Replace the Champ Banshee

I have a Champion Banshee and the "old" Neutron Resistor is pretty close to it. There seemed to have been a run of more mellow Resistors that were a lot straighter released that confused things. The newer glow Resistors seem to have got the beef back. Resistors felt nicer in the hand to me than Banshee's, and then along came the Terra ...
That's interesting, MVP is usually pretty consistent, as are OS fairways. I'll add thr Glow Resistor to my list.
Gateway hd Blaze is a good Banshee replacement.
The hd Blaze is flatter than premium Blazes of the past but always has some dome.
It's a shame nobody makes a nice, OS 6 speed disc anymore. I bag Tridents for this but they're OOP so I can't recommend it.

I like rocking an OS 3,6 and 9 for utility things. There's an obnoxious amount of 3's and 9's that fit the bill. No 6's which can pull double duty.
The MVP Glow Resistor is a 6.5 speed disc that will have tons of overstability. I'm not sure if it's exactly like a Champ Banshee but it's worth a look if you are still looking for a very overstable disc in that speed range.
Well, I've sorted through quite a few threads, and found bits and pieces here and there, but figured I'd ask so we can at least start a compendium.

The Innova Banshee hasn't been made in anything but DX for quite some time now, so it's officially time to look elsewhere. I'm looking for something in that 6-7 speed range that has great HSS and that piercing, forward fade at the end...the classic Banshee flight. I do currently bag an Infinte Discs Scepter, but it is way longer than my Banshees. I have tried DX Banshees and they have the flight and feel, but they just don't last and really don't beat in to anything I personally use.

I use Banshees for BDHs under about 320 feet, forehands under 275, and other low-speed utility stuff.

Help and suggestions appreciated!
Discraft Reaper is a good fit for a banshee replacement. I use a DD felon for a utility FH but its probably longer than what youre looking for.