bulldog Meadows (9) – Attica

Well, got away from the store at 11:30 and drove to Wichita KS. I had planned on playing Knockwood first, but when I got close and typed it into google maps, it told me they didn't open till 8am. Well I am flexible, so I just parked at Discount Tire and took a nap till the sun came up.

Started the morning at Clapp. I played the first Championship layout "Blacks" a couple of years ago. They redesigned it into 2 18 hole courses. I elected to play the East this time around. I will hit West some other day. The ground was wet but there was no wind and it was 60 degrees. This is a former ball golf course turned into a park. The course design uses some of the old cart paths as OB lines and uses the large tree's well. As is usual for a ball golf course, you do have some long holes. On top of that, most of the baskets were in the longest position. I did lose my hard aviar putter I just hit an ace with a few weeks ago in the small, but very full of water creek going through the course.

I had to swing by the Air Force base nearby to see if I could get a pass. I was denied because I am not former military. I will need to find a sponsor to play this newer 18 hole course on a former ball golf course another time.

So off to Knockwood that I had heard a lot of good things about. It's a city run park that the daily use fee is $10. To be honest, this course was worth it. The park manager and staff have put a lot into this course. Shoot, it had rained that night but they were still out this morning spreading mulch. As far as the course, it's not a championship level course, but it's not a pitch and putt course either. You do have a few air it out long shots, several technical shots and everything between. It's not perfect, you do have fairways too close together and some "not"fair ways with just too many tree's. But I did fully enjoy my round and several of the holes are really good.

Next up on my agenda was Flying Bee Country Club, or Bills back yard. I contacted him the night before asking if the course was available. He said he would be free after morning. So I headed that way to play a round. 5 baskets using 18 tee's. Bill said he originally designed the course in 1988. It's a good mix of low shots with different distances on home made baskets. He does get the most use out of the land he has. He has some random artwork out on the course and in his shed is several old home made baskets from different Kansas courses he has collected when they upgraded their course. The history there was pretty cool, even tone polls from the Hays KS course.

After finishing up there, time to hit several 9 hole courses. Started in Bel Aire with a little 9 hole course that were all pitch and putt holes. Very small park with dirt tee pads, a pond that can come into play and plenty of ace runs. It's not bad for a short course.

Then back into Wichita to Newman University. No tee's are marked so you have to use UDisc. The baskets are numbered. The first 6 holes are though an area between the parking area and the main road with several large trees and an open area for a couple of bombers. Then the last 3 holes all throw over or next to a couple of ponds. These are the ones that rec players are bashing online. Yes, I did throw a driver into the water on hole 9, but it was very reachable.

Then across the Arkansas River was a church course not listed on UDisc. No map, but I was able to find tee signs and baskets for all 9 holes. This little course is pretty much a wide open field game. It's not overly long, only one hole out of my range and a couple that you want to empty your bag on shooting for an ace. It's a one and done course, I can see why no one has listed it on UDisc.

Good little drive down to Conway Springs to play a small town course. Tis course is located in the sports complex going around the 4 ball fields. Other than hole one, you actually tee off from the sidewalk going around the ballfield. It's mostly a pitch and putt course that you don't want to turn your drive over into the fields.

Headed over to Sharon to play The Cardinal. Another VERY small town that wanted a disc golf course. The first 4 holes are next to the old school turned community center and are all wide open. Then you have a couple of shots next to and THROUGH the baseball field. And you finish with two holes criss crossing across the playground and basketball court. I love small town courses.

Last course of the day was Bulldog Meadows. Located behind a school next to the football field and track, this was a fun little course with a couple of heavy wooded holes, some decent holes going back and forth though some trees and then finishing with 3 holes going around the track. As far as a course for kids at a school, it's not too bad. It's a fun little track to play a quick round. It's your typical small town course.

I did make the drive home with a few stops and a very short map getting home at 1:30am, I didn't want to take a long trip this week due to driving to Austin on Saturday. This next week I will be staying home probably. Last day of School is this next Thursday and we are feeding one of the Elementary schools with a VERY large order. Then my day driver/manager wants to attend his daughters 5th grade graduation. So I will be staying in town, maybe a date night with the wife.

Favorite Course of the day – This is going to be easy, Knockwood was the most fun course I played. It does have issues and it not a top Kansas course, but it is well kempt and fun to throw.

Best Course of the day – No question here either, Clapp East was a good course with OB's, Island hole, long shots and a few good birdie opportunities. This is a decent tournament course with a pro shop on site. Too bad I was playing before they opened.

Worst Course of the day – Not a small town course this time, the Church course at Central Community Church is not worth playing. Mostly wide open pitch and putt holes. The grass does not look like it gets mowed often. Tee sign for hole 8 was laying on the ground. Not even listed on UDisc tells you something.

5/16/24 Wichita KS cleanup
1230 Miles
37 Hours
11 courses
117 holes
4 Amish Buggies

Up to 1832 courses played
105 of those in Missouri

RayPac High School (9) – Peculiar
Minor-Smith/Southwood (9) – Raytown
Pioneer Trails (9) – Independence
William Jewell (9) – Liberty
Jesse James (18) – Kearney
Cameron (9) – Cameron
South Harrison Bulldogs (9) – Bethany
Princeton (9) – Princeton
Trenton (18) – Trenton
Pleasant Valley (9) – Liberty
Country View (9) – Belton

A bit more than I could chew

Got away early from the store as I had a long drive to the first course. I wanted to hit courses north side of Kansas City that I had not played yet. My original plan was to it a course in Iowa but that didn't work out as planned.

I started at a High School course in Peculiar as the sun was coming up. The course is behind the school and goes around the tennis courts and a few practice fields. Most of this course is wide open and most of the course is not marked. You have to have UDisc to find your way around.

Working my way north, I wanted to hit a few school courses as the kids are out of school. I read the description of the course in Raytown that said it was behind a school, that is actually all I read and headed that way. Turns out it was a park located behind a school. At first I was confused in that UDisc only had 5 or 4 basket layouts. Turns out this was a 9 hole course spread between two parks. I didn't realize till I had played a few holes that you had to drive to the other park to finish the course. Well, other than that being dumb, the course was interesting, but not a safe course for other park users. I also lost "Bo", my favorite Star Wraith in a small ditch with very high grass. I headed over to the other park to play the other 4 holes. Again, some good holes but it just didn't make sence to have a 9 hole course spread out like this.

Next course north of there was a school course in Independence called Pioneer Trails. This is a very new course that tee pads had recently been poured on. The tee posts were there, but no tee signs yet. 2 pin placements on every hole. This was actually a surprising little course. However, it was not built for kids, it would not be kid friendly with that rough and some very long holes. Other than twice having to search the rough for my Stryke, This was a fun course that I would not mind playing again someday.

Up to Liberty for a college campus course. William Jewell follows around some athletic fields and uses elevation and a creek lined tree well. The course did have a kiosk map and tee signs, but the tee pads were crushed granit boxed in with wood. Several tee boxes were in sad shape as the wood had come up and was a trip hazard. On top of that, hole 3's basket was in very high grass in an area they had not mowed this year. I would have thought the basket was missing if it were not for UDisc actually having it marked in the correct spot. Another course with thick rough. Lost a Roc on hole 5 and a Star Valk on hole 6. After spending way too much time looking for that DX Roc, I didn't even bother with the Valk as I threw it deep into the rough. The last few holes had spots of rough that I managed to find, at least I found those discs.

On my original agenda was Jesse James, of course I had to play this one. It's an older 18 hole course that was in very good shape for an older course. The rough wasn't too bad, but the fairways were very fair and not too narrow. Only issue with this course was the hard left and right turns on a few of the holes. The course also has a couple of boring wide open holes.

Up to Cameron to play there pitch and putt old school DGA course. I admit, I threw 2 to 4 drives on almost every hole throwing for aces as several holes were pretty easy ace runs. Abet no aces were hit.

About this time I realized that if I wanted to avoid a very long drive home, I had better skip hitting the college campus course in Iowa. So I did head up to Bethany to play another High School course. This course was wide open, throwing around the football field with home made baskets. The baskets were different than I have ever seen, the chains were light and did not catch well. On top of that, the spaces in the basket were too wide and I had a couple of putts fall out the bottom of the baskets. Being the hottest part of the day with almost no tree's, I was glad to play this one quickly. The par's for this course were also meant for rec players. I shot -9 on the course considering sign par.

Skipping Iowa, I headed over to Princeton to play there little pitch and putt course. This is my favorite kind of small town course to play. Old swimming pool and other building with the course and park on the side of a hill with large tree's. It's a fun quick play.

Down to Trenton. This 18 basket, 9 tee course with DGA signage and baskets was fun. Several of the holes were short, but there were a couple of longer holes. I did see a group I talked to with about 5 teens. 3 guys and 2 girls who were in dresses and no shoes. Considering I was in Amish country, they were probably Mennonites. They did ask my how long I had been playing, always fun telling them longer than they have been alive. The course it self is a park style course with some decent holes. It's not hard, but not exactly easy either.

I was going to head to Carrollton MO, but reaized how long of a drive to get there and how long of a drive home that would be, I headed toward KC to play a championship level 18 hole course. But after thinking about it for a while and realizing how much daylight I had left, instead of an 8+ hour drive home, I drove on back to Liberty to play Pleasant Valley Church course expecting a quick play. Well, I found a decent little 9 hole course with some great holes. This course also had several other disc golfers out playing including a guy teaching some girls how to play on the practice basket.

I wanted to get one more course in, but wanted the shortest drive home afterwards. I elected to hit a pitch and putt course on the south side of KC. Country View in Belton is a very short, wide open course. I threw several shots off several of the tee's going for the MO ace. No luck but I did have some good runs. I did finish the course shooting an 18 and right as the sun was setting. Oh, a guy with his kids were coming off the course when I pulled up, I really like seeing that. This is why courses like this are important.

The drive home took FOREVER. I did drive for an hour, picked up dinner in Fort Scott. Made it to Oklahoma before I pulled over and took my first nap. Slept for over 3 hours before I woke up and drove 2 more hours. I had to pull over to take another 2 hour nap. I tried to drive home the rest of the way but even though the sun had come up, I could not keep the car in one lane, so I pulled over again and took another hour nap before I drove the last 100 miles home. Took way to long and I got home the latest I have ever gotten home outside of hitting that deer outside of Dodge City KS. At least I got home in once piece. What funny is that I have driven in 8 states this week considering I drove home from Florida on Sunday and then to MO on Thursday.

Favorite course of the day – This is a tough one, going to go with Pleasant Valley. The use of the elevation and tree's and natural fairways really made this round enjoyable.

Best course of the day – Well, I didn't play and good tournament courses. I think, even though it's only 9 holes, the course at Pioneer Trails would be a good course to test accuracy of the pro's. They would have to hit those lines for the birdies or suffer punishment with that thick, almost impassible rough.

Worst course of the day – no question here, South Harrison Bulldog course was rough, horrible baskets, hardly any tree's. At least it was marked well enough to find my way round.

North of KC trip
I witnessed an ace at South Harrison on one of those "baskets"

Hole 5, the slight downhill 350' throwing back toward the football stadium. Buddy threw a forehand skipper. Slammed the chains HARD. No idea how it stayed in.
718 Miles
23 Hours
4 Courses
63 Holes
100 degrees
2 falls
2 lost discs

Up to 1836 courses played
71 of those in Louisiana

Jimmie David State Park (18) – Womack
Hippie Point (9) – Haddens
South Toledo Bend State Park (18) – Haddens
North Toledo Bend State Park – Hillside (18) – Zwolle

Mike Brown @zeromiles2empty is trying to kill me

Well, both Carrollton and Addison's KaBoom Town were on Wednesday night. Between that and that a lot of people are off for the 4th made for a very busy night. I didn't get away from the store until midnight. Drove almost non stop to Chatham LA and slept about an hour and a half in the Family Dollar parking lot.

Got to the park just after 6am and the gate to the Disc Golf parking area was not open yet. So I parked next to the camping area and walked over to hole 1. This course was just installed in the last year by Mike Brown. In what is becoming his trademark, he has been building Championship level courses with rough OB's. As I walked over to hole 2, there was a fox on the tee pad. But he ran off before I could even reach back for my phone. I played the Blue tee pads because I am a glutton for punishment. I realized pretty quick that it is VERY important to stay on the fairways. There are some very good lines on this course. Plenty of risk reward type holes. I get over to hole 16 and my drive slipped off my fingers to the rough on the left side of the fairway. I spent a good 15min looking for my disc climbing around in the rough. At one point I was standing on a very large fallen tree and I guess was paying more attention to looking for my disc than where I was walking. I slipped and fell hitting on my side on the log. As I laid there calling out for help, I realized I had to get out myself. Seriously, I was stuck between that log and other debris pretty bad. I did get out eventually, evaluated the damage and after a while continued with the last 2 holes. After the fall, I said "screw that disc" In typical Mike Brown design, the last hole is one of the longest holes on the course. It's in the open, but you do have OB roads to the left and right. I managed to find both as I threw the wrong direction because I could not see the basket and it wasn't where I thought.

Next up was only 122 miles away. South Toledo Bend State park has 2 courses. A 9 hole called Hippie Point and the full 18 hole course. These 2 course also just opened up in the last year. However a big storm hit the park and they have not cleaned up the Hippie Point course yet. I mean tree's were down everywhere. One was laying next too and on basket 1. Another hole had a tree down in front of the tee. And of course they have not mowed this course at all so the grass/weeks were knee high or higher in spots. I spent more time looking for my drives than anything. For a 9 hole course, this has your typical Mike Brown long par 4 holes and a par 5 hole that plays even harder with downed tree's. Of course I was also playing the Blue tee's. At least I got rained on a little, although when the rain cloud passed and the sun came out, it was even hotter than before with the humidity.

The other 18 hole course in the park would be the shortest 18 hole course I have played of Mike's courses. The blue tee's clock in at only 6337ft. Yep, I played the longs yet again. My rib was hurting, but I was feeling pretty good otherwise. I was taking a short break every 3 holes and making myself drink plenty of water. This is a pretty good little course with some very fun holes to play. My biggest complaint was the long walks, specially between basket 11 and tee box for 12. It's also a longer walk than I would prefer between 14 and 15. The rest of the course flowed pretty well. Anyways, the park has done a fantastic job getting this course back into a playable condition. I was not able to use the blue tee for hole 5 as it had a tree down on it, but that was the only bad stop on the whole course. Good mix of par 4 holes and par 3 holes that you can hit the birdie on. No par 5's on this course. I actually played this course rather well, except for the signature finishing hole where Mike likes to throw in a long hole to finish on.

Up to North Toledo Bend State Park to play Hillside. Last year in June, when it was 100+ that day too, I played Lakeside but overheated and didn't play Hillside. So this was a goal, just took me a year to get over here. Hillside and Lakeside are two championship level courses side by side with a Disc Golf parking lot not shared with any other park users. Hill side does go along the lake for a few holes, but the rest of the holes are carved into the woods. As I did on the last courses, I played the long Blue tee's. I tried to pace myself taking breaks every few holes. But as I was walking towards the basket on hole 2, I was not watching where I was walking as there was a log in the lake that I thought might be an animal. Well I stepped into a gopher hole and fell. Thankfully I didn't twist my ankle or break anything, but I did lay there for a min because the rest of my body hurt. I tried to continue playing, but between being dehydrated and I apparently pulled some muscles on my left side, I was in so much pain my ribs were not even noticeable. I left my cart next to a tee and went back to my car as sat in the AC for nearly an hour drinking plenty of water and tried to take a nap. After recuperating, I go the body moving and went back and finished my round. Even playing the signature final hole of the course with an even par. If you have played this 1000ft hole, you will know that a 5 is good. In fact, I would rank Hole 18 Hillside as the hardest hole I have ever played on 1836 courses.

The next closest course I had not played was nearly 2 hours away. Google said it would be 8:30 before I got there so I just called it quits and headed home. Of course I stopped at Dairy Palace for dinner and Buc-ee's because it's hard to pass one without stopping.

Favorite course of the day – I enjoyed South Toledo Bend's course the most. While it is longer than what I ideally like, it has some fantastically designed holes. I am just going to say it, I think Mike Brown is one of the better course designers out there. Does not hurt that he has loads of land available when he has designed several of these state parks.

Best course of the day – No question here either, North Toledo Bend Hillside is a championship level course with elevation, water and plenty of natural ob lines. This course, along with Lakeside might be one of the best one two punches out there. At least of what I have played.

Worst course of the day – Only because it was in bad condition due to a storm, Hippie Point was horrible to play. It's a good compliment to the other course, but with all those tree's down, it's going to be a while before this course is playable. Plus when you play 2 Championship level course and a borderline Championship course then this 9 hole course, it's going to lose every time. In all honestly, I think a short pitch and putt 18 hole course should have been put in here. But that is just me. I would like to play it again when it's ready to be played.

Next few weeks will be light if I can take the days off. Having to open the next morning, I can run the big trips. Need to do shorter trips I am home by midnight so I can get a good nights sleep before work Friday morning.

Louisiana State park trip
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My next 2 weeks got nixed. Oh well. I was thinking of going to a concert the Thursday after that. Now if I can take that evening off, I don't know if I will do a disc golf day or go see a band I like that does not come to this area often (Wand is playing in Denton TX)

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