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Putting and how to become elite level.

This is where I get really fussy teaching.

Because I am well okay with this when done correctly.
But when it goes against just jacking things up its bad.

Because we look back into block practice again, most people stand there and keep trying to make corrections with their arm over and over. this is bad.

So when you send that second putt right away, you gotta not try and correct anything like you're saying. You gotta send it.
But what people dont understand in this situation is you're looking for "did it do almost the exact same thing or not."

Were looking for "did you make an error putting, and thats why you missed" As in, you didn't think about it, you sent it, and the putt went in no effort.

Did it go randomly anywhere else but where I desired in the first place.

Or did it go almost exactly where that other putt went.

So, now you know, shit is bad.
I made a mistake, or my consistency is right on.

I'd rather have option 3 there.
Because i can adjust my feet on my line up a bit and... i'm done. Thats it.
Putts are banging chains.

If its option 1, cool, but.. Am I gotta error again today?
That's why I say it can also get really boring. They are worth doing every now and again. But, If nothing wants to connect. i.e. I miss, and I know I'm not going to stop myself from missing to correct it. I just stop putting for that kind of response. If I really mean to stick to practicing with putting. I move to something else. Typically. that means set up a station that requires angle and shot shape to access the basket. Kind of what DG Fanatic is getting at and what the X-series strives for. Unique situations where a specific putt is about THE only way you can even get to the basket. Where your ability to access the right angle is narrowed down to deciding which leg you pivot off of. If you lead, and pivot from your right foot. It blocks access, and you can't get the right shape in time. But, if you lead, and pivot off your left. You have room with your body now to shape the putt in time sort of decisions.
It's great to be able to play boring golf where everything thing off the tee is predictable and lands so that you get to wait for everyone else, and then also have consistently boring putts where you wait for everyone else, and the putt is unobstructed. That rarely happens. So, you create challenges.
First of all, lets establish how "good" you really are.

Complete like 10 regular JYLY putting games and report back here.
How to play the JYLY putting game? - JYLY Disc Golf Putting Game | Disc Golf Fanatic

I recommend using this website to track the scores – Easy 3 Disc Golf

JYLY putting game is a great way to practice putting, track stats and see your progress over time.

I love the back-and-forth putting game the most, but the regular one is good as well.
My highest score for the regular JYLY game is 726 points out of 1000. I usually average around 650-700 in the regular mode.
Back-and-forth putting around 700, averaging 650.

To become the elite you need to have all sorts of putting styles in your bag, ranging from turbo putts to lofty putts (over objects) to extreme spin-putts.

Luckily for me, here in Estonia we get to participate in events called "X-series", where the organizers set up upto 100 baskets inside shopping malls, abandoned prisons, cruise ships, TV towers and other various places. Putting and throwing in all sorts of weird positions, sitting, kneeling, on your toes, you name it and in all sorts of cool places where we usually don't get to throw discs.

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Sounds like a plan, i will try your putting game.

I would love to join these events, seems like fun.
I tried to copy marwede for 3 months but his leg work didnt suit my body ☺️
I tried to use the program but im not sure what mode to use, so i used a norwegian app.

I can try again, what mode do you want me to use?


Seems like you start from 10 meters am i correct?
On the Ez3 browser thingy just try out the original putting & advanced putting game for starters.

Here's how to play the JYLY game - JYLY Disc Golf Putting Game | Disc Golf Fanatic
I have a practice facility at work and home, i train putting with alot of different drills. Butterfinger,360, mcbethdrill, etc.

putting league is just for the competition part.

Maybe this post is kind of a therapy session for me and a little rant, knowing moving forward will be tough.
Sounds like you already putt at such a high level, that few people on here could give helpful advice? We ain't that good!
Sounds like you already putt at such a high level, that few people on here could give helpful advice? We ain't that good!

Everyone is not good at some point, nice to hear advice from everyone.

But honestly my putting is great nowadays, i just have to keep at it!