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Post a NOT cool disc golf photo

I love this thread. Please keep it alive.

... And posting the picture of old boy in his rollerblades is cheating and will be heavily frowned upon.
Good thread! yah, I HATE it when a basket is F'ed up on a course....I once was playing a blind hole at a course and threw a perfect shot. My buddy was like "Dude, thats exactly where the pin is thats gona be parked" We get up there.....and I was right next to a pole.....nothing else....We actually heard a ding on the throw....so I hit the pole somewhere....could have been an ace....such BS, I took a 2, and my buddy just gave himself a 3....too bad...

--Also, ya, a shattered disc....thats a bummer...not cool.

* The the pic with the little person playing disc golf....thats AWESOME! I LOVE WILLOW!
This thread is awesome. Like gawking at a train wreck awesome.

I'm with LoPan12...what is the story behind the chick in the red plants looking all strange 'n stuff?

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